Best Router Table for Dewalt Router : Unleash Your Potential

Attention all my beloved Woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts with Dewalt Router.

Looking for the best router table for Dewalt router?

Tired of using a Dewalt router on a DIY table or suffering from stability while routing work?

Or looking for a good router table for your brand-new Dewalt router?

Table NamePicturesCompatibilityPirce & Ratings
Bosch RA1181DW616
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Bosch RA1141600b
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Kreg PRS2100Dnp612
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Rockler TrimDW 611
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Bosch RA1171DWP611
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Imagine having a solid, compatible, and stable surface that assures precision and versatility. A well-designed router table can make all the subtle difference in your wood projects, taking them from good to great.

And let’s not forget; it can also save you time and effort in the long run.

Forget clunky setups and lackluster results; we’ve rounded up the router tables specifically designed for your trusty Dewalt router.

Does Dewalt Make a Router Table?

Unfortunately, Dewalt does not make a router table that you can use for a Dewalt router. You must rely on some third-party router table to mount your Dewalt router.

The good news is,

Numerous high-quality router tables are available on the market compatible with Dewalt routers, allowing you to get the most out of your tool. From versatile models to top-of-the-line options, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

The 6 Best Router Tables for Dewalt Router

Lots of options confuse you. That is why we have come up with the 7 best router tables for Dewalt routers that are suitable for different Dewalt router models. Check it out.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Key Features

  • Compatible with Fixed base DW616, DW618 Routers, and Dewalt DCW600 compact routers.
  • Reachable under the table for speed adjustment
  • Pre-drilled aluminum mounting plate for versatile compatibility

This can be the best table for you if you have DW616, DW618, and Dewalt DCW600 routers.

The large aluminum top offers an extended work area. You can enjoy working with the router and get a more precise and accurate cut.

The aluminum construction also ensures durability and longevity.

Besides, you will get a strong aluminum mounting plate with pre-functionality. It allows you to mount versatile Dewalt routers in this table. If DWP611pk matches the holes, it will work as well.

This also ensures easy above-table height adjustment.

Bonus is you can easily reach under the table to adjust the variable speed and the fine height adjustment of the Dewalt router.

To make your life easier, it has adjustable faceplates and feather boards. It maximizes your work precision and versatility. Besides, you can easily get additional guidance and kickback protection.

A standard dust-collection port also fits 2-1/2 inch vacuum hoses. You will get debris-free operation every time to keep the work area neat and clean. Who does not like that, right?

Want more?

Well, it comes with an accessory slot. That means you can use feather boards and other 3/4 inch accessories, such as miter gauges, to make the work more convenient.

An additional storage pocket helps you store router accessories and makes you more organized.

And you know the best part?

It features a power cord lock with a 6 ft. power cord. It prevents any unauthorized use. Your child or any unwanted guest child cannot accidentally start it.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


  • Compatible with many routers, including Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, and others.
  • Allows keeping the work environment clean with a dust collector
  • Aluminum construction makes it durable and portable at the same time
  • Helps you stay organized with storage pockets
  • Assure easy assemble, though you may need some time
  • Comes with 8 bolts to add stability to the legs for a better experience


  • The locknuts failed to keep the leg bolts secure, so you need an extra measure
  • Fence is not good looking
  • Other parts of the table are plastic made, which makes it flimsy somehow

Router Table for Dewalt Cordless Router – Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router

Key Features

  • Compatible with Dewalt routers including Dewalt 1 ¹/2 hp router, Dewalt dcw600b, Dewalt DW616 and DW618 Routers , Dewalt 6184 router
  • Folding legs for easy carrying and storage
  • Comes pre-assembled to reduce the hassle of assembling.

This is another excellent router to use with your Dewalt router if you have Dewalt routers, including Dewalt 1 ¹/2 hp router, Dewalt dcw600b, Dewalt DW616 and DW618 Routers, and Dewalt 6184 router.

Is this router table for Dewalt cordless router?

Well, the mounting plate has several hole configurations. Besides, the instruction manual indicates that it works with several other brands. So I think it would work with the Dewalt cordless router. But I don’t have a Dewalt cordless router.

Thanks to its versatile compatibility, you can use this table for a 3 1/4” bit for cutting raised panel doors.

One of the best things about this table is its ultra-portable design.

