Brad Nailer Or Finish Nailer For Hardwood Floor

15 Or 16 Gauge Nailer For Hardwood Floor? What I suggest


The controversy between 15 gauge and 16 gauge nailers is a common phenomenon in the nailing world. Both nailers are ...

How To Use 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

How To Use 18 Gauge Brad Nailer- Step By Step Guide


Brad nailers are easy to use nowadays for their several user-friendly features. Due to their ultimate performance, carpenters use them ...

Brad Nailer Or Finish Nailer For Hardwood Floor

Brad Nailer Or Finish Nailer For Hardwood Floor? – Which one to pick?


A brad nailer has some limitations to claim it as a versatile nailer. But, a finish nailer is good enough ...

Can You Use Roofing Nailer For Siding

Can You Use Roofing Nailer For Siding?


Roofing nailer is suitable for roofing projects and siding nailer for siding projects- it’s that simple. Smooth shank nails are ...

can you use a brad nailer for crown molding

Can You Use a Brad Nailer for Crown Molding?


A brad nailer is a tool that uses small nails to fasten pieces of wood or other materials together. But ...

Best Nail Gun for Decking

Best Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer for woodworking projects


Cordless brad nailers eliminate the necessity of using some expensive parts and maintaining the nailer’s compressor. Besides, cordless nailers are ...

Can You Use A Framing Nailer For Decking?

Can you use a framing nailer for decking?


Framing nailers are widely used for different woodworking purposes. But can you use a framing nailer for decking? Yes, you ...

How to install shoe molding on uneven floors

How to install shoe molding on uneven floors? – Easy Secret


Shoe molding is a thin strip of molding that finishes out the look of baseboards. If you want to give ...

How To Use A Metal Brake For Fascia Like A Pro


Fascia is used on a roof to give it extra protection from rainwater, insects, and other intruders. If you want ...

Can I use 3 in1 oil in my nail gun

Can I use 3in1 oil in my nail gun?


Maintaining the performance of a nail gun is difficult unless you oil it regularly. From jamming to getting rusty- anything ...

How To Bend Aluminum Fascia Without A Brake

How to bend aluminum fascia without a brake


If you are trying to do your roof on your own, you are going to work with something called aluminum ...

Best Staple Gun For Canvas Stretching

How to stretch a canvas for beginners


A well-stretched canvas makes the painting more beautiful and preserves it for decades. But buying a perfectly sized canvas with ...

The 5 Best Siding Brake to Cut And Bend Aluminum


If your siding brake isn’t good enough, you can’t cut and bend metal sheets perfectly. Among various brands of siding ...

How to Install Skirting Boards Without Nail Gun


Skirting boards aka baseboards is an integral part of home decoration from the early days. Carpenters commonly use it, DIYer ...

How to Use Paslode Nail Gun


Whether you’re a professional like a carpenter or an amateur in the power fastening industry, you certainly have used a ...

What Nails To Use For Framing with a Nail Gun? Pick Right nails


For perfect framing, we have no confusion about using a nailer. We should go for framing nailers. But, if the ...

15g vs 16g Finish Nailer: Which One is Best?


15g Vs 16g Finish Nailer

How to Install Quarter Round Around Door

How to Install Quarter Round Around Door [Easy Steps]


So you are planning to install a quarter round around the door and want to know how to install quarter ...

How to load a nail gun – Step By Step Process


It is difficult to move forward using a noisy hammer to put nails on the wall and that’s why you ...

Can I use 30 degree nails in a 34 degree framing nailer

Can I use 30 degree nails in a 34 degree framing nailer?


Framing nailers are modern and heavy-duty power tools used for woodwork. There are five different types of framing nailers from ...

Can I use 30 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer

Can I use 30 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer?


Framing nailers and nails come with many variations. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages. And most importantly the ...

Nail sizes and types for nail gun


The importance of nails is visible when you are constructing your shelf or altering your furnishings. Nevertheless, keeping all types ...

How to Unjam A Nail Gun

How to Unjam A Nail Gun – Paslode, Dewalt, Bostitch, porter cable, craftsman


It could be frustrating when your nail gun gets jammed. It is a widespread nail gun problem that most nail ...

How to Choose the Right Size Nails For Nail Gun


For using nails with nail guns, they have some common classifications for different purposes. You can’t pick up a nail ...

Types of Nail Guns – All main 9 types


There are different types of nail guns in the market. As a newbie, you might not know which one is ...

Common Problems with the nail gun


It can be a frustrating experience when you have a beautiful woodworking project in hand but your nail guns stop ...

nail gun uses

Nail Gun uses – What types of work can you do with a nail gun


You don’t have to be a professional to drive nails professionally and get your different projects done with a nail ...

Benefits of Using Nail Gun – 10 Reasons Why


Are you a nail gun user?  If not, then probably you do not know the benefits of using a nail ...

How to use a nail gun

How to Use a Nail Gun for a beginner Safely – 7 Simple Steps


You are here because you are either a new nail gun user or want to buy the best nail gun. ...