Framing Nailer Won’t Shoot Nails

The framing nailer won’t shoot nails if it’s not loaded with real nails. At that time, the internal parts of the nailer get stuck and won’t produce enough pressure to drive nails through its barrel. Lack of battery power can also cause this type of problem. 

Try to disassemble your framing nailer and inspect its internal components for any jamming or failure. Remove any stuck nails or fasteners from it. Clean the framing nailer regularly. If you receive any damaged parts, replace them as soon as possible. Charge your nailer and load it with nails appropriately. 

Why Your Framing Nailer Won’t Shoot Nails

These can be the reasons why your framing nailer won’t shoot nails. 

A Jammed Nail Gun Won’t Shoot Nails

When a nail gun is jammed, it won’t shoot nails. Usually, when a nail gun blows air without nailing, it signals to jam. However, users will see the signs of jamming once they use the nail gun in the workplace. 

Wrong ways to load nails, when handlers aren’t fastened properly, or if the tape is wet, when there is not enough lubricating oil inside of the nail gun, if the shape of the coil is damaged, or even internal collation can jam the nail gun. Thus, your framing nailer won’t shoot anymore.

If The Framing Nailer Can’t Produce Enough Air Pressure

Because of improper air pressure settings, a framing nailer can stop shooting nails. Improper air pressure settings can be caused when the nailer is settled in the wrong settings or by internal failure. Users can set the nailer to the proper settings to solve the first problem. 

The second issue arises when the air compressor is not working correctly or when the shut-off spring inside the air compressor is damaged. Usually, 70 to 120 psi of air pressure is required to run a nailer. Less or more than this limit can cause your nail gun to stop shooting nails.

When Dirt And Dust Enter The Framing Nailer

The dust and dirt that builds up outside the framing nailer can stop it from firing until it is cleaned. Usually, this problem occurs for non-professionals or DIYers who only use their nailers for a short time. 

Also, if the work surface needs to be adequately cleaned after using the nailer for a while, it gets filled with sawdust. This sawdust enters the compressor and magazine and thus stops their functions.

If Incompatible Nails Are Loaded Into The Framing Nailer

One of the main reasons framing nailers won’t shoot is when users load them with incompatible nails. The nailer won’t even shoot nails. In the worst-case scenario, the nailer can get broken. 

The nailer won’t shoot nails because its firing pin will start bending, and that’s why the nails cannot pass through the gun.

When The Batteries Charge Is Insufficient

Battery-powered framing nailers won’t shoot nails if the charge of the batteries isn’t sufficient. When the batteries are dead, they won’t start the compressor and can’t produce enough air pressure to pass the nails. 

If users use old nailers, the batteries can become outdated and can’t hold much charge. This problem can occur with new users when their batteries need to be appropriately charged. Even when the fuel cell canister of the framing nailer is empty, it won’t shoot nails anymore.

Solutions To The Problem

Follow these solutions to fix the upper mentioned problems. 

Fix the jamming of the nailer

To do it,

Disassemble the framing nailer

  • First, unplug the power source of the framing nailer.
  • Then disconnect it from its air supply.
  • Then, use a screwdriver to unscrew its nose bolts.
  • Release the front nose plate by lifting the nose latch.
  • Now open the internal barrel of the framing nailer.

Inspect nose front areas

  • Inspect the internal parts of the nailer.
  • Look for any damage or stuck parts.
  • Replace the damaged parts.
  • Remove all the jammed nails or extra fasteners if the internal parts are stuck.
  • Now close the front-nose area of the nailer.

Reassemble the nailer

  • Fix the nose front. 
  • Now, put the batteries that have been completely changed into the nailer and connect them to the fuel cell.
  • To turn off the feeder mechanism, you will need to reload the framing nailers with the right nails and fasteners.
  • Make sure to restore the power source of the nailer and test it on scrap wood before using it.

Set The Air Pressure Accurately

To do it,

Set the air pressure

  • First, check the manual nailer to understand how much air pressure is required for a certain surface.
  • Set the air pressure of the nailer accurately.
  • You can also test the nailer on scrap wood to understand whether the air pressure is accurate.

Replace any damaged parts

When the nailer isn’t producing enough air pressure, it is a sign of internal failure if it is settled properly. In that case,

  • Disassemble the framing nailer properly.
  • Check its compressor and firing spring.
  • If any one of them is damaged, replace it.
  • Reassemble the nailer.
  • Check it on scrap wood to see if it is producing enough air.

Clean The Nailer And The Work Areas

To do it,

Clean outer surfaces

  • Make sure to clean the nail gun after a certain time, even if you are not using it.
  • Also, clean the work area so that dust won’t build up.
  • When storing nailers, store them in dust-free areas.

Clean internal components

  • First, inspect the magazine of the framing nailer.
  • Then remove all their fasteners.
  • Make sure to slide the feeder back and forth.
  • Use a nylon brush to clean the hang-up areas.
  • Then use a brush to clean the trigger areas.

Load Comparable Nails In The Magazine

  • Check what sized nails you can load into the nailer magazine. 
  • It is usually mentioned in the manual book; check it.
  • If the nails you are required to use for your jobs are mentioned in the manual, load them properly in the magazine.
  • When the size of the nails isn’t mentioned, don’t load them in the magazine.

Check the batteries

  • First, check the batteries with a meter to see whether the discharging and charging rates are accurate.
  • If the statistic doesn’t satisfy you, replace the battery.
  • When the stats are okay, please charge the battery properly so its fuel cell canister fills.
  • Recheck the battery with a meter before using the nailer.

Paslode Framing Nailer Won’t Shoot Nails.

If your Paslode framing nailer isn’t shooting nails, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Fixing Problems With The Battery Cells

  • First, check the expiration date of your nailer’s fuel cells.
  • You need to tap it on a hard surface to check it.
  • If you see any mist, it means the fuel cell is empty.
  • In that case, charge the battery.
  • When charging, check for a flashing green light for confirmation.

If the battery cell is damaged or isn’t charging properly, replace it.

Fix Internal Problems

  • Check whether the filter is dirty or not.
  • If it is dirty, clean it.
  • Load the right-sized nail into the nailer in the correct way.
  • Make sure to avoid using straight nails in the Paslode framing nailer.
  • If your nailer’s internal components get jammed, follow the instructions in the operating manual.

When the important components of the Paslode framing nailer are damaged, take the framing nailer to the nearby Paslode service center.


Framing nailers won’t shoot nails when they don’t provide enough air pressure. The cause of the lack of air pressure can be an internal failure or not setting up the nailer properly. If any dust or debris enters the framing nailer, it will stick to the barrel. 

The nails can’t get enough space to get through it. Lack of maintenance is one of the main reasons behind it. Try to clean the framing nailer regularly. Disassemble its parts to clean its inner components. If you see any damaged parts, replace them or go to a nearby nail service shop. 

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