It comes with folding legs that allow easy setup and smooth carrying. You can store it in a smaller place thanks to this foldable design.

The quick-click router mounting system makes bit changing easier than you think.

Unlike the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table, this one comes with laminated MDF instead of an aluminum top. The smoothness will ensure a more precise cut.

To make the cut more controllable, it features a fence with two adjustable feather boards like the previous model.

It even has a starter pin and guard for more precision in dealing with routing curved workpieces.

Besides, the RA1141 model has onboard storage just like the RA1181 model for storing router items such as bits and spare parts.

Apart from that, it comes pre-assembled, unlike the RA1181 model. That means you don’t have to worry about assembling it after purchasing.

But you will not get the safety lock you can get with the RA1181 model. So be careful while using it.


  • Ultra-portable design for easy storage and setup
  • Smooth laminating MDF top assures accuracy and precision
  • Two adjustable feather boards to cut with more control
  • Storage pockets to keep spare parts and bits
  • Dust port to keep the working area clean


  • No safety locks for an accidental start.
  • The plugin should be better located in the back or side 
  • The leg storage doors are poorly fitted

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Key Features

  • Compatible with Dewalt DW618PK router
  • Low vibration and noise for a better working experience
  • Assures accuracy and more control

If your concern is to get a pro-level router table, Kreg PRS2100 can be an ideal model.

It has a 3/8″ x 9-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ laser-graved template to mount different routers. The template helps you figure out the right position to drill the holes.

Using the holes, you can easily mount the Dewalt DW618PK router, Dewalt plunger (dnp612), or Dewalt router itself (dcw600b).

With its 16-inch routing table, you can get better maneuvering. Imagine playing with the boards while using the router on this large table.

Compatibility is not everything. You need accuracy in your work.

That’s where this table stays ahead of others.

With its sliding faces, you can adjust the width of the fence opening. It delivers additional support for your workpiece. At the same time, it reduces the risk of kickback.

You can also use the locking levers to secure the fence, preventing movement during routing for better control and accuracy.

The jointing capability lets you straighten the edge of a board. This way, you can flat and square it as a reference for future cuts.

Combining all these three parts, this router table ensures better accuracy than others.

Noise is one of the main problems when using a router with a table.

But this table gets your back. The rugged steel stand instruction with rubber feet reduces the vibration. It also has a low-friction MDF board top that comes with micro-dot skin. Combining these, the table dampens vibration and thus produces low noise.

You will also have a shroud just like any good router table, for a clean workplace. So if you need something to control your routing work, this table can be a good choice for the Dewalt DW618PK router.


  • Reduces vibration and thus noise while working
  • Assures accuracy with the sliding face and aluminum fence
  • Laser-graved mounting templates to create holes and mount different routers
  • Shroud to keep the working area clean
  • Durable sturdy body to handle working pressure


  • Assembly is VERY tedious, especially for older people
  • Non-self-starting miter track screws that make it hard start
  • The height might be a little bit higher for shorter people

Rockler Trim Router Table

Key Features

  • Compatible with Dewalt DW 611, Dewalt trim router, Dewalt dcw600b, Dewalt d26670
  • Thick acrylic base lets you enjoy free hand exercise with precision.
  • High visible guard offers maximum protection for your hands.

When you want your idea and outcome to be the same, getting the right table is important. This Rockler Trim Router Table can help to turn your idea into an outcome.

The table is specially designed for Dewalt DW 611, Bosch Colt, and Porter Cable 450 and 7310. However, you can drill holes to fit any specific routers with a 1-1/2″ opening you want.

Installation is easier thanks to its toolless assembling design. You need no tools at all to install or detach the routers.

Besides, the 1/4″ thick acrylic base allows you to do freehand work, such as a standard router.

Are you a newbie?

Then this one can help you practice routing and to be a master of it.

The table is sturdy enough to work securely with any workpiece. But it gets pre-drilled holes on the backside, allowing you to add any auxiliary clamping strip to secure the workpiece even more.

When working with the router, you often need to adjust the fence. Using a tool to adjust the fence every time is a big hassle.

To help you avoid such problems, it comes with T-Knobs that deliver easy adjusting.

What about safety?

Well, unlike many other router tables, this one features a High-visibility safety bit guard. It prevents the router bit from kickback and injuring your finger or hand.

