Best Staple Gun For Soffit- Pick The Best One

Perfectly attached soffits can operate for both aesthetic and operative purposes. These soffits save your shafts from mold by decreasing the moisture and providing excellent ventilation. So you have to attach these soffits perfectly to your roof. And the best way to connect them is using a staple gun.

The best staple gun for soffit can attach a soffit to your roof without any defect for both your soffit and the roof. Most of the staple guns come with similar 18ga nails but they don’t come with the same advantages. So, you should consider some aspects before choosing a staple gun. 

The pneumatic mechanism, as well as the nailing speed, create a significant impact on installing soffit. If you don’t consider their differences in the prime features, you can be harmed financially. Also, there is a chance of getting damaged in the place where you are attaching the soffits.

The 5 Best staple guns for soffit

This section deals with some top-rated staple guns for performing your soffit installation nicely. You can easily pick your best staple gun for soffit after going through their elaborated specifications.

BOSTITCH Crown Stapler, Narrow, 18GA (SX1838K)

The BOSTITCH Crown Stapler is a pneumatic staple that uses narrow crown staples. The size of the narrow crown staple ammo is 7/32″. It is a medium power staple gun that can be handily used for a wood soffit, but that can be tough if you’re thinking of using it for an aluminum soffit.

This staple gun has a reversible belt hook, so, you can easily hold it with your belt. You can even work with it when you are working upside down. The nose of the BOSTITCH Crown Staple is too long. As a result, It can’t fit accurately to the tight spots. So, you can say the depth adjustment system of this staple gun is not very good.

However, this BOSTITCH Crown Staple has a place for multiple strips staples so that you can staple a couple of hours without taking a break. The maneuverability of this staple gun is so good that it is straightforward to use.

It has a selectable trigger that can turn the firing mode of the gun from single-fire to auto mode. The ultra-quiet back damper exhaust removes the air away from the user. Hence, you don’t get any smell of the gas.

Excellent pneumatic mechanism to attach wood soffit.No dedicated nail size adjusting option.
Reversible belt hook holds the staple gun to your belt.Its long nose makes it hard to use in a tight spot.
Multiple strip staples allow you to staple a lot of staples.Requires oiling for preventing any kind of jam
Mode switching feature for bringing accuracy to work.
Ultra-quiet back damper removes the gas smell.

Hitachi N3804AB3 1.5″ 18-Gauge Pneumatic Stapler RT

The Hitachi N3804AB3 Pneumatic Stapler uses 1/4-inches Narrow crown staples. It is a medium power staple gun. This machine offers 70-120 PSI pressure that can be used for any kind of wood soffit.

It comes with a tool-free depth adjuster that can adjust the stapling depth on any metal. For this reason, you can customize the soffit as much as you want. The stapler tip is perfectly sized for preventing damage to the work surface.

This tool has a 2.3 pounds decent weight balance which ensures accurate handling. As a result, your performance at work becomes elegant. The trigger of this gun is made of a non-slip elastomeric material that doesn’t slip off your finger mistakenly.

The Hitachi N3804AB3 Pneumatic Stapler has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust port. As a result, it doesn’t hit the air to your face or near your workplace when exhausting.

It is easy to staple any wood soffit.Requires applying lubricating oil from time to time.
The easy nail depth adjustment feature makes nailing super easy.Provides no update about the remained staple numbers. 
For the engineered build, the trigger is easy to use.
The air-exhausting feature makes the workplace expedient
Its lightweight makes it reliable for transporting.

DEWALT 20V MAX Stapler Kit for Cables (DCN701D1)

The DEWALT 20V MAX Stapler Kit comes with DCB203 20V Lithium-ion batteries. If these batteries are fully charged, you can staple up to 1600 staples with them.

This gun uses DRS18100 insulated cable staples which you have to buy externally. Despite its less power than a pneumatic staple gun, you can easily staple any kind of wood soffits with it.

It has an adjustable belt hook attached to both left and right sides. It has a nail-size adjuster which can be used by clicking on a switch. This feature helps you to use different sizes of nails.

