Can I use 3in1 oil in my nail gun?

Maintaining the performance of a nail gun is difficult unless you oil it regularly. From jamming to getting rusty- anything is possible without proper oil usage. The 3-IN-ONE oil is one of the most popular oils for instrumental purposes. Hence, you may have confusion- “can i use 3in1 oil in my nail gun?”. 

Yes, for receiving an incredible performance from your nailer, lightweight non-detergent oil is essential. The 3-IN-ONE oil is a special blend of high-grade oil and so, it’s okay to use the oil in the nail gun. Along with preventing rust attacks, this oil works as a coolant in the nail gun.

You can use various types of oils that come with low viscosity. Oiling your nail gun is routine work as well as requires a proper working procedure. You can select the suitable oil for your nail gun after going through their brief review from here. 

Can i use 3in1 oil in my nail gun?

Using 3-IN-ONE oil in your nail gun is highly beneficial for your nail gun. To remove moisture from your pneumatic tools like a nail gun, 3-IN-ONE oil is a great option. Let’s get introduced to some of the advantages of 3-IN-ONE oil. 

Improved tool performance

After applying 3-IN-ONE oil to your nail gun, the internal friction gets reduced. The easy movement of the parts is ensured and the tool responds faster. You can easily distinguish between the performance of an oiled nailer and a general nailer. The faster starting, as well as smooth running, can easily be noticed in the oiled nail gun. 

Minimized rust formulation

By removing calcium build-up and moisture from the nail gun, 3-IN-ONE oil protects it from rust attack. Rust can easily grow in the presence of moisture and so, this oil is determined on its duty. Its special moisture demotion formula rapidly works in any kind of pneumatic tool.

Extend longevity

The longevity depends on the maintenance of the nail gun. And, applying oil to your nail gun is an inevitable part of this action. This oil decreases the corrosion of metals and extends the nailer’s lifespan.

Versatile implements

The users don’t need to purchase any additional cleaner and lubricant when they have 3-IN-ONE oil. This oil lubricates, cleans, and protects the nail gun at a time. 

What type of oil is suitable for a nail gun?

For pneumatic nail guns, using 3-IN-ONE oil is completely okay. But, you should use individual oils when it’s the matter of individual types of nail guns. Now, you’ll get introduced to various types of oils for various nail guns.

Low viscosity hydraulic oil

When the temperature is low, hydraulic oil shows low viscosity. This characteristic helps to ensure the fluency of fluid flowing inside the instrument. The lower density of this oil ensures that the oil reaches the subtle corners of the nail gun. You don’t need to think about its coagulation when working in a cold environment. From preventing rust to withstanding sealant materials- everything can be handled by hydraulic oil. 

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

You can use ATF as a versatile oil to keep the nail gun parts away from any deposits. This oil is highly effective against any kind of breakdown of the mechanical parts. It comes with anti-wear agents, detergents, and many more additives. So, cleaning of the deposits is done with super perfection. Moreover, this oil can reduce friction as well as rust precisely. 

Synthetic oil (Engine oil)

If you want an oil to perform in various temperatures, then synthetic oil could be a wise pick. This oil doesn’t create any negative impact on the compressor of the nail gun. After applying this oil, the smooth functioning can be noticed within a while. However, you need to maintain a different weight of this oil when dealing with different temperatures. 

How to use 3-IN-ONE oil in my nail gun?

So, you’ve asked- can I use 3-IN-ONE oil in my nail gun? The answer is positive and here you get a proper guideline on its using process. 

Step:1- Detach the power source

  • Detach the power cord from the outlet. If it’s a battery-operated nailer, turn its switch off. 
  • You need to turn off the air tool and release pressure for pneumatic nailers. 

Step:2- Remove the nails

  • For safety issues, you should remove the nails from your nail gun. Simply remove the magazine from the nailer to perform this step. 

Step:3- Apply the oil

  • Place the nail gun in the upright position on a suitable surface first.
  • Now, start applying drops of the oil to the critical parts. Hold the nailer with one hand and use another hand to apply the oil. 