You can add a dust port to suck all the dirt generated from your woodworking project to keep the area clean.

Finally, you can use this router table with the Dewalt router for tasks like routing chamfers, round-overs, and small dadoes.

The lightweight yet durable design even lets you carry or move the table where necessary for more convenience.


  • Thick acrylic base assures free hand exercise with precision
  • High visible guard ensures protection for your hands
  • Toolless assembling design reduces the hassle of assembling with the help of a pro
  • Adjustable clamp allows easy fence adjustment
  • Dust port prevents the work surroundings to be dirty


  • Suitable for a trim router, not a full-size router. Drilling holes is necessary for other routers.

For large tall stock – Bosch RA1171 Benchtop Laminated Router Table

Key Features

  • Suitable for DWP611 and RA1171.
  • Cabinet style design with 4 7/8 inch x 25 1/8 inch tall fence
  • Flat MDF laminating upper surface for added accuracy

Another Bosch router table.

You may think, why are there so many Bosch tables on the list?

Well, Bosch is the brand that makes the most versatile tables suitable for versatile routers, including Dewalt. Since Dewalt does not make any tables for their router, Bosch can be considered their table.

You can use this table for DWP611. However, you will need to drill holes in the mounting plate for the DWP611 plunge base. But that will not be a problem, I guess.

Just a reminder that it will not fit in the dwp600b router. So be careful while picking.

But what is the difference between Bosch RA1181 and this one?

Well, this one offers laminated MDF upper, whereas RA1181 offers a metal working surface. That means RA1181 will handle tougher workpieces compared to this model.

The 4 7/8 x 25 1/8 inches aluminum fence will handle tall stock. That means you can work with taller and thicker workpieces that you cannot with other router tables.

It also ensures better control, accuracy, and safety. The fence has an adjustable MDF face plate. It delivers smoother operation.

This table has a rigid aluminum mounting plate to make your work more accurate with the router. It stays flat even under pressure.

Like any Bosch router table, this one also comes with feather boards. You can attach them to the fence and router table for additional guidance. It also protects you from kickbacks.

Cleaning up is easier thanks to its dust collection ports. Imagine having a cleaner working surface even after working for hours. The collector is compatible with 2 1/2-inch vacuum hoses for better cleaning and vacuum use.

Finally, the smooth laminating top offers you a fresh and smooth surface to work with. So, no tension even if you are a newbie in this field.


  • Cabinet style design with a higher fence allows taller and larger workpieces.
  • Dust collection ports with hose compatibility for better cleaning
  • Pre-drilled design to be compatible with different routers
  • The aluminum body construction provides additional durability and stability
  • Flat mounting plate offers accuracy and precision


  • The smooth MDF laminating is not durable as RA1181.
  • The assembly can be complex for newbies.
  • Size might not be good for transporting or moving.

SKIL SRT1039 Benchtop Portable Router Table

Key Features

  • Compatible with DWP618, dw616
  • 16-inch tall and 24 inches wide aluminum fence for taller workpieces
  • Flat laying miter gauge with aluminum mounting plate for accuracy

The last one on the list is SKIL SRT1039 Benchtop Portable Router Table.

This one is Compatible with DWP618, dw616.

But since Bosch RA1181 BenchTop can work with these two routers, why would you pick this one, right?

Well, the answer is cost.

Yes, this one is cost-effective.

Here comes the question, will it be durable enough and good enough to serve the purpose?

Well, it will very much do.

The flat-laying aluminum miter gauge slot and mounting plate deliver a flat and accurate surface to mount the router. It also ensures a stable surface so that you can avoid mistakes.

The router clamp with two feather boards holds the router in place and ensures more stability.

Combining these 4 elements, the table offers precise and accurate routing every time.

Besides, the table features an integrated bit storage that stores and protects the bits. It saves time and effort while protecting you from losing the bits when needed.

The fence has adjustable MDF face plates. That means you can adjust the size to work with different sizes and shapes of workpieces.

On the other hand, the starter pin and guard on the fence prevent the workpieces from coming into contact with the router bit for added protection. It also ensures more stability and precision.

So you see, this table is nothing less than the Bosch RA1181 BenchTop. But the price is way lower compared to Bosch RA1181 BenchTop.