The DEWALT 20V MAX Stapler Kit has a center-mounted LED which helps you work in dark places. It is a bit of a heavy staple gun for having batteries. Hence, you can feel a little bit of wrist pain while using it for a long time.

It has an incredible safety feature that is the staple doesn’t fire the cable guide detects staples inside it. So, there is no fear of having wrist injuries or any kind of damage to the workplace.

The powerful lithium batteries allow you to staple up to 1600 staples.The staples are not a common type according to availability. 
You can work upside down by having a reversible belt hook.It needs oiling regularly.
You can adjust the staple size.It’s a little bit heavy.
Work perfectly in the dark for having center-mounted led light.No dedicated depth adjustment feature.
Does Not staple until it detects staple inside it.

Senco SLS25XP-L 1/4 Crown 18 Gauge Stapler

This Senco powerful stapler uses 18 gauge medium crown wire staples. It comes with a nail adjuster option and so, you can easily fit 3/8″ to 11/2″ long nails inside its magazine.

This gun can hold multiple strips of staples. Its metal cylinder helps it to be more solid as well as sturdy. The maneuverability of this staple gun is excellent. Its ultra-lightweight design makes it easier to use. This gun never jams; as a result, you don’t have it to oil it.

The Senco PowerPlus Stapler uses muffler exhaust which makes the process silent and doesn’t annoy you with sound.

Powerful enough to work on the wood staple.It can not adjust depth.
You can adjust different sizes of nails in it.Stuck after stapling a couple of staples. 
The maneuverability is extraordinary.
Holds 168 galvanized nails at a time.
Muffler ensures quiet operation. 

Makita AT638A 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler

Makita narrow crown stapler has a multi-directional exhaust port. This port carries exhaust air far from the user. So, you don’t have to be annoyed with the mechanical gas smell.

The Makita narrow crown staple gun uses 18 gauge ammo. Its staple size ranges from ½” to 1-½”. This nailer has an efficient structure power motor that delivers enough power to staple wood soffits. Its reversible belt hook offers you to work upside down. 

The tool-less depth adjuster of this gun helps you staple more accurately. Its 2-mode selector switch allows you to switch the firing mode from single to auto. There is a window to check how many staples are left.

Strong enough to work on wood staples.The nose tip is made of plastic, so it is vulnerable.
The maneuverability is too good.The depth control is not very good. 
Remove air away from you using a multi-directional exhaust port
Option to switch from single-mode to auto-mode.

Buying guide for the best soffit staple gun

Some essential points should be considered when buying a staple gun for a soffit. Some of them are depicted below for the convenience of your purchase.

Types of staple guns

There are mainly three types of staple guns. You can choose the type of staple gun which fits you most.

Manual staple gun: These staple guns come with no energy sources. They use a spring attached to the staple gun. When you press the handle, the spring forcefully releases a staple.

Electric staple gun: Electric staple guns run on electricity. So, you don’t have to push every time you staple. You just have to use the trigger and that’s it. You can use these staple guns even when stapling upward.

Pneumatic staple gun: Pneumatic staple gun uses compact air as a power source. They are the most powerful staple guns. When you press a trigger, air comes from a tube and pushes the staple fast and forcibly.


As we talk about a staple gun, we must know what kinds of crown we choose to install soffits. They can be a narrow crown, medium crown, power crown, wide crown, and round crown. You have to choose your ammunition according to what kind of soffit metals you use. The harder the metal is, the thicker the ammo is. But usually, people use narrow crown ammo in the staple gun to work on a soffit.

Power of staple gun

Mainly soffits are made of two types of materials. Soffits are made of wood, and soffits are made of aluminum. Wood soffits are usually 3/8 inch(9.5 m.m) thick, and aluminum soffits have a 0.19-inch thickness.

So, you should buy a heavy-duty staple gun to install your soffit perfectly on the roof. These heavy-duty staple guns can quickly penetrate the soffits to attach to the roof. As a result, you don’t have to put extra effort into installing them.

