Can you use a framing nailer for decking?


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Can You Use A Framing Nailer For Decking?

Framing nailers are widely used for different woodworking purposes.

But can you use a framing nailer for decking?

Yes, you can use a framing nailer for decking for the holding power, strength, and easiness it offers. This is the least expensive option as well. But you may see the nails coming out from the wood over time. It may reduce the holding strength and make it dangerous to walk on the deck. The heads of the nails make it even riskier. Try to use nails rated for pressure-treated wood and avoid any random large framing nails

What kind of nailer do you use for decking?

You need something that offers enough holding power to build the frame. Consider having a nailer offering 2-3 inch nail driving capacity. You can use framing nailer, brad nailer, flooring nailer, or even roofing nailer. But you will get the best result from a deck installation gun such as Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation Gun.

It is a pneumatic gun that can install 6 hidden deck fasteners within 26 seconds. You can save your time yet ensure a quality installation. The 35-degree angle helps you drive screws at any angle that makes the work smoother.

We have a guide for you to pick the right nailer for deck building. Check that now. You can also use…

Brad nailer

Brad nailers drive shorter 18-gauge nails that offer smooth finishing. It is suitable for holding decking boards and others but not suitable for deck framing.

Framing nailer

The framing nailer is a good option for deck framing. It can deliver a higher holding capacity to keep the deck frames together. But the problem comes with the nail heads. With time, the nails may come out, and the nail heads can make the deck dangerous for walking.

Some 21- degree framing nailers are capable of handling decking projects as well.

Roofing nailer

Some people even use roofing nailer for roof decking. You can try that as well.

Flooring nailer

Flooring nailers are only suitable for floor decking. For deck framing, this nailer might not work well.

What kinds of nails should you use for decking?

You should use stainless steel nails for decking. They are rust-resistance, durable, and strong to hold the decks. You can also use ring shaft nails to your cedar, pressure-treated, or redwood boards. But what size nail gun do I need to build a deck?For the right size deck nails, follow the chart below.

Nail sizeSuitable for
10d (3”) or 16d (3½”)Deck framing
10d or 12d (3¼”)5/4 deck boards
16d2-inch planks
6d (2”), 8d (2½”) or 10dRailings

But we always recommend using deck screws such as Senco collated screws or Scrails. They have threaded shank that locks them into the deck woods to avoid any risky incidents.

Screws or nails – which one should you use for decking?

We always prefer using screws than nails for decking. They come with threaded shanks that prevent the screws from comming out tha make the deck dangerous. You will get even stronger holding power from a screw compared to any nails. Besides, they work great for building deck frame or attaching decks. You can even remove screws when necessary to do maintenance of your deck.

Wrap up

Can you use a framing nailer for deck building?

Yes, you can. But you will not optimum performance at all. That is why it is always better to use deck installation gun or fastener that can deliver screws faster.

Make sure you pick the right gun to install the deck. A wrong pick may will reduce the longevity of the deck and make the deck dangerous. Be smart and stay safe.

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