  • Pre-drilled holes to use for different routers, including Dewalt
  • Higher and wider fences with adjustable face plates to work with different sizes
  • Storage on both sides for easy bit findings
  • Starter pin and guard for accuracy and stability
  • Two feather boards and clamps keep the workpieces in place while routing.
  • Easy assembly


  • The holes are smaller, allowing only 2” Bit storage
  • Fence does not include a T-track for the TOP

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Router Table for Dewalt Router

Here are the key features you need to consider while looking for the router table for the Dewalt router.

A. Compatibility

Since you are buying a table for a specific Dewalt router, make sure it is compatible. We have added a table on the top. Check to match the compatibility.

If you have DW616 and DW618 Routers, pick a table compatible with those routers.

Sometimes, you might not find a table that says it is compatible with your specific model.

Don’t panic. You can drill holes to make that compatible with the router. In that case, have a table with a pre-drilled design.

B. Fence Compatibility

Look for a table that has a compatible fence system. Sometimes, you need to work with taller stock, whereas sometimes, you need to deal with shorter stock.

Having a higher fence will let you work with taller stock and vice versa. So make sure to check the fence compatibility.

Along with that, consider the fence features such as adjustability, strength, and ease of use. An adjustable fence will help you work with workpieces of different shapes and sizes. Having an adjustable fence function will be a blessing if you plan to work with different wood sizes.

C. Material

The material assures the stability, durability, and strength of the table. The stronger the materials are the more stable and durable the table will be.

Tabletop Material

The tabletop materials should be as MDF, solid wood, or aluminum. Aluminum delivers maximum strength and stability. MDF or solid wood will work with less heavy routing projects. For all kinds of projects, having an aluminum top will be better.

Remember that an MDF or laminating top cannot provide the stability you need to deal with heavy workpieces.

Frame Material

The frame material determines the table’s weight, durability, portability, and stability. The stronger they are, the better it will be.

Consider materials such as aluminum, steel, or cast iron. All three are good for durability and stability. However, aluminum construction will reduce overall weight to make the table portable and easy-storable.

D. Size and Shape of tabletop

Consider the size of your workspace where you will deal with different workpieces.

Having a large and wide table top provides ample work surface. You can comfortably move and route the wood pieces with the router.

Of course, having a smaller tabletop is fine if you are a DIYer and want to work with smaller workpieces.

24 inches by 32 inches is the standard size. Consider having a table with at least 1-inch thick table top.

Along with the size, Tabletop Shape is important. A rectangular shape is good for working. However, for specific needs, you may need a round shape table.

E. Features

Some features will always help you show your skill in routing projects.

Dust Collection

Find a table with an effective dust collection system. It will help you get a cleaner working environment. At the same time, it will protect your power tools, such as saws or routers, from the dust generated by routing tasks.

See whether the dust ports are integrated or not. Are they compatible with a vacuum? That will greatly help, trust me.

Featherboards, miter gauges, clamps, or router lifts

These four functions keep the workpieces in place for added stability. They also help you get accuracy and precision during routing. Whether a newbie or a pro, having these four functions can take your skill to the next level.


Lastly, check for built-in storage for accessories and bits. You do not want to lose your accessories or invest time to find the accessories when needed. A good storage system keeps you organized.

Besides, check for the accessibility of the storage system. Having two-side-access works better.

F. Price

The last thing to consider is the price. Consider your budget and pick the right one for you.

Sometimes, you will find almost the same quality and same features at an affordable price. Go for that,

Compare the Cost vs. Value. But always look for a combination of features, compatibility, and price

Additional Resources for router table for Dewalt

Here are some additional resources for you.

How to assemble and setup the table

Youtube Video to setup a Dewalt router to the router table

Books for Further Reading

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The router table Book

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good router table for a Dewalt router?

A good router table for a Dewalt router should have a sturdy, large work surface, adjustable fences, and miter gauge, some key features, and be compatible with your Dewalt model.

Is a Dewalt router compatible with any router table?

No. Not all Dewalt routers are compatible with any router table. You need to find the right router and check whether that router table is suitable for your Dewalt router model.

Can I make my own router table for my Dewalt router?

How do I secure my Dewalt router to the router table?

First attach the router to the router table and then use clamps to secure the router.

Wrapping up

“In conclusion, choosing the best router table for your Dewalt router can take your woodworking experience to the next level.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, investing in a top-notch high-quality router table will save time and effort while producing the best results.

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