Best 28 Degree framing nailer – Which 28-degree framing nailer is best for you?

A 28-degree framing nailer is a wise choice for ensuring the accuracy of your framing project. Along with this, this nailer will help you in any kind of sheathing with its full head or clipped head nails. However, there are innumerable brands in the marketplace waiting to sell their 28-degree framing nailer.

So, which is the best 28 degree framing nailer?

Which 28-degree framing nailer is best for you? BOSTITCH, DEWALT, and METABO are three trusted brands that provide 28-degree framing nailers at a reasonable price. All of their models come with necessary features along with a longevity guarantee.

Their models have a comfortable design, advanced firing mode, and many convincing options. Here, you’ll know everything about their 28-degree framing nailer to finalize your selection.

Top 3 Best 28-degree framing nailers

Are you eagerly waiting to know which 28-degree framing nailer is best for you? This section may help you with the top 3 28-degree framing nailers for your framing project.

Bostitch 28 Degree Framing Nailer

This nailer from Bostitch offers a lightweight body with a durable magnesium build. Along with its 9.8 pounds weight, it ensures a great center of gravity. Also, it comes with an ergonomic handle with sufficient friction. That’s why your hands don’t feel even a little amount of fatigue.

This pneumatic framing nailer comes with adorable 1050-inch pounds of driving power. For this reason, driving nails inside the woods is just a matter of time. 2- to 3-1/2-inch wire-collated framing nails are used here which aren’t rare in the nailer shop.

Using the dedicated pushbutton of BOSTITCH F28WW, you can easily determine the desired depth of drive. Most importantly, you can adjust the air pressure of its compressor depending on the project type.

While working in a darker place, the notched 16″ layout indicator will improve your working efficiency. That’s why dedicated projects like sheathing, framing, bridging, and others become much easier.

This nailer supports both sequential and bumps firing. To shift between the two firing modes, you can use the interchangeable trigger easily. When you need to increase the firing rate, all you need to do is to activate the bump firing mode.


  • Non-reactive magnesium body ensures its durability
  • The push and release trigger system prevents misfiring
  • Bump firing mode option to increase the nailing speed
  • Enchanting grip as well as weight balance
  • Air pressure is adjustable according to your necessity


  • Requires purchasing some additional tools
  • It’s non-responsive when the temperature is extremely low

DEWALT 28 Degree Framing Nailer

Are you looking for a 28-degree framing nailer with industrial-grade design and performance? Then DEWALT DWF83WW could be a great pick. Its enhanced ergonomics and great balance ensure the highest user convenience. That’s why you can use this nailer for high-volume framing applications easily.

As a part of tool-free features, you get depth drive adjustment with this nailer. Setting the nail in the right depth for various surfaces becomes easy for this feature. Also, it has a selectable trigger to switch between different firing modes.

This nailer comes with a recoil dampening engine system. Due to this feature, it minimizes the recoil of the nailer. As a result, decking, sheathing, and framing projects can maintain their quality.

The performance of this nailer never falls in high speed and high volume framing applications. This pneumatic nailer uses 28-degree wire weld nails of 3-ΒΌ” size. However, its jam clearing technology is incredible.

As an extra part, an adjustable metal rafter hook is attached to the nailer. Though there isn’t any dry fire lockout feature, this nailer misfires rarely. Its top-load magazine allows the user to reload nails without any hassle. You won’t regret its nail driving capability as it has 70-120 psi operating pressure.


  • Over-molded grip saves the nailer from falling
  • Great weight balance
  • Exchangeable firing mode to increase the firing rate
  • Incredible jam clearing technology
  • Depth adjustment feature to countersink nails precisely


  • Supports only 50 nails at a time
  • No dry fire lockout feature to prevent misfiring

Metabo HPT 28 degree Framing Nailer (NR90AFS1)

 Metabo HPT NR90AFS1 framing nailer is an award-winning nailer with ultimate performance. This nailer accepts 2″ up to 3-1/2″ wire weld collated framing nails. Installing crown and base moldings becomes much easier with the help of this nailer.

The big plus of this 28-degree framing nailer is its high nail capacity. Its magazine can hold up to 100 nails at a time. As it runs on 70-120 PSI operating pressure, countersinking nails in the desired depth isn’t difficult. The magazine is rear-load functioned and easy to reload nails while it’s empty.

This nailer comes with the depth adjustment feature to flush drive nails into a variety of materials. As it comes with a 360-Degree fully adjustable exhaust port, the air can’t disturb the user while working. It also has an air duster to dispose of debris from the working surface.

This nailer has a little nail jamming issue. But, you can resolve the problem instantly using its jam clearing technology. It also has a selective actuation trigger to fire nails at rapid speed. Though it has no dry fire lockout system, it misfires rarely. The rubber grip handle with only 7.3 lbs weight makes it comfortable for the user.


  • Open nose jam clearing technology for easy jam release
  • Rubber grip ensures the highest grip with extreme friction
  • High magazine capacity reduces the trouble of reloading
  • Selective actuation mode makes various projects faster
  • Its no-mar-tip protects the work surface from being damaged


  • The dry fire lockout feature isn’t available
  • There is no battery for working outside


The framing nailer is the best tool to finish your framing and relevant projects successfully. A 28-degree framing nailer is versatile enough and rich with performance. Most brands add many specifications to the nailer to compete with other brands. But, all the features aren’t necessary and so, spending money on those nailers is nothing but a waste of money.

However, people have a great confusion- which 28-degree framing nailer is best for you? Well, you have gathered sufficient knowledge about our selected top 3 28-degree framing nailers. All the aforementioned nailers are from reputed brands. Their performance, durability, and ease of use are highly convincing.

If your nail gun doesn’t have bump firing mode, ergonomic handle, and good weight balance, it’s not worth the money. All of the mentioned models have some limitations and you have to sacrifice any of them. So, choose wisely what limitations you’re ready to accept.

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