Why use nails instead of screws for framing?

Nails are used instead of screws for framing because they come with more flexibility, even when extra pressure is applied. Framing jobs are mainly about building structures to support construction. 

These types of jobs don’t require much holding power, but they require sheer strength and ductility. Nails can provide this type of strength, which is why professionals use them for framing jobs. 

Why should you use nails instead of screws for framing?

These are the reasons nails, not screws, are used for framing. 

Provide more flexibility under pressure

The nails provide extra flexibility under pressure because they have more sheer strength. 

For framing jobs like carpentry or construction jobs, users require thinner shafts because they won’t split the wood when the user provides pressure on the wood. The nail shafts are thin, and they can be driven into the required spots easily.

More suitable for short-term jobs

Framing jobs like structure building or frame building are required to support a large layout. 

These jobs don’t require much strength to attach wood pieces. Instead, they need sheer strength to hold together. Nails can provide this strength, so frame builders use them more.

Helps with big projects

Nails help in big projects like framing walls, building structural joints, or creating plywood sheathing to enter under exterior walls because they provide more flexibility. 

More ductility means more flexibility under pressure so that nails can handle big projects better. Also, the price of nails is not that high, so they decrease the overall cost.

Joist hangers get damaged when screws are used

Joist hangers are used to build decks or attach beams or ledger boards. When screws are used to attach the joist hangers, they damage the structures of the joist hangers. 

As a result, the joist hangers can break when they get more pressure.

Save time

Framing requires a lot of fastening. Whether you use nails or screws, you have to use plenty of them. 

And attaching a lot of screws requires more time than attaching a lot of nails because users can use a nail gun. So it saves users more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check some commonly asked questions below.

Can you use screws for framing walls?

Yes, you can use screws for framing walls, but professionals do not recommend using them. The screw’s load-bearing strength is not much. They can’t hold structures together for a long time. 

Should I use a nail or screw to hang a picture?

You must use a screw to hang a picture. Screws can provide more holding power, so it helps users provide more strength to attach bigger pictures to the wall. 

Screws or nails for stud wall

Nails are recommended by professionals more for stud walls because they can provide extra flexibility with more pressure than screws. Also, they provide extra shear strength to hold wood bars together. 


Because they are more flexible even under increased strain, nails are preferred to screws for framing. The majority of framing jobs involve creating support for construction. 

These jobs call for a lot of strength and ductility rather than significant holding power. 

Also, professionals cannot use screws for the joist’s hanger for deck building because they damage their inner surface. 

Installing screws for framing projects requires extra time because nails can be installed with nail guns. So nails also save time. 

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