9 Best 21 Degree Framing Nailer for Perfect Framing Experience

Framing nailers are one of the most familiar types in the nailing world. But it comes with different variations. That’s why finding the best unit between various species is highly troublesome.

Are you eager to find the best 21 degree framing nailer for your project? Then start by understanding their specifications.

A good framing nailer should come with enchanting build quality and ease of use. Along with this, the nailer should be full of advanced features. Checking the magazine capacity, operating pressure, and safety measures is the utmost priority.

Before purchasing, determine your project type and relate it with the features of each nailer. Then, decide which cons you’re ready to accept. Finally, you should check the customer service policy and go for that nailer.

Best Bang For The Buck

NuMax SFR2190

Best Cordless

DEWALT Cordless

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What is a 21 degree framing nailer used for?

A 21-degree framing nailer is one of the most versatile framing nailers. It has a vast area of application including

  • Heavyweight construction project
  • Framing
  • Siding
  • Decking
  • Structural remodeling

The 9 Best 21 degree framing nailer for you

Among huge 21 degree framing nailer models, it was never easy to select the top 7. However, after deep research, here you know about the top 7 21 degree framing nailer reviews.

Metabo 21 Degree Framing Nailer

This 21 degree framing nailer of Metabo is popular for ease of maneuverability. Also, its optimized weight balance of 7.5 lbs ensures the minimum user fatigue. It uses plastic collated framing nails of 2″ to 3-½” size. That’s why you can perform versatile works using this nailer.

To countersink nails in the correct depth into a material, its depth adjustment feature nicely helps. If you need to fire nails rapidly, you can shift to the bump firing mode. Its selective actuation allows the user to shift between sequential and contact nailing easily.

This nailer also comes with a magazine loading system located at the nailer’s rear part. The magazine holds up to 64 nails. As it has 70-120 psi operating pressure, it can drive nails proficiently.

It supports two-step nail loading to reduce downtime. Beginners can even cope with its easy fastener replenishment without any complexity. Due to its adorable handle grip, it stays in your palm without slipping.

Moreover, the manufacturer has added safety glasses as extra accessories with this nailer.

Clearing the jammed nails is much easier in this nailer than in other competitive models. There is an open nose system to extract jammed nails quickly. That’s why you can save your time while framing or flooring with this nailer.

This nailer has an award of pro preferred nailer by builder and developer magazine. So you can imagine the quality of it easily.

Its new head guard design ensures instant disassembly of the tool. For this reason, taking the maintenance of this nailer isn’t difficult at all.


  • Selective actuation mode allows switching to the desired mode easily
  • Lightweight build increases the ease of transport
  • Tool-less depth adjustment feature allows precise countersink of nails
  • The new head guard design makes maintenance easy
  • The airpower source provides sufficient operating pressure in nailing


  • No dry fire lockout system to prevent misfiring
  • Build quality could be a little bit improved

NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

NuMax SFR2190 21 degree framing nailer is a great tool for framing, subflooring, and decking. This nailer is manufactured with magnesium and heat-treated steel parts, making it one of the best framing nailers in the industry.

Despite its heavy metal build, its weight is only 8.58 pounds. Moreover, its weight balance is incredible. Users don’t even feel fatigued when using this tool for a long time.

The magazine of this nailer can hold 55 nails at a time. The nails are plastic collated full round head nails and range between 2″ to 3.5″. As this nailer uses 70-115 psi operating pressure, the nails are driven smoothly on the desired surface.

There is a one-piece drive blade installed in the nailer for increased durability.

Reloading its magazine is all about acquiring the knowledge of pull-back pushers. As a part of safety, it has an anti-dry firing mode and a no-mar pad.

The no-mar pad feature makes it adaptable for various surfaces. You can drive nails without leaving the mark of the nailer on the surface.

To reduce the internal damage, its dry fire lockout system is highly responsible.

You can perform both quick-fire and single-shot using this nailer. That’s why this nailer is a great tool for both home DIY projects and professional construction.

It also comes with a depth adjustment feature that helps countersink nails in the desired depth. When the users face trouble directing air from their faces, its 360-degree air exhaust helps them.

With no-slip teeth, it offers better gripping on the wood floor for secure firing. Its anti-dust cap protects internal parts from being dusty easily. It improves the lifespan of the tool.

Due to the ¼” NPT fitting, you don’t need to be tense about fitting it with the air hose coupler. Its pre-installed fitting saves the user trouble as well as money.

