5 Best 18 Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler For woodworking

Crown staplers have been innovated for various sensitive household repairing and construction works. These work better than nailing because staples take a larger surface area on the target surface.

Considering you are planning to work on upholstery, underlayment installation, or insulation purposes. Then you have to get the best 18 gauge narrow crown stapler. Because there are a lot of staplers available in the marketplace with different features and compatibilities.

This is important because the finishing works are very sophisticated and require sensitive handling and installation. Using incompatible tools can cause damage to the covering and target surface as well.

When would you want to use a narrow crown staple?

Narrow crown staplers are widely used for finishing works in house construction or repairing. You would want to use a narrow crown stapler for installing felt papers on the roof, insulating foams between the wall studs, etc. Again crown staplers can also be used for upholstery works sub-flooring installation and DIY projects.

5 Best 18 gauge Narrow Crown Stapler

Not all staplers come with the best possible features along with quality. Here you will get the filtered-out tools that have all the required features that a crown stapler should possess.

1. WEN 61711 Narrow Pneumatic 18-gauge ¼” Crown Stapler

The WEN 61711 has a lightweight Aluminum housing construction which gives it good durability and expanded lifespan.

This pneumatic stapler is compatible with ¼” crown 18GA staples with a length in the range of ⅜ to 1”. Therefore, it can be used for both temporary and strong permanent fastening of the fabrics with the wood.

The magazine can hold upto 100 fasteners at a time which is good enough for short-term finishing work. Its combines with a quick releasing latch which ensures swift jam cleaning by removing the stuck staples at the tip.

This tool has an ergonomic design integrated with an over-molded handle. With this, you can staple for a long time without feeling any sort of discomfort or fatigue. Its magazine has a side window to warn you about the shortage of staples and avoid dry fire.

You can easily direct the burst of the exhaust away from your face and body simply by rotating the vent 360 degrees. This tool has a dimension of about 13.11 x 11.06 x 4.09 inches making it a very well-balanced and compact stapler.

The WEN 61711 comes with a hard carrying case for easy and comfortable movement. It has a surprisingly high price compared to not having any actuation mode, depth adjuster, or rafter hook.


  • Very small and compact size for easy stapling
  • Comfortable fatigue less experience due to lightweight construction
  • The side window helps to prevent dry firing and enhances the piston life
  • Non-marring tip design keeps the fabrics safe and prevents structural damage
  • The standard ¼” NPT air-inlet is compatible with all air compressors.


  • No actuation mode selection is available
  • Depth adjusting for the staples is absent.

2. Milwaukee 18 gauge narrow crown stapler cordless

The Milwaukee 18 gauge narrow crown stapler cordless comes with a Power state Brushless Motor and Redlink Plus intelligence system. It ensures instant firing with the trigger and zero-ramp-out time.

This cordless stapler has a housing made up of high-density plastic polymer. It results in lightening the weight of the tool.

Having a body dimension of only ‎13.7 x 5.5 x 11.3 inches makes it a very compact tool. Therefore you can easily use it for stapling in between very sharp corners and tight stapling work.

The pre-built rafter hook will let you carry this too around without any sort of hassle. Its soft pad on the tip minimizes the thrust of staple driving on the surface. Hence, no damage is caused to the felt paper, insulation floor, or molds.

You will get an electronic switching system integrated into the button to change the actuation mode between sequential and bump action. This allows you to staple with precision and accuracy and reduces the work time well.

It also has a dial system embedded depth adjusting mechanism. You will not require any sort of external tool to select the accurate depth of drive of the staple.


  • Built-in LED light illuminates the stapling target area.
  • No hassle to move around with due to the cordless feature.
  • Very compact design for easy movement.
  • Easy loading and jam clearing system in the magazine.
  • Easy to carry due to the attached rafter hook.


  • Requires frequent battery recharging.
  • Anti-dry fire lockout system is not included.

3. CRAFTSMAN Crown Stapler-18GA Narrow

The Craftsman crown stapler comes with a strong and dense plastic material housing. Though it compromises the durability of the tool but makes it very lightweight.

It weighs only 2.3lbs allowing you to work with it very comfortably and for a long period of time. The magazine of this stapler is a straight Aluminum structure and has a capacity of 100 staples at a time.

You can easily remove the nose area and clear the stuck staple due to the misfire using the quick latch system. This stapler features an oil-free piston driving system and that is why no extra maintenance is required.

The manual depth of drive adjustment system will you select the optimum depth for the staples inside the surface. Its non-marring tip keeps the surface smooth and causes no thrusting damage.

You load the standard ¼” 18Ga crown staples which can be used for a broad spectrum of works while constructing a house. The built-in belt hook on the body makes it easy to move around the project side with the tool.


  • Very easy and comfortable to handle and work with.
  • Comfortable grip due to the rubberized handle.
  • No experience of fatigue because of lightweight construction.
  • Can be attached to all air compressors using the ¼”air-inlet system.
  • Does not require regular maintenance using oil


  • Only a single mode of actuation is available.
  • The plastic body is vulnerable to impact damage.