Belt hook

When buying a staple gun for a soffit, you should check if it has a belt hook with it. Usually, when you staple a soffit with a staple gun, you work standing on a ladder. Hence, you need a stable place to hold the staple gun.

If there is a belt hook with the staple gun, you can handily attach it with your belt. The belt hook saves your staple gun from defects that are caused by falling. You can access the staple gun by both right and left hand with a reversible belt hook.

Nail depth adjuster

It is one of the most important things when buying a staple gun for soffits. Usually, we install the soffits with the roof. So, if you use a staple that penetrates a lot, it can cause damages under the soffit where you install it.

Also, the varying depth of using a staple gun can damage the soffits themselves. A nail depth adjuster can solve your problem. It will adjust the penetration depth of the staple gun. As a result, all the depth of the staple will be the same. By pressing the right switch, it will adjust a particular knob.

Nail size adjuster

You should buy a staple gun that can allow a good range of nail sizes. This feature helps you to use different sizes of nails so you can save your money. Also, you may need to add various staples to your soffits, and then this feature will help you. Purchasing a versatile model is always a better move.

Multiple strips staples

Usually, a staple gun holds around 200 staples in every strip. So, when you are working on a soffit after 210 staples are completed, you have to change the strip. Changing the strip may become difficult as you work on a ladder or a roof to install a soffit.

Thus, buying a staple machine for multiple places for many strip staples can solve your problem. By doing this, you don’t have to change the strip after every 210 staples, and it will save your time.

Anti-jamming mechanism

One of the major problems of having a staple gun is jamming. The staples may jam inside the machine, which can cost you both time and money. So, look for a staple gun that provides an anti-jamming mechanism. 

This mechanism eases the hassle. Many companies offer staple guns with anti-jamming mechanisms these days. As a result, you can’t understand which one is better to buy. So, you should research a little and watch for public reviews about the particular company.

Staple window

It is good to have a staple window on your staple machine. This feature helps you watch how many staples are left in your strips. You can easily avoid interruption in your work when the strips are empty. And, when it is empty, you can reload it with extra strips of staples.

LED light

You should consider the attached LED light when you buy a staple gun. These lights will help you work in the dark or in these places where light hardly reaches. As a result, you can work on your soffits for more time. Also, these lights will help you with your safety and enhance your performance.

Battery-powered staple gun

You can choose a battery-powered staple gun to work on a soffit. These staple guns don’t need a regular power supply. They use typical lithium-ion batteries, and you can take them anywhere with a power connection.

These staple guns use a range of 6-12 V batteries. Therefore, you can rely on any of these battery-used staple guns which can compete with your work time. You can charge them when your work is done.

Comfort and ease of use

The staple gun must be easy to use, or you will feel awkward using it. Electric or pneumatic staple guns have a safety mechanism at the tip that will help you pull the trigger with only one finger. It saves your energy and allows you to work more time.

Also, you have to work on high ground to work on soffits, and if you can not hold it suitably in your hand, you can’t work perfectly. When you are buying a staple gun, choose it according to your hand for perfect comfort and easement.


Buy a staple gun that delivers a good warranty. These staple guns are mechanical tools, and they can even get damaged without any fault of you. In that time, the warranty process can help you save money. Also, research about the after-sell behavior of the companies. 

If you buy a staple gun after proper research about the after-sell policy of a company, you can get your warranty without any trouble.


Owning a great staple gun saves not only your time but also your money. You can work more time using it for your soffits, and you will feel less tired. Therefore, purchasing the best staple gun for soffit is mandatory.

You need to buy the exact staple gun for making a good finish of the project. It’s recommended to consider the upper written points before buying the staple gun. Choosing the appropriate staple gun will protect your soffit from any kind of unwanted defect.

However, staple gun prices usually range between 30$-300$. You will get lots of companies’ products in the market places. Your prime responsibility is to choose the staple gun depending on your budget, comfort of hands, and working efficiency.