With an ergonomic grip and a durable handle, controlling this nailer isn’t tough at all. This nailer’s anti-vibration comfort grip relieves the user’s hand from being shaken while operating it. Its rubberized surface provides the necessary friction to stay in the hands even if the hands are slippery.


  • Less chance of internal damage for a dry fire lockout feature
  • Interchangeable trigger allows starting bump firing quickly
  • Magnesium construction makes it durable in the long run
  • No-mar tip protects the work surface and the tool
  • Easy function of nail reloading


  • Slightly heavy, problematic for long-distance transport
  • A little nail jamming issue

Makita 21 degree Framing Nailer

This 21 degree framing nailer from Makita is renowned for its faster nail driving speed. With its 70-120 operating air pressure, it can drive 21 degree framing nails with ultimate performance.

It drives plastic collated framing nails of 2″ to 3-½” length and 113 to 148 diameter. That means you can use it for versatile projects.

This corded-electric nailer comes with a lightweight design of 8.3 lbs only. Its build quality is highly optimized and has a great weight balance.

Besides, it has an ergonomic rubberized grip to ensure the highest comfort. The user won’t feel fatigued even after using this nailer for a long period.

Makita 21 degree framing nailer has a solid top-loading magazine. It’s built of high-end aluminum material, and so, it’s durable in the long run. The magazine capacity is 73 nails, which is sufficient and more than others on this list.

Apart from that, this nailer has an air consumption of 4.3 units which will surely save your energy bills.

Makita has added industry style fitting with this nailer. Due to the ¼” NPT intel size, users can easily take care of this nailer. As the air fitting is included, users get relief from extra pain. Moreover, this nailer comes with safety glasses, nailer oil, and a hex wrench as extra items.

You can protect the surface from dry firing using its nail lockout feature. It also saves the nailer from internal damage. There is a rubber bumper with this nailer to protect the tool as well as the surface. You can use its 2-mode selector switch for activating bump firing mode.

The tool-less depth of drive adjustment ensures precise countersink of nails. As it comes with a 3-years limited warranty, customers can receive sufficient support. The front magazine cover ensures productivity with additional nail support.


  • Tool-less nail adjustment feature for more precise flush
  • Selectable firing mode
  • The top-loading magazine makes the nail reloading process easy
  • An ergonomic rubberized grip increases user comfort
  • Heat-treated S7 steel driver blade ensures durability


  • Nail capacity could be a little bit more
  • Certain jamming problem

DEWALT 21 Degree cordless Framing Nailer

If you’re looking for a battery-operated framing nailer, DEWALT 21 degree cordless framing nailer could be your pick. This nailer comes with 18V W power input and 360 W power output. It uses one lithium-ion battery that last more than you expected.

This nailer has a maximum drilling capacity of up to 28 mm through the wood. When it’s a metal surface, the nailer can drill up to 11 mm depth. That’s why you can apply this nailer for framing, decking, sheathing, and many more purposes.

Its magazine holds up to 49 full round head nails of 50mm to 83mm in length.

Sounds low? Well, you cannot expect more from a battery-operated nailer, right?

The weight of this nailer is only 8.5 lbs and distributed evenly throughout the body. You can enjoy a good weight balance to work smoothly.

A dual-speed motor is added with this nailer to drive a wide range of fasteners. For sequential or bump firing, there is a selector switch with this nailer. You can change them when necessary without turning the nailer off.

You’ll get a tool-free depth adjustment feature here for precise nail driving. If the nails are jammed inside, you can easily access the nosepiece to dispose of them. The stall release lever helps to reset the driver blade during jamming.


  • Easy nail jam extraction feature
  • The dual-speed motor ensures fast nailing
  • Nail adjustment feature to countersink nails precisely
  • Extraordinary nailing capacity in the deep depth
  • Adorable grip as well as weight balance


  • Poor nail capacity
  • Certain nail jamming issue

BOSTITCH framing nailer (F21PL) 21 degree

BOSTITCH F21PL 21 degree framing nailer is a great pneumatic framing nailer for versatile purposes.

It fires 21 degree plastic collation-type nails from 2″ to 3-½” in length, suitable for different framing projects. The magazine of this nailer is bottom load type and contains up to 60 nails.

Both sequential and contact firing are possible with this nailer. The user can easily shift to the desired firing mode using the trigger – no need to stop the nailer to change the mode.

