How to Use Paslode Nail Gun


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Whether you’re a professional like a carpenter or an amateur in the power fastening industry, you certainly have used a nailer at some point in your life. What if someone asks you which brand’s nail gun is the leading one? ‘Paslode’, your answer will be even without thinking twice.

But many of us are clueless and fearful regarding the usage of different Paslode nailers as it works through firing. However, whoever wants to buy the nailers, should consider it according to their workload as well.

Depending on how much the workload will be if it’s going to be bulkier or lighter; the types of nailers needed might differ. With the consideration of all those factors, you’ll get all of your questions answered about using Paslode nailers here.

How Paslode Nail Gun Works

The answer varies from type to type. If it’s a pneumatic nailer, it runs with an air compressor. This type of nail gun contains an air reservoir, piston, valve above the piston, and piston-containing cylinder.

While triggering the gun, the air enters into the valve to the cylinder, and the pressure above the piston increases. Thus, the pneumatic nailer starts hammering the nails and works by pulling the air from a compressor.

When it comes to cordless battery-powered Paslode nailers, gas-filling fuel cells, combustion chamber, piston bore, spark plug, nail driver pin, fan parts involve in driving nails.

Pushing the contact tip, the piston bore seals the above part. In the meantime, fuel comes from the fuel cell to the combustion chamber. When the trigger is pulled, the fire takes place, and the nail drives through it.

How to Use Paslode Nail Gun Smoothly

When we’re talking How to use a nail gun, , it sometimes varies from type to type. Having an air compressor not defines the key differences among all Paslode nail guns.

 Pneumatic Paslode nailers

Pneumatic Paslode nailers certainly operate through the power of the air compressor. That’s why only if you need a nailer for bulkier works and power, then consider this type as your best option.

  • Install Air Supply System: All you have to do is to install a lubricator or regulator.No additional installation is needed here. The port size of it must be from 3 to 8 inches NPT. Fine filters -50 microns. Never operate them at more than 120 psi pressure.
  • Depth: You can increase or decrease the depth of the drive-through by adjusting the contact tip.
  • When you want to use the pneumatic Paslode coil nailer, unlatch it before using it. After unlatching the magazine’s cover, put the nail coil there.
  • In other pneumatic nailers, insert the strip of nails or fasteners. If it’s a Powermaster plus strip nailer, face the nose area while trying to insert the nails into the top part of the magazine. In contrast to it, with finish nailers insert them in the bottom part facing down (usually).
  • Now, pull the trigger to drive the nails.
  • Be cautious about the fire. It’s because any part related to make fire is hazardous (chemical or explosion ).
  • If someone uses it without knowing details and unconsciously, it can destroy as well explode everything through burning or explosion. Sometimes, toxic materials can emit from them, leading to a severe burn.

How to use Cordless Paslode Nailer

Battery or gas cartridge-operated nailers are often considered cordless nail guns. Cordless nailers are becoming more popular nowadays as they’re easily portable. The fuel cell and battery are the two most essential parts whose setup is a must to know for cordless nailers.

  • Charge the battery carefully for almost  2 hours or mentioned in the manual.
  • For the charging system, there are wall-mount units, plugs, chargers,120 V AC outlets. Firstly, please search for the wall mount unit in the toolbox and pull it out along with its orange label.
  • Now, plug the walk mount unit into the 120 V AC outlet. After inserting the plugin charger’s plug receptacles, you’ll notice a green light is on, which ensures the charger circuit’s readiness.
  • To charge the battery properly, insert its terminals in the charger. Notice if you can see a red light or not. Because the red light indicates the battery’s charging is on. If it’s fully charged, push it forward and you’ll see a green light. If you don’t remove the charger from the battery, it’ll keep it fully charged. Push forward toward a locked position to place the battery in the nailer. If you want to pull it out, do it in a reverse way. Thus, you can insert or remove the battery from the tool.
  • Insert the fuel cell only when you want to drive nails. After pressing at the lower part of the cover, the cover will open up. Put the fuel cell assembly pointing to the front of the nailer. Sliding the fuel cell, a yellow adaptor can be seen. A small hole is placed in the adaptor to align the metering valve stem. Place the metering valve stem in there and swing the cylinder assembly up. Push it down till the cover has been closed down.
  • After all of these procedures, press the trigger to drive nails.
  • The fire ignites and thus driving fasteners will be done.
  • By releasing the trigger, you allow the fan to exhaust the gas and cool all internal functions.

Safety Measurements

     To be conscious or aware regarding own’s safety while using nailers is an issue of utmost concern.

  • Wear eye and ear protection to protect them from fire and loud noise.
  • Don’t use the nailer otherwise or never throw it to anyone even you think it’s empty. It’s because the nailer can burst into fire and thus cause any unwanted accident.
  • Disconnect it while not using or loading nails, repairing and clearing jams.
  • Never use bottled air, exceed air pressure to operate it.
  • Check if any part is missing, disabled, or not before using.
  • Never use malfunctioned materials.
  • Store the battery and fuel cell carefully. Never let them in contact with flame or high temperature.
  • Don’t smoke at the time of using or storing the nailers beside you.
  • Do not let the nailers or any part of it come in touch with water.
  • Clean the nailers when needed according to the specific model’s manual.
  • Never use Paslode nailers over 120 psi pressure and it’s better to keep it between 80 and 120.


Before acknowledging the usage of nailer, you need to know which one to choose for better outcomes. Pneumatic Paslode nailers are for professional people, cost less and powerful tool for the fasteners industry. Whereas Cordless or electronic nail guns are moveable and its features are easy to use and manage which makes it the popular type right now.

Whether in framing, finishing, or pneumatic, cordless nailer, the basic usage of all are quite the same. All you need to do is to make ready the things battery, fuel cell, compressor, etc for use. And then insert them in the nailer and carefully push the trigger. But maintaining the safety measurements in all steps is of utmost need when using them.

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