Best Coil Framing Nailer – What I find out

Framing job is fun.

But reloading after a few minutes of nailing is really a hassle. 

When you have the best coil framing nailer, you can easily solve the problem. This tool can hold up to 250-300 nails that make the work faster than ever. 

The coil framing nailer is a rugged and heavy power tool to shoot nails way more precise than the primitive hammering method. 

It saves time, lessens your effort, and more importantly confirms quality nailing in heavy construction works.

Coil framing nailers are compatible with most of the nailing works during house construction works. You can even enjoy doing framing, siding, roofing. subflooring, window buildup, etc with this tool.

What is the best coil framing nailer?

Considering all the factors like nailer capacity, jam-free operation, durability, and smooth performance, the best coil framing nailer will be-  Metabo coil framing nailer

  • FASTENERS: 16° +/- 1 wire coil nails from 1-3/4-in – 3-1/2-in
  • Tool-less depth Adjustment – Yes
  • Selective actuation switch – sequential or contact
  • Jam removal – With Open nose design
  • Construction – Steel head plate
  • Weight –  7.7 lbs only
  • Suitable for – floor and framing, truss build-up, window build-up, sub flooring, roof decking, wall sheathing and housing construction.

Top 7 Best Coil Framing Nailer

Depending upon various criteria by buyer’s demand, budget, users choice, and market value 7 best coil framing nailers have been stated below-

Metabo coil framing nailer HPT NV90AG(S) – Best pneumatic coil framing nailer

Famous heavy-tool manufacturer Hitachi has been renamed Metabo HPT and brought up high-quality pneumatic coil framing nailers. Metabo HPT NV90AG(S) is one of the best pneumatic coil framing nailers.

The magazine of Metabo HPT NV90AG(S) is designed for 15-degree coil nails of length 1-3/4-in – 3-1/2-in and 099″-.131″ in diameter. You can load up to 300 nails at a time which reduces work time. The small dimension of 13-1/4″ x 5-15/16″ x 13-1/16″ makes it easy to hold.

Aluminum body material results in very low weight with 7.7lbs. It minimizes arm fatigue for you and lets you work for a long time. 

You can easily choose the sequential and bump fire mode according to your convenience with the dual actuation flip switch. You can get a firm grip while holding the rubber molded handle for effortless nailing.

You can adjust the nail penetration depth with a simple dial without using any tool. An open nose feature is there so you can easily clear the nail jamming, makes it the best Hitachi coil framing nailer.

The tool has a side load tilt bottom magazine for quick reloading. Quicker disassembly and easy maintenance can be assured by Head guard design.

This Hitachi coil framing nailer can be used in heavy engineered lumbers, exterior decks, fencing, room building, Mobile home building, Wood sheathing, and some siding works as well. Professional woodworkers, carpenters, construction workers are the primary users of this tool.

The rubberized handle gives a firm grip.No option for rafter hook installation
Lightweight reduces fatigue during a long shift.The exhaust deflector is not present.
Small and compact in size.
Lightweight promotes easy maneuverability.
Regular oiling nullifies regular maintenance 

Bostitch N89C-1 coil framing nailer

Bostich is a renowned heavy-tool manufacturing company. This company develops all sorts of industrial graded automotive tools, construction tools, handheld portable tools. N89C-1 is a top-rated coil framing nailer from Bostitch.

It has a 15-degree canister that holds up to 300 nails making it a very time-friendly tool. 2” to 3 ½” framing nails can be loaded for medium and heavy projects as well. This tool is made up of Magnesium which reduces the weight(8.1lbs) and increases endurance. 

You can use the bottom load magazine system for easy reloading. It has a rubberized handlebar with an ergonomic design that reduces arm fatigue. The tool size is 19 x 15 x 7 inches which makes it slightly bulkier.

The no-mar tip feature decreases the damage on the target surface while nailing. With the selectable actuation system in the trigger, you can easily switch between single and bump action modes. 

It has a push-switch system for easy depth adjustment of the nails. Since it is an air-powered nailer, you can expect a better performance than Battery Coil Framing Nailer.

Bostitch N89C-1 is usable for Framing, Sheathing, Strapping, Siding, Fencing, Trusses, Decks, Bridging, Pallets and crating, Wood to masonry. Professional builders, carpenters, house constructors, and home users can use this tool for different projects.

360-degree exhaust deflector directs the air awayBulky in size.
Very few impact marks on the surface.Not easily maneuverable.
Lightweight reduces fatigue in long-term use. 
Scratch-resistant plastic bump on the exhaust.
Nail jam clearing is straightforward.

Bostitch coil framing nailer N66BC-1 – Best framing nail gun

Another powerful tool from Bostich with a change in the tip and quick reloading feature. This Bostitch product has multipurpose uses in medium and heavy construction works.