This tool runs on 80-120 psi operating pressure. For this reason, the precise countersink of nails to the surface becomes much easier.

There is a 16″ layout indicator on the magazine of this nailer. That’s why understanding the distance between studs isn’t difficult at all. As there are two quick-change nosepieces, you can use this nailer for either framing or metal connector applications.

The handle of this nailer is made of premium quality rubber for a better grip. You can work for a long time without experiencing too much fatigue at all.

Its body comes with lightweight magnesium housing with 8.1 lbs weight and its weight is equally distributed all over its body. So, you won’t regret its build quality after purchasing it. Moreover, there is an adjustable rafter hook to hang the tool securely.

Due to its advanced nail depth adjustment feature, nailing different projects with different nailing depths becomes easier. Performing framing, sheathing,  subflooring and bracing project perfectly is possible with this nailer.


  • A durable magnesium build increases its durability
  • 1050 inch-pounds driving power can win most applicable surfaces
  • Patented push button to adjust the depth of nailing
  • Layout indicator for assuming the right distance between studs
  • Requires minimum time to shift between two firing modes


  • Absence of dry fire lockout
  • Bottom load magazine isn’t user friendly

Freeman PFR2190 21 Degree framing nailer

Freeman 21 degree nailer is another excellent addition to nailer industry.

With its durable magnesium body and heat-treated steel parts, this nailer is a good option if you want something for long term use.

For this heavy build, its weight is 8.6 pounds. Though it has slightly extra weight, its weight balance is appreciable.

Freeman PFR2190 nailer runs on compressed air. From professional contractors to home DIY workers, this nailer is one of everyone’s favorite nailers thanks to its user-friendly design with massive power. It uses 70-115 psi operating pressure to drive nails in the wood which is common.

The accepted nail size of this nailer is 2″ to 3-½” in length. That means from decking to building frames, anything is possible with this nailer.

Its magazine is capable of holding 55 nails at a time. Not too many, right? But it will get the job done easily since long nails require less firing. This nailer has an anti-dry fire lockout feature to prevent empty fires.

Along with framing, decking, and subflooring, pallet assembly and roof decking are possible with this nailer.

The manufacturer has used Teflon O-rings to maintain internal sustainability. Also, it helps to improve the performance of the nailer.

Like other nailer models, it has a dual-mode trigger for using bump and sequential firing mode. A 360-degree adjustable exhaust directs air away from the user’s face. It will make the work experience lot better.

The no-mar safety pad is removable and protects the surface from unwanted damage. 


  • Durable construction ensures longevity
  • Dust cap protects internal parts for a long time
  • Improved internal sustainability
  • Dry fire lockout mechanism for preventing misfiring
  • Included blow-molded storage case for tool’s safety


  • Nail capacity isn’t appreciable
  • A drop in performance was observed after heavy use

MAX USA CORP 21 Degree Framing nailer

You can rely on this nailer just for its enchanting lightweight build. Along with 7 lbs weight, it has a 30% shorter dimension to carry inside the bag. As it has a tangle-free swivel fitting, the chance of potential fall hazards is minimum.

With an open nose, this nailer prevents jamming easily. Another good reason for less jam is that its nose magnet hols the last nail effectively.

Thanks to the end cap filter capturing all debris, it doesn’t require additional maintenance. After disconnecting the air hose, it automatically ejects debris.

For precise countersink of nails, the depth adjustment dial is highly helpful. You can use it without changing the PSI pressure. The fastener size ranges between 2″ to 3-¼,”, and they are full round head stick nails. That means you can use it for versatile projects.

However, this nailer runs between 70-120 psi operating pressure. Sounds familiar, right? Yes, these pressures are easily attainable.

Its magazine holds 64 nails together to prevent less reload. This nailer also has an advanced selective action trigger to switch between modes smoothly. As an extra accessory, safety glasses are added with this nailer.


  • Dial adjustable depth control function
  • A nose magnet reduces nail jamming
  • Capable of delivering sufficient operating pressure
  • An aggressive nose helps in toenailing
  • Cap filter requires zero maintenance


  • Requires using an extra adapter in some regions
  • Compromised build quality, could be better

Paslode 21 Degree Framing Nailer

Unfortunately, this item is not available right now. So what is the alternative? Well, here is one for you.

Milwaukee 21 Degree Framing Nailer Kit

Milwaukee is a popular name in the nailer industry, and this 21 degree model will not disappoint you either.

