Best Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer for woodworking projects

Cordless brad nailers eliminate the necessity of using some expensive parts and maintaining the nailer’s compressor.

Besides, cordless nailers are easy to transport and so, people are fond of them. An 18 gauge brad nailer is one of the most common nailers that can assist you in several woodworking projects.

However, people rarely have ideas about the best cordless 18 gauge brad nailer. Many reputed models come with some mind-blowing features and people purchase any of them without proper research. 

From build quality to battery power- everything of some top-rated brad nailers will be elaborated here. The models recommended here come with ultimate performance and nailing speed. Also, some of the models come with their signature features. 

What do you use 18 gauge Brad nails for?

Brad nails are often used in woodworking projects, as they are smaller and thinner than other types of nails. This makes them less visible when used in finished projects. They are also easier to use and can be driven into wood more easily than other nails. Let’s check some top uses of 18 gauge brad nails. 

Furniture assembly 

Furniture assembling can be done successfully using 18 gauge brad nails. The 18 gauge nails are thin enough to attach the furniture woods. For their smaller head, they’re not easily visible after being attached to the furniture. 

Cabinetry assembly 

Pin nails are the best pick for cabinetry assembly. Brad nails of 18 gauge are also recommended for cabinetry tasks. Their smaller head with adhesive coating makes the projects successful. 

Picture framing 

For picture framing, brad nails are the best choice. The metal construction with a smaller head makes the 18 gauge brad nailer ideal for picture framing.

Craft projects

Craft projects require thin cuts of wood. The 18 gauge brad nails can cope with the thin cuts of woods without ruining the project. 

The 7 Best Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

After deep research, we have come up with these 7 best 18 gauge cordless brad nailers for review. Check them out for the specification, features, benefits, pros, and cons to make your decision making easier.

PORTER-CABLE 20V Cordless Brad Nailer With Battery and Charger

Quick summary

  • Nail capacity: 100 brad nails
  • Battery voltage: 20 V
  • Fastener Size: ⅝ to 2 inches
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Nail driving: 450 nails per charge
  • Depth adjustment: Yes
  • Exchangeable firing mode: Yes

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

Efficient battery

Are you looking for a cordless brad nailer with a battery and charger? Then Porter-Cable cordless brad nailer kit with 1.5 Ah battery can be a great pick.

A lithium-ion battery with 20V power provides sufficient power while working. It takes around 65-200 minutes only to charge the battery fully. 

Depth adjustment feature

An in-built depth adjustment feature helps to countersink the nails precisely. Newbies can ensure the perfection of their work using this feature. Without making a mistake, it can countersink up to 1300 nails per charge. 

Exchangeable firing mode

This nailer provides both sequential and action firing with its adhesive collision type nailer. When you need to fire nails rapidly, the action firing mode can help you a lot. 

Optimized weight balance

The nailer comes with only 5.9 pounds weight. So, you can easily transport it anywhere easily. Besides, its center of gravity is highly optimized. The users don’t feel fatigued in their hands for this reason. 

Allows versatile nailing projects

Its 100 brad nails capacity with quality magazines makes it highly selectable. You can use this nailer for versatile trimming projects. The convenient ⅝ to 2 inches brad nails make the desired project successful. 

LED light feature

A powerful LED light is attached to this nailer. It allows the user to work even in dark places with accuracy. Along with this, the user receives the highest safety from any mechanical accident. 

Ergonomic design with a durable body.The design doesn’t go with tight locations.
Tool-free jam release mechanism makes the operation easy.Firing delay issue due to slightly slower recycling speed.
Easy to carry for its lightweight design and optimum center of gravity.
Exchangeable firing mode for versatile operations.
Low maintenance due to its oil-free design.

Dewalt 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Cordless

Quick summary

  • Operating voltage: 20V
  • Loading capacity: 110 nails
  • Nail lengths: 16mm-54mm
  • Weight(without battery): 5.3 pounds
  • Firing mode: Selectable

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

Convenient nails

This battery-powered plastic body nailer delivers ⅝ inch to 2-⅛ inch nails. Therefore, its maximum initial 20V battery voltage can perform various woodworks. Its nail capacity is 110 nails which ensures the continuity of work. 

Selectable firing mode

This nailer has a selectable firing mode with an easy exchange trigger. You can easily shift to the bump firing mode when you need to fire nails rapidly. Also, you can drive nails with regular firing mode when dealing with a critical angle. 