This tool has a 15-degree canister that holds up to 300 coiled nails of length 1¼” to 2½” and diameter 0.80-0.92” making it usable for various materials.

Its body material is Magnesium making it the very lightest framing nailer (only 5.8 pounds) which reduces your arms fatigue during long shifts. Quick load magazine decreases the reloading time. 

You can adjust penetration depth by Dial system depth adjuster which helps in perfect nail penetration.

Its dimension is 12 x 10 x 6.5 inches making it compact for you to use. You can switch between sequential and single fire mode Contact Trigger Actuation.

A pre-installed rafter hook is handy for you during roof work and convenient movement. It has a 1-inch diameter cap system which makes nailing up to ten times faster. 

Bostitch N66BC-1 can be used for most of the construction fabrics and foam insulation, wood siding, roofing, and subflooring. Carpenters are the primary users of this tool.

Ergonomic design allows for easy holding with less fatigue.Not budget-friendly.
A pre-installed rafter hook is used for convenient movement on the site.Not suitable for tight spots and corners of studs. 
An adjustable rear cap moves the exhaust air away from the face.
Nailing on a delicate surface leaves no marks.
Easy reloading of nails in the magazine.

Makita 3 1/2 coil framing nailer AN902

MAKITA AN902 is a pneumatic coil framing nailer suitable for almost all sorts of professional and non-professional home users. 

You can shoot 15-degree wire collated nails from 1¾” to 3½” which allows you to choose a defined nail size for the work. 

Switchable actuation mode in the trigger makes the switching single and sequential firing system simpler. Up to 300 nails can be loaded allowing you to work easily in long shifts.

It has a knob depth adjustment system for different wood types and precise penetration. Only 2-1/2″ x 5″ x 14-7/8″ in size makes it smaller and suitable for you to work in tight spaces. 

It has a trigger flip switch for actuation mode which you can use to select between single and rapid bump fire mode. 

The canister has a built-in nail size adjuster which can be used for specific surface types. A sideways loading system makes the work easier and swifter. 

It has an ergonomic dotted rubber molded handle which gives a very firm grip during work. Easy access nose design for clearing jammed nails.  

MAKITA AN902 can be used for heavy engineered lumber woods to cabinet woods also. But we have a guide on the best nailer for cabinet making. Check that out.

Heavy frame construction, deck work, fence work, wood siding and sheathing, small home projects, and repairing work can also be done. Homebuilders, heavy woodworkers are the primary users.

Loading of nails can be done very fast.No option for rafter hook installation.
The nose cap is easily accessible for jam clearing.Very expensive comparatively.
No-mar tip design leaves a negligible mark on the target surface.
Smaller in size increases maneuverability
Rubber bumpers reduce surface damage 

Senco coil framing nailer 5J0001N

American heavy construction tool manufacturing company Senco brings a pneumatic coiled-framing nailer named SCN49XP. 

This tool accepts 15-degree coil nails from 1¼” to 2½” in length and 2.1mm to 3.1mm in diameter. Up to 375 nails can be loaded making it suitable for you to use for a long time without reloading. Its size is 12*12¼*5-3/16in which does not make it bulky and has a shield on the nose for safety. 

Its body is made of high-density plastic making it light in weight(5.1lbs) that will reduce fatigue for you. It has multiple nail depth options by a knob which results in precise penetration in different types of wood. 

You can switch between single and bump action using the trigger flip switch for accurate and fast work.

You can use the rafter hook installation point for attaching a rafter hook for convenient movement on the worksite. A transparent canister door allows nail jamming to be detected easily. The no-mar tip feature doesn’t leave a mark on the surface.

SENCO 5J0001N is primarily applicable for wood siding, framing, Sheathing, Interior/exterior Decking, Sub-flooring, Crate, Pallet, and even DIY’s.

Rafer hook installation point makes it easy to move in places.Bulkier design makes it unsuitable for tight spots and edges.
Very light in weight makes the work done faster and fatigue less.Not budget-friendly.
Rubberized handle and ergonomic design allows the user to work effortlessly.
Jammed nails can be detected easily.
Supports smooth and ring shank framing nails.

JIT JCN70 15 degree coil framing nailer

JIT JCN 70 is an industrial-grade pneumatic coiled framing nailer from a South Korean brand. It is a nailer from the JITTOOL series.

Its body material is Aluminum so it is very light in weight(7.6lbs) to be held by you. Only the rapid bump action firing system will help you in swift nailing. The canister can hold 225 to 300 nails in single loading and reduces the work time significantly. 

This tool’s magazine can receive 1¼” to 2¾”, 15-degree coil nails with 0.09-0.113” in diameter. Sideway magazine loading system makes it time-friendly during reloading. It can load up to 300 nails which is useful for long shifts.

Tool dimension is 12.05 x 5.04 x 12.4 inches making the tool very compact for you to do easy movement and fast nailing. It also has a shield on the tip as a safety feature that can protect you from unwanted accidents.