Step:4- Check your nail gun 

  • The last move is checking your nail gun performance. Power up your nail gun and press the trigger. It’ll spread the oil in all possible parts of the nailer. 
  • The last check should be done before closing this session. If you haven’t applied sufficient oil in any part, then apply it there. 

If you want to know the details about how to oil your nail gun with any kind of oil, check out the guide.

What happens if you don’t oil a nail gun?

Let’s look at some facts that can help you understand the necessity of oiling your nail gun. 

  • The subtle parts of your nail gun will be affected by rust. It’ll lead the nail gun to a downgrade performance.
  • During work time, the nail gun may get jammed. Oiling your nail gun can eliminate this problem most of the time. 
  • Your nail gun may face corrosion if you don’t oil it regularly. The internal frictions won’t be reduced without using a lubricant. As a result, the nail gun leads to destruction.
  • The cleaning of deposits won’t be ensured if you don’t apply the oil in the nail gun. 

Best oil for nail gun

Having the best oil for the best nail gun is highly important. This section represents a short review of top-quality nail gun oil. 


Bostitch has brought this pneumatic tool oil with 0.12 liters liquid volume. Nail gun users can rely on this oil even in rough weather. The low viscosity and low density make it appreciable.

Its industrial-strength build ensures the high performance of the nail gun after a few moments of application. Besides, the critical parts of the nailer will stay away from rust and corrosion for a long time.

Senco PC0101 1/2 Pint Lube Senco Pneumatic

This USA-produced pneumatic nailer oil is highly effective in cold weather. It reaches the toughest parts of the nailer. Then, it cleans the area and does some instant reactions to remove rust.

The moveable parts of the nailer won’t produce excessive frictions after applying it. Hence, the internal parts of the nail gun don’t face serious decay while nailing. Reducing wear/tear of the nailer is possible with this high-quality oil.

3-IN-ONE – 120049 Professional Grade Pneumatic Tool Oil

3-IN-ONE oil comes with a bottle of 4 fluid ounces liquid volume. Its flash point is 302-degrees Fahrenheit and so, you can rely on it. Its waterproof engineered manufacture ensures the minimum rust formation after applying in the nailer. 

It’s easy to use and can be stored for future use. By removing calcium buildup and moisture, this oil extends the nailer’s life. Due to its high dissolving power, it can deal with sludges easily. 


Here you know some common questions and the answers related to nail gun oil. 

What kind of oil can I use in my nail gun?

Lubricating oil with low viscosity perfectly goes with your nail gun. The oils which can disintegrate the o-ring or cause combustion aren’t suitable for the nail gun. Along with 3-IN-ONE oil, you can pick ATF oil or synthetic engine oil for this purpose. 

Can WD40 be used as air tool oil?

WD40 is mainly used as a cleaner rather than as a lubricant. All the pneumatic nailers require oil with low viscosity and better lubricating performance. You can’t receive your desired performance from WD40 except for the perfect cleaning of the nailer. So, you should avoid it.

Do nail guns need oil?

Nail guns can be operated without oil. But, to get better performance, lubricating oil is mandatory. From preventing internal corrosion to accelerating the performance- everything is the oil’s credit. You can perform any nailing activity without jamming if you apply oil to the nail gun regularly. 

Time to wrap up now

Your question- “can I use 3-IN-ONE oil in my nail gun” must have got the precise answer. Using 3-IN-ONE oil isn’t prohibited as it comes with all the useful ingredients for a nail gun. It can increase the pneumatic tool’s performance as well as longevity.

Instead of using 3-IN-ONE oil, it’s not prohibited to go for an alternative option. Hence, you can rely on one of the recommended products here for getting an improved result. Whatever your pick is, try to apply the oil in the right manner. 

However, the benefits of using lubricating oil in your nail gun can’t be denied. If you don’t want to lose your nail gun before its lifetime, then take care of it regularly. By following our depicted method, you can easily oil your nail gun.