4. DEWALT 20V MAX Narrow Crown Stapler Kit, 18GA

Dewalt DCN681D1 model represents the cordless version of the Narrow crown stapler made for a wide range of works.

Though it is made up of plastic material still good quality high-density polymer is used for the construction. Therefore, it ensures both durability and lightweight feature of the tool. You will be comfortable stapling with it, without feeling any sort of arm fatigue.

This tool features a 20V powerful brushless motor for impactful driving of the staples for a long time. Besides, this battery-operated tool eliminates the hassle of air compressor, air-hose, and limitation of movement.

Talking of free movement, the integrated rafter hook can be used to carry it around keeping the hands free. The magazine is designed to drive 8 Gauge ¼” narrow crown staples from ½” to 1-½” in length.

This wide range of fastener compatibility ensures different types of underlayment works, furniture, and upholstery installation. The automated flip switch is available to change from the sequential mode of firing to bump firing.

Two small led lights are provided to light up the stapling area. It helps to work in dark corners and edges. The metallic rafter hook is pre-built for easy carriage around the workspace.


  • Small yet well-balanced design for comfortable stapling.
  • An overmolded grip provides fatigue and less experience.
  • Manual depth of staple can be selected.
  • Non-marring tip for the soft drive inside the target surface.
  • Powerful Li-ion battery for a long time staple.


  • A dry fire lockout system is not available.
  • Very low magazine capacity.

5. Bostitch Narrow Crown Stapler, 18ga (sx1838k)

The Bostitch SX1838k supports standard 18GA fasteners with lengths in the range of 0.5” to1.5”. It is ideal for most of the finishing works such as subflooring, underlayment installation, upholstery, and furniture works.

It is made up of High-density plastic material for better durability along with lightweight. This tool has a dimension of 12 x 13 x 5 inches making it slightly bulky than other staplers on the list.

You will get dual actuation mode selection with a simple switch for more accurate and fast stapling. The depth of the to-be-driven staples can be changed by rotating the dial of the depth adjuster.

It can direct the air blown from the exhaust by rotating the vent 360 degrees. The magazine is a top-load system for quick reloading and has the capacity of holding 100 staples at a time.

This tool has a quick-jam releasing mechanism to remove the stuck staples from the nose of the stapler. Besides, a no-marring soft tip helps to keep the surface smooth and free of impact damage.


  • Good weight distribution for stable stapling.
  • Strong dring force by the pneumatic piston.
  • Do not make noise from the exhaust.
  • Does not require any sort of maintenance.
  • It Can be carried around conveniently using the belt hook.


  • Comparatively, bulky size makes it harder to staple in hard-to-reach spaces.
  • The low capacity of the magazine requires frequent reloading

Things to keep in mind while buying an 18GA Crown Stapler

The list is not enough unless you know what to look for in an 18ga crown stapler. Here is the guide for you.

Good Build Quality is a must

While doing finishing work sudden drops and external impacts cannot damage the physical structure of the stapler. Being a power tool used for stapling the build quality should be up to the mark. The housing of the stapler should be made of Aluminum to keep it safe.

Magazine Capacity

The crown stapler you may buy must have a larger magazine capacity. It helps in stapling for a long time. Besides, you do not have to carry spare staples to reload frequently. That is why a stapler with a magazine capacity of more than 130 is ideal for the finishing works.

Source of the Driving Force

Finishing works does not require excess power like the siding or roof nailer. Therefore, finishing staplers are required to be pneumatic. Battery-operated or cordless staplers are a choice for underlayment installation or flooring. You may have to climb on the roof and staple in some very hard-to-reach spaces. These works can be done easily using a battery-operated stapler.

Fastener Compatibility

Finishing works have a wide range of variations. Not all works require similar sizes of staples. Staplers with a magazine designed to hold varieties of staple sizes are ideal for finishing works. You should get a stapler that can hold ¼”, ⅜” crown staples of length from ½” to 1-½”.


Still have some questions to ask? Check the section below.

What is the narrowest crown stapler?

Staplers that can hold and drive ¼” wide Crown staples are considered to be the narrowest crown stapler.

What is the difference between narrow crowns and wide crown staples?

18 GA Staples with ¼” of width are the narrow crown staples. Whereas, 16 Ga staples are considered to be the wide crown staples.

Are all narrow crown staples the same?

Narrow crown staples have a similar width. But the difference lies in the length of staples which can vary from 0.5” to 1.5”


Crown staplers are made for a variety of finishing works. This includes upholstery, furniture repairing, and construction, underlayment installation, insulation purpose, etc.

Therefore, while getting a crown stapler you have to keep notes about some ascertain features that a quality crown stapler should have.

To make it easy, this article represents the best 18 gauge narrow crown staplers. It will help you in decision making and getting one according to your requirement. Since the power tools do not come cheap it is better to take time and get to know the tools beforehand.

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