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The aim of this blog [thetoolstrunk] is to help my fellow woodworker by sharing my lifelong experience.

Soroar Mia

Who is the Mastermind Behind ToolsTrunk?

Soroar Mia

Email: miasoroar@gmail.com

Phone: +880 1933705154

Hi, This is Soroar Mia, the man behind the tools trunk, a man dedicated to helping you pick the right tool for your home improvement work.

You may wonder why you should read everything in this blog, and why you should trust me, right?

Well, from childhood, I have had a passion for woodworking. My first woodworking project was making a small house for playing. That is where it all started. I got this inspiration from my uncle, the boss of everything. He has some hand tools, such as a saw, hammer, and chisel. I know he is old school. But now it is time for power tools to make woodworking easier.

Here I am.

That is where I come in. I know how these tools can turn some wood into amazing items. My childhood memory, with the help of my uncle, transferred my hobbies into a passion.

But now I have years of experience in using different tools from my childhood. I love tools and telling people what to pick for their job. My expertise will help you choose the right one for the right job.

You know how important it is to pick the right tool.

A simply good tool can work better than an expensive wrong tool.

So stay with me.

Now, here are the projects and workshops behind tools trunk.

I have been working as a DIY worker for my home since my childhood. With such huge experience, I can tell you how to do what with what.

I have completed a few online courses and researched home improvement and tools. Besides, my academic knowledge of physics help me understand different power tools better than many others.

Stay with me for updates.

How to Contact me?

You can directly come to my workshop to see my projects.

You can also contact me through my Facebook page, Twitter, or Linkedin Page.

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Have something to ask?

Then email me: contact@thetoolstrunk.com