Prevents dry firing

This nailer comes with a dryfire lockout feature. There is an indicator to warn you about low nails. The tool will be locked automatically and protected from any mechanical error. 

Easy depth adjustment

This Dewalt cordless brad nailer is one of the best cordless brad nailers for easy nail depth adjustment. You need to rotate the depth adjustment wheel and move on accordingly.

Jammed nail clearing

When the nails are jammed, the right-side headlight will indicate it. To remove the jammed nails, you need to lift the jam clear latch carefully. Then, you can easily remove the bent nail from there. 

Ease of use

This nailer provides a unique design to minimize the fatigue of users. The ergonomic design of the grip is highly appreciable. Its LED lights help to provide workspace illumination. Due to its 5.3 pounds weight, it’s easy to carry anywhere. The cordless design allows it to operate in difficult places. 

Lightweight to carry anywhereBuild quality could be improved
The dry fire lockout feature prevents misfiringCertain nail jamming issue
Low nail indicator warns you about reloading
A Brushless motor minimizes the runtime
Oil-free design reduces the trouble of regular care

Makita Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer 

Quick summary

  • Nail driving capacity: 1000 nails per charge
  • Depth adjustment: Tool-free
  • Fastener Size: 1″ to 2-½”
  • Magazine capacity: 110 nails
  • Operating voltage: 18V

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

Powerful battery

The powerful 18V LXT 3Ah battery eliminates the use of a compressor. This battery allows driving up to 1000 nails per charge. 

Reliable fastener and magazine

Its fastener size ranges are useful for almost all dedicated woodworking projects. The 18 gauge brad nails range from ⅝” to 2″. Its magazine is also reliable as it can hold up to 110 nails at a time. 

Fruitful design

This nailer is designed to minimize the user’s fatigue and maximize work time. Its over-molded grip provides huge comfort to the user’s palm. The weight is slightly high but the weight balance is enchanting. 

Firing mode and safety features

Like conventional nailer models, Makita cordless brad nailer offers two firing modes here. The first one is the single-action mode or sequential mode and the other one is bump firing mode. Shifting between the two modes is super easy as it’s all about pressing the trigger.

Extra features

As a part of the safety feature, it comes with an LED light to illuminate the dark workspace. Its anti-dry fire mechanism prevents blank firing. Also, its rubber-molded body reduces the possible damage of certain falling of the tool. 

Tool-less depth adjustment feature ensures a precise flushNot included battery, extra cost for purchasing it
Easily can be shifted between two firing modesTotal weight is slightly high
The trigger lock button prevents many unwanted situations
Tool-less nose design provides the ease of nail extraction
The powerful battery delivers more than sufficient nails per charge

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless 18 gauge Brad Nailer for Tongue and Groove

Quick summary

  • Nail type: 18 Ga finish nails
  • Battery: 20V lithium-ion
  • Fastener length: ⅝ to 2-⅛ inches
  • Magazine capacity: 100 nails
  • Firing capacity: 420 nails per charge

Why did we pick this 18 gauge brad nailer for tongue and groove??

Want to know about 18 gauge brad nailer for tongue and groove? CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless 18 is the ultimate choice.

Heavy-duty battery

Its heavy-duty 20V battery takes only 1.2 hours to be charged fully. Performing heavy-duty tasks isn’t trouble with this 18 gauge brad nailer due to its battery efficiency. 

Included nails of various purposes

The allowed fastener range of this nailer is ⅝” to 2″. So, the user can use this nailer for various projects in different places. 

Expedient build quality

Its weight is only 5.3 pounds which makes it transportable anywhere. The optimized build quality has made it possible. This nailer is durable in the long run and not easily breakable.

User-friendly features

Users won’t feel fatigued after using this nailer for a long time. Its depth adjustment feature ensures top-quality output. Also, its tool-free jam and stall settings ensure ease of use.

Relatively less costly than competitorsCan’t cool down easily
Tool-free depth adjustment feature for bringing perfection to workAbsence of bump firing mode
The over-molded handle offers comfort
Works precisely even in the rough weather
The package includes various sizes of 100 nails for versatile projects

Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nailer

Quick summary

  • Used fastener: 18 GA brad nails
  • Firing mode: Both contact and bump firing
  • Magazine capacity: 105 nails
  • Delivering speed: 60 nails per minute
  • Delivering capacity: 1700 nails per charge

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

High nail driving capacity

Ryobi P320 nail gun is capable of driving up to 1700 nails per single charge. Due to its 4Ah lithium-ion battery performance, it can drive a huge amount of nails. 