You can use this JIT JCN70 coil nailer for framing, pallets, crafting work, fence work, wood framing, lumber sheathing, subflooring, home building. Professional contractors and high manufacturing plant workers are the primary users of this tool.

Compact size makes it easily maneuverable.Exhaust direction adjuster is unavailable.
Bigger canister holds more nails to reduce overall work time.Rafter hook can not be installed.
Ergonomic design and rubberized handle allow the user to work longer 
Lightweight design for easy maneuvering
A transparent nose shield is available for safety.

DEWALT coil framing nailer DW45RN

North American power tool-producing company Dewalt’s DWN45RN is a heavy-duty coiled nailer.

It can receive small 15 degrees, ¾” to 1¾” nails which you can use for small projects as well as heavy projects. The canister holds up to 120 nails making it unsuitable for long shifts of work. Only 5.2lbs in weight can reduce your arms fatigue.  

The body of the tool is made up of high-density plastic material which makes it comparatively less durable. It has a skid protection pad on each side that holds the tool on target. Frame protection bumpers protect from damage and scratches. 

The tool is very small-sized (10*12*4.5”) which helps you to work in tight spaces. Only rapid bump fire mode allows you to finish work in a short time.

The no-mar tip feature nullifies the impact mark on the target surface. This tool has the potential to drive 10 nails per second due to its cylinder valve driving mechanism. A double safety mechanism in the canister avoids unwanted accidents.

This tool is mainly used for roofing. But wood Siding, subflooring, decking, sheathing, framing can also be done. Carpenters and contractors choose this product for their heavy wood projects.

Valve technology enables faster and accurate shooting.Plastic body makes it vulnerable to heavy damage.
Small size enables easy nailing in long shifts of work.Exhaust adjuster is not present.
Rubberized handlebars reduce arm fatigue.
Does Not slide due to the rubber skid plate.
Negligible frame scratches 

What to look for to pick the best coil framing nailer? 

In order to pick the Best Coil Framing Nailer from a lot of choices in the marketplace, some major and minor features of the tool should be kept in mind. 

Compatible Fasteners 

Different types of projects require specific types of fasteners. The nails are basically based upon the shank type, length, diameter, material, and head type. So, you must select the nailer which is compatible with the required nails, that complies with your project needs.

Magazine type 

Mostly two types of magazines are seen in coil framing nailers. These bottom load and sideway loads. Sideway loading type magazine reduces the reloading time. 

The magazines have different capacities to hold nails. So, it is wiser to pick a tool that has a quick reloading feature along with maximum nail holding capacity.

No-mar tip

No-mar tip and claw tip have different purposes. The Claw tip gives a better grip on the surface but damages the nailing point. On the other hand, the No-Mar tip nullifies the surface damage.

Weight and Body Material

Aluminum or Magnesium made housings reduce the weight of a tool and increase durability. But, these tools are relatively expensive. Plastic material reduces the price and weight of a tool but the endurance of the tool is compromised.

Depth Adjuster

Depth adjuster is a crucial feature for good framing work. Some nailers may require an external tool to manually alter the driving force. But, nailers having a tool-less depth adjuster will give you extra flexibility during work. 

Exhaust director

Pneumatic nailers blow out the depressurized air from the rear exhaust with each shot. It may be annoying for you to shoot nails pointing the exhaust cap at your face. So, it is worth it to choose a nailer with an adjustable exhaust.

Coil framing nailer vs stick nailer

Nail pricingInexpensiveExpensive
Capacity200 to 300 nails80-100 nails
Weight15 to 18 poundsAround 9 pounds
JammingLess prone to jamming.More prone to jamming.
OverallBetter performance Good performance 
Suitable forThe project requires long term nailingSmall project

Frequently asked question

Do you have more questions to ask? Then check the sections below.

Are coil framing nailers good?

Coil framing nailers offer higher nail capacity with easy loading so you can complete a large project in a short time. The magazine style makes the maneuvering easier than you think. So, yes, coil framing nailers are good for framing, roofing, or even siding.

Can you use a coil nailer for framing?

Yes, you can use a coil nailer for framing. However, make sure you pick the right coil framing nailer that is suitable to handle the framing task.

What is a coil framing nailer used for?

You can use coil framing nailers for framing, sheathing, siding, fencing, trusses, decks, bridging, pallets and crating, wood, or masonry.


This article will help you to select the Best Coiled Framing Nailer for your project according to the project requirement and budget. 

Bostitch N89C-1 is overall a good power tool with some additional features like the exhaust adjuster, body material being magnesium, and wear guards. But it is comparatively expensive. 

Budget-friendly Metabo HPT NV90AG(S) is also a good choice for easy jam clearing, variable nail compatibility, and a lightweight option