This Milwaukee Framing Nailer can load 20-22° full round head plastic collated nails. You can use 2” to 3-1/2” long nails with diameters of .113” to .148” to achieve a perfect result every time.

With its Magnesium Housing construction, it can withstand extreme use. You can also expect a long time of use from it.

It also features an easy select trigger and allows you to switch between single to contact actuation mode easily. You can enjoy maximum control with versatility in applications.

Adjusting the depth was never easier. The easy read with a tool-free drive allows easy and fast depth adjustment without resetting the air pressure. It saves your time and effort.

With its self-cleaning air filter, this tool prevents any dust and debris from coming to prolong its lifespan.

What’s more?

Well, this one comes with an adjustable air deflector with muffler directs exhaust. It channels away the dirt from the work area to keep the surface clean.

A reload indicator is also there so that you can reload before firing blanks. Reloading is not that tough as well thanks to the rear-loading magazine with bypass pusher.

Finally, I will strongly suggest you keep this Milwaukee 21 Degree Framing Nailer Kit in your workspace. But where can you keep it?

Well, it comes with an adjustable rafter hook. That means you can hang it in multiple positions to use it anytime you want.


  • Suitable to deliver versatile nails for versatile projects
  • Prevents blank fires and easy to reload
  • Adjustable exhaust to channel the air and dust away
  • Selecting trigger to switch between modes without stopping the nailer
  • Depth adjustment to drive nails in different depths without adjusting the air pressure


  • May jam during the first uses
  • Non-marking boot may fall off easily

How to pick the best 30 degree framing nailer for your projects?

You should check some factors before purchasing the best 21 degree framing nailer. Let’s go through them one by one.

Power source

There are both pneumatic and battery-operated nailers available in the market. The main advantage of a cordless nailer is it has no air compressor. So, less maintenance is okay for this type of nailer. Besides, cordless nailers are highly portable. But, a corded nailer shows the ultimate performance and can be found at a cheaper price.

Magazine type and capacity

Magazine capacity is an important factor as high capacity magazine requires less reloading. There are two types of magazines: coil and stick. Nailers with coil-type magazine costs slightly extra money. This type of magazine holds nails in long and flexible strips.

Jam clearing feature

Unless an effective jam clearance feature is present, you shouldn’t purchase that nailer. The stuck nails inside the nailer can damage the nailer’s internal parts. Some nailer has a tool-free jam release mechanism and they should be the top priority.

Ease of use

Ease of use depends on the build quality, design, and weight balance of a nailer. Always try to purchase a nailer with less weight. The dimension should be convenient to transport. Also, focus on the handle so that you can notice the presence of a rubber grip.

Extra features

Nail reloading indicator, no-mar pad, rafter hook, O-ring, and other extra features should be compromised. But, rear-load magazine design, 360-degree exhaust system, interchangeable trigger, etc. must be in the nailer.

How to use a 21 degree framing nailer

  • Read all the instructions that come with your 21 degree framing nailer before using it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different parts of the nailer.
  • Connect the air compressor to the nailer.
  • Load the nails into the magazine.
  • Place the tip of the nailer against the surface you want to nail.
  • Squeeze the trigger to drive the nail into the surface.
  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all the nails are used.


Some relevant questions about the best 21 degree framing nailers are depicted here.

What degree framing nailer is best?

The “best” tag goes according to personal preference and project type. A 21-degree nailer is versatile for a lot of project types. If your project requires accessing tight spaces, then a 30-degree nailer is a good pick. Any kind of sheathing is possible using a 28-degree nailer.

What is the difference between a 30 degree framing nailer and a 21 degree framing nailer?

The prime difference between the two nailers is their nail capacity. A 21-degree nailer contains a strip of 25 nails. But, a 30-degree nailer’s strip holds around 35 nails. They both have individual applications. A 21-degree nailer can’t deal with the obtuse angle like a 30-degree nailer.
We have a complete guide, you can check it out.

Wrap up

In the world of framing nailers, every manufacturer tries to be the best nail gun manufacturer. They add many necessary and unnecessary features to the nailer. Finding the best 21 degree framing nailer is all upon making the right decision.

All features of a nailer are truly useless for a specific project type. But, if you’re thinking about something versatile, you should go for NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer.

If you need to work in a place where a power outlet is absent, then pick a cordless nailer. DEWALT 21 Degree cordless Framing Nailershould be a good pick in this circumstance. All the nailers mentioned above are good in performance. So, don’t doubt their reliability.

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