No compressor design

Despite its plastic build, this nailer is good for rough uses. The nailer uses a battery as the power source and so, there is no necessity for a compressor. 

Prevents dry firing

The dry firing feature of this nailer is determined to provide you the maximum safety. Along with this, it has a low nail indicator. So, what’s the point of thinking about dry firing anymore? 

The advanced jam release feature

This nailer has an advanced jam release feature. By opening the front nose, you can lift the latch. This mechanism is tool-free and so, it’s convenient for new users. 

Ultimate performance

Ryobi’s this nailer offers ultimate performance with its powerful 18V battery. The battery takes up to 30 minutes to be charged properly. This battery helps to deliver 60 nails per minute. It’s possible to deliver 700-1300 nails per single charge. 

Low nail indicator alerts about reloadingThe battery isn’t included inside the box
Stay cold until it’s a very long working sessionBuild quality isn’t appreciable
Easy shifting between the single and bump firing mode
Capable of driving 1 nail per second
Cordless design makes it transportable anywhere

Milwaukee Cordless Brad Nailer

Quick summary

  • Operating temperature: 0-125 degree F
  • Fastener length: ⅝” to 2-⅛”
  • Magazine capacity: 110 nails
  • Operating voltage: 18V
  • Weight: 6.53 pounds

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

Easy fastener strip installation

This nailer arrives with ⅝” to 2-⅛” sizes of nail strips. These strips can be installed easily just by removing the battery pack. Press the magazine release button and slide it to open. Then, you can easily install the fastener strips. 

Actuation selection

There is a mode button to shift between single and contact actuation mode. You need to press and hold that button to shift between two modes. 

Adjustable depth of drive

It’s possible to adjust the depth of the nails using this feature. By moving the depth selector to the left or right position, you can increase the depth. 

Jammed nail clearing

You can remove the jammed nails by pulling down the jam latch easily. Then, you can take out jammed nails as well as other debris from there. 

Reload indicator

As an extra feature, this nailer has a reload indicator. When the magazine is almost empty, it’ll remind you to reload your nails continuously. 

Can perform precisely in the rough weatherSlightly heavy
100 nails magazine capacity allows it for firing a long timeThe durability isn’t worth it
Requires less maintenance except for cleaning
Dry fire lockout feature disables misfiring
Tool-free jam release mechanism reduces the extra hassle

Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt Cordless Brad Nailer

Quick summary

  • Fastener size: ⅝” to 2″ 
  • Battery power: 3Ah
  • Nail delivering capacity: 1650 nails per charge
  • Driving speed: 3 brad nails per second
  • Magazine capacity: 100 nails

Why did we pick this cordless 18 gauge brad nailer?

Improved depth adjustment

The depth of the drive knob is improved to this model of Metabo. It’s responsive and provides the best output. This pneumatic tool is able to countersink nails without damaging the desired area. 

Optimum performance

You’ll get top performance for any plywood using this nailer. Besides, it’s also great for toe-nailing. The 3Ah battery delivers 3 nails at a second. 

Trigger lock switch

Its trigger lock switch comes with a slide lock system. There is a locked and unlocked symbol to easily switch between them. However, this feature helps to prevent misfiring as well as prevents the wastage of nails. 

Lightweight build

This nailer has a great center of gravity that makes it easy to hold for a long time. Besides, its weight is only 4.4 pounds. Anyone can easily transport the nailer without receiving fatigued easily. 

Extra features

There is an LED light to help to work in critical situations. Both sequential and bump firing mode has enriched this nailer. It comes with an integrated belt hook for maximum user convenience. 

A powerful 3Ah battery is durable in the long runThe driver pin starts creating trouble after a certain time
Only 4.4 pounds weight makes it transportable anywhereLittle nail jamming issue
Extraordinary nail driving speed
Sufficient magazine capacity with 100 nails
The grip quality is good enough to offer extra friction

What is a good cordless brad nailer?

A good cordless brad nailer should be good in performance as well as construction. Let’s discuss some factors that make cordless brad nailer good.  

Does the battery of a cordless brad nailer require to be powerful?

