Can You Use a Brad Nailer for Crown Molding?


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can you use a brad nailer for crown molding

A brad nailer is a tool that uses small nails to fasten pieces of wood or other materials together. But crown molding is somehow a heavy task. Here comes the question “Can you use a brad nailer for crown molding”

Yes, you can use a brad nailer for crown molding. Brad’s nails are smaller, thinner, and narrower than traditional nails. So they can be fired into molding without splitting the wood. It also leaves smaller holes that disappear after primer and paint. You will even get enough holding power for its 18 ga nails driving capacity. Crown molding with a brad nailer will be fun.

But make sure you use it properly and of course, you pick the right nailer. Without the proper nailer and nails, you may end up damaging the molding woods.

How to install crown molding on a brad nailer

But how can you use your brad nailer for crown molding? Well, follow the methods below.

Get the right tool

You must need the right tools in order to get the job done perfectly. Make sure you get 18 gauge brad nailers for better quality work. You will also need.

  • Tape measure
  • Power miter saw
  • Painter’s tape
  • Caulk gun
  • Glossy trim paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood filler or wood putty
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • Crown molding (MDF or wood)
  • Paint primer
  • Paintable caulk

Measure and cut the crown molding to the correct size

Measure the room size to get the right amount of crown molding. Make sure you purchase 25% more molding than your room size. It will reduce the chance to use join pieces to complete your project. Use the measure tape to measure the walls and ceiling.

Cut the molding

After measuring and purchasing the molding, cut it properly. You can use a miter saw for perfect cutting. While cutting, consider the angle for the end. Remember that cutting the angle properly will ensure perfect finishing.

Prime the molding

Now it is time to prime the molding. Some people prefer to prime after installation but giving one touch in this stage will provide a better finish. You can either prime now or skip this stage. Use a good primer to prime your molding.

Attach the crown molding to the ceiling, using nails or screws.

Flip the molding over against the wall to make sure it is upright. You can take help from others if needed. Now use an 18 gauge brad nailer to drive 18 gauge brad nails into the molding for a better holding. Continue installing the other moldings in the same way.

Use chalk

You will see some gaps between the wall and moldings, this is common. Use chalk to fill the gap. Try using your figure to achieve a better finish. Wait for a few hours or minutes as per the instruction manual from the manufacturer for drying.

Paint the moldings

Even after using the primer, you will see some unfinished moldings. It is possible to see some nail heads or splitting as well. To fill the gap and ensure a proper finish, you need to apply paint here. Pick a good molding paint to get the smoothest finish for your project.

Should I use a brad nailer or finish nailer for crown molding?

Brad nailer will provide a better finish without leaving any holes in your molding. It also prevents splitting the woods. But a finish nailer will deliver 15- or 16-gauge that will give better holding power than 18g brad nails.

Can you use a pin nailer for crown molding

Yes, you can use a pin nailer for crown molding since it can be driven without splitting the woods or creating any hole marks. But pin nailer will not give you enough holding power to attach the molding properly.

Can I use brad nails for crown molding

Yes, you can use 18 gauge brad nails for crown molding. It will not split the wood and create any holes. You can get a perfect finish with it. But it might not give you as much holding power as finish nails.

Will a brad nailer go through a 2×4

Yes, a brad nailer will go through a 2×4 easily. But it might not provide enough holding power that you can get from a finish nailer

So can you use your brad nailer for your crown molding project?

You already know the answer that you can use brad nailer without any hesitation.

But should you use it?

Well, it depends on your working style. If you need a better finish with decent holding power, then brad nailer will be undoubtedly the best option. But for some people holding power is more important than splitting woods or creating holes. They prefer to use primer or paint to cover the holes.

Now the decision is yours.

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