Can You Use Roofing Nailer For Siding?


Can You Use Roofing Nailer For Siding

Roofing nailer is suitable for roofing projects and siding nailer for siding projects- it’s that simple. Smooth shank nails are used for a roofing nailer whereas short nails are used by a siding nailer. People have an acquisition if they are interchangeable. So, can you use roofing nailer for siding? 

Though you can use the roofing nailer alternatively it shouldn’t be used. Siding nails are ridged for extra grip as well as comparatively longer than roofing nails. Despite having smooth sides, roofing nails aren’t long enough. So, these two nailers are interchangeable. 

However, the roofing nailer’s big head is a problem for siding projects. Though both nailers come with the same operating principles, they have individual fields of application. To know more about their distinctions, you need to keep scrolling down. 

Why can’t you use a roofing nailer for siding?

There are some price factors that inherit the application of roofing nailers for siding projects. Can you use roofing nailer for siding? Let’s know about it. 

Different application

Siding guns are manufactured for completing siding projects. Roofing nailers are slightly heavier than the siding nailers. For siding projects, you’ll need to deal with some obtuse corners. If the nail gun is heavy, you can’t access the critical corners. Moreover, roofing nailers shoot nails at high speed because it’s essential for roofing projects. 

But, siding projects won’t cope with high nail shooting. Asphalt shingles, insulation board, and fiberglass are good with a roofing nailer. You can’t interchange them with a siding nailer. On the flip side, siding nailers are good with wood and vinyl. Using a roofing nailer as an alternative won’t bring perfection to your work. 

Adjustable depth feature

You won’t find the adjustable depth feature in most of the roofing nailers. This feature is essential to countersink nails in an accurate place. So, it’s difficult for roofing nailers to perform any siding project as the project requires the feature mandatory. 

All siding nailers are manufactured with a depth of drive adjustment feature. That’s why you can run your siding nailer on versatile siding projects. You can frequently adjust the driving depth of the nailer using this feature. Most importantly, the project will end perfectly even if a newbie deals with the nailer. 

The difference in magazine-style

Magazine of a nail gun is highly important as it controls almost every nailing factor. Generally, nail guns come with a coil and straight magazine. Almost every roofing nailer offers coil magazines for the convenience of roofing projects. 

On the other hand, siding nailers are manufactured with either straight or coil magazines. The siding nailer requires nailing continuously and so, the reloading time is high. If you use a roofing nailer for a siding project, you’ll need to reload the magazine again and again. This action badly hampers the consistency of work. 

Distinguish between the used nails

Roofing nailers use roofing shingles that last up to 20 years or less normally. That’s why this nailer is used in roofing projects so that you can dispose of them anytime. The approximate length of the roofing nailer is 1-¾ inches. 

Siding nails are more challenging than roofing nails to pull out due to their extreme holding capacity. For their small heads, you can easily use them on siding projects to maintain aestheticism. Usually, siding nailers are longer than roofing nails. Their approximate size is 1-1/4 ” to 2-½”.  

What kind of nail gun do you use for siding? 

You can go for mainly two types of nail guns for siding projects. 

Siding nailer

A siding nailer runs on the principle of a framing nailer. The framing nailer is slightly heavier than the siding nailer. To deal with critical siding angles, you just need a lightweight nailer. That’s why you should pick a siding nailer if you have options. 

Framing nailer

The framing nailer is a great choice for siding projects. If you can rarely manage a siding nailer, then a framing nailer can complete your siding project. However, you can’t use siding nailers and vice versa because of some limitations.

Siding nailer vs roofing nailer

Let’s have a look at the comparison table between siding nailer and roofing nailer. 

As the siding nailer is used vertically, it’s manufactured lightweight. Roofing nailer is slightly heavier than the siding nailer. 
Siding nailer uses siding nails. The size of the siding nail is 1-¾ inches.Roofing nailer uses roofing nails of various sizes. Any nail between 1-1/4 ” to 2-½” size is suitable for roofing nailers. 
You’ll find an adjustable depth of drive in every siding nailer. Adjustable depth of drive feature is absent in almost every roofing nailer. 
Siding nailers are relatively expensive. The price range of siding nailers is $150 to $350. Roofing nailers are less expensive than the siding nailer. The price range of roofing nailers is $100 to $250. 
Siding nailer is mainly designed for exterior sidings like vinyl, wood, and fiber cement. Roofing nailer is mainly designed for installing metal, synthetic, and wood shingles.  


It’s time to know some relevant questions on roofing and siding nailers. 

Can you use roofing nails for vinyl siding?

Yes, you can use roofing nails as well as roofing nailers for vinyl siding. The 1-¾” roofing nails are appropriate for installing vinyl siding. These kinds of nails don’t have small nail heads and so, the nail heads will be visible. Using ⅛” diameter aluminum nails and a nailhead ⅜” or larger is recommended then. 

Are roofing nails and siding nails the same?

No, roofing nails and siding nails are different. Siding nails have small nail heads and extreme holding power. But, the roofing nails come with larger heads and less holding capability. You can’t alternate them in various projects. 

Can you use a roofing gun on Hardie siding?

A siding nailer is ideal for Hardie siding. But, it’s okay if you use a roofing gun on Hardie siding. You can use hand-driven roofing nails for Hardie siding. But, roofing nailers drive nails with large heads and so, you have to cope with it. 


Roofing and siding nailers are manufactured for individual purposes. Some of the siding projects are done with a roofing nailer but it doesn’t bring 100% perfection. People’s interest in “can you use roofing nailer for siding?” must have disappeared now. 

Roofing nailer is used for roofing projects like installing metal, synthetic, and wood shingles. On the flip side, siding nailers are good with exterior sidings like vinyl, wood, and fiber cement. If you want perfection of the final output of your project, why think about interchanging the nailer? 

Most importantly, your consistency of work will be damaged due to using an inappropriate nailer. As the roofing nailer can’t access the obtuse angles, siding boards won’t receive nails precisely. Therefore, try to pick the suitable nailer for your project and make the project beneficial. 

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