Yes, the minimum battery voltage should be 18V to perform relevant activities. Otherwise, it can’t drive nails to the desired depth properly. Also, it can’t run for the expected time. While purchasing a cordless nailer, select the battery voltage limit between 18-20V.

Is versatility important when choosing a brad nailer?

A versatile nailer means it can take various sizes of nails. The variation in the range of the length can cope with different nailing projects. So, find a brad nailer that can be used in various tasks further.

Should you check the durability?

A durable nailer comes with the sturdy build quality. Yes, checking durability is essential because you can use a durable nailer for a long time. Besides, a sudden fall can’t bring severe harm to your nailer if it’s durable enough. 

What should be the minimum magazine capacity?

The higher magazine capacity means it can fire nails for a longer time. Usually, the magazine capacity is around 100 nails. Never pick a brad nailer that comes with below 100 nail capacity. It’s a hassle to reload nails again & again.

Does the nail driving speed of a cordless brad nailer matter?

The more nail driving speed, the faster your work gets done. Few models can drive 1 nail per second. The advanced models can provide more speed. To finish your desired project in time, there is no alternative to a nailer with fast nail driving speed.

Dewalt 18 gauge brad nailer cordless tips

  • Use the appropriate power tool plug for the best output without any modification. 
  • Never force your Dewalt 18 gauge brad nailer to countersink nails. Give it some rest when it’s heated for overuse. 
  • For storing or making any adjustments, disconnect the power tool. It’s all about your safety as well as the tool.
  • Never put wrong-sized nails inside the magazine. Put the allowed strips only. 
  • Don’t use only one actuation mode. When you don’t need rapid firing, go for the single firing mode. 

Who makes the best cordless 18 gauge brad nailer? 

There are a few brands that manufacture cordless 18 gauge brad nailer. Makita, Craftsman, Metabo, Dewalt, Porter-cabel, Ryobi, etc. are renowned brands. All of them produce top-quality brad nailer and have a seperate fan base. All of their models have limitations and so, the “best” tag varies upon users.

Can you use 16 gauge nails in an 18 gauge nailer? 

No, that’s not possible. All the 18 gauge nailers are built with a similar-sized magazine. They accept 18 gauge nails only. The 18 gauge nailer allows 18 nails per inch of the magazine. On the flip side, the 16 gauge nailer allows 16 nails per inch. So, you can’t use 16 gauge nails in an 18 gauge nailer.

What is the difference between a 16 gauge and 18 gauge brad nailer? 

16 gauge brad nailer18 gauge brad nailer
This brad nailer uses larger nails in comparison to 18 gauge nailers.This brad nailer uses smaller nails in comparison to 16 gauge nailers. 
16 gauge nailers contain 16 nails per inch of their magazine18 gauge nailers contain 18 nails per inch of their magazine
This nailer is great for installing flooring, casing, cabinets, etc. This nailer is good with decking, decorative molding, paneling and so on. 

Should I get Brad or finish nailer? 

It depends on your project type. For delicate finishing touches, there is no competitor of a brad nailer. When it’s about any dedicated project, a finish nailer stays ahead. It’s durable as well as versatile for various woodworking projects. We have a complete guideline on it. Read it from here.

Can you use an 18 gauge brad nailer for a trim? 

Yes, you can use an 18 gauge brad nailer for trim. Brad nailer supplies brad nails with sufficient thickness and holding capability. Their shorter head makes the trim project visibly aesthetic. But, for better results, you should go for the smaller gauge brad nailers.

Can you use 18 gauge nails for baseboards? 

There is no optimum nail size for the baseboard. Any size of brad nails between 15 to 18 gauge are appreciable for baseboards. The lower gauge means a higher holding capability and thicker build. An 18 gauge brad nailer could be the best cordless brad nailer for woodworking projects like baseboards. 


Finding the best cordless brad nailer is all about analyzing some popular model features. For versatile woodworking purposes, an 18 gauge nailer is the wise pick. There are a few more models in the market with enchanting features but our recommended models don’t have any unnecessary features. 

Now, you know about some best cordless 18 gauge brad nailers. Most of our selected models have easily selectable triggers to shift between two firing modes. For safety purposes, most manufacturers have added LED lights with the tools. 

There are also a few models with nail lockout features that are highly effective against misfiring. Durable body, ultimate performance, great service- all can be found in the aforementioned nailer models. 

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