Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer for Your Project

Cordless pin nailer can assist you in subtle work like nailing.

But finding the best 23 gauge pin nailer is more subtle work than you think.

The pin nailer, also known as micro pin nailer is habituated to make people glad for framing or flooring projects. Since the pin nailer is engineered as pneumatic powered, they are more accurate & faster than manual.

The problem is about finding the best one. You can easily find many models & this availability may make you confused. To make you right about the selection, we’re here. We will discuss all the details & you can find the best cordless pin nailer for your delicate job. Our true opinion with advanced features of different models will clear your confusion. 

What Is A Pin Nailer?

Straightly, the nailer which uses 23-ga pin nails for nailing is familiar as a pin nailer. For finish projects, finish nailers are completely okay. But, pin nailers are made for more subtle works with maintaining the best quality. Pin nailers are promising assets for subtle finish wood projects.

People try to establish the opinion of using a pin nail as a replacement for a finish nailer. But, pin nailers are more dedicated & beneficial. They are the smallest member of the finish nail gun family. It is named after pin nailer for using small, headless 23-ga pins for nailing.

Comparison Chart

SegmentProduct namePrice
Best 23 gauge pin nailer Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer Check on Amazon
Best battery 23 gauge pin nailer Makita XTP02Z Cordless Pin NailerCheck on Amazon
Best 23-gauge pin nailer 2-inch BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 GaugeCheck on Amazon
Best pneumatic 23 gauge pin nailerPORTER-CABLE Pin NailerCheck on Amazon
Best cordless 23 gauge pin nailer New Ryobi 23 Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer Check on Amazon
Best 23 gauge micro pin nailerMetabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer KitCheck on Amazon

How We Analyze?

We are determined to handle the reviewing process very professionally. We took the help of the internet world. We went through more than 25 top product review results from the internet. By continuous study around two hours a day & comparing different models, we wrote down this analyzing article.

 We care about the buyer’s opinion & our article writer also took it. It took hours after hours to collect user’s opinions from different site’s comment sections. Our writer has evaluated the final decision combining all of the facts. So, our whole review process is very much fine & dependable.

6 Best 23 gauge Pin Nailer

It is difficult to determine the best from huge options. But, we have tried our best. Here, you’ll find a detailed analysis of the 6 best cordless pin nailers.

Best 23 gauge pin nailer – Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer

  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • Part Number: NP35A
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Included Components: No-Mar Tip, Carrying Case, Safety Glasses, 1/4” NPT Male Plug, Hex Bar Wrench
  • Batteries: No
  • Batteries Requirement: Not needed

Dual triggers for safe & accurate departure of nails are one of the well-developed functions of this nailer. As there is a nail adjustment feature, Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer is capable of placing nails in varieties of surfaces with maintaining perfect accuracy. Fast reload & less downtime are another two good points. For best accuracy facts, we recommend it for home purposes.

During the time of nailing, your work surface may get dirty. To avoid this awkward situation, this nailer has a large housing shield.

You should want good jam clearing technology because it is a hassle if your nail gun isn’t clearing nail jam appropriately. You’ll get a removal nose plate to clear the jams regularly.  

Its nail reloads indicator will help you to find if the magazine is out of nails. By getting visual recognition, you can avoid dry firing easily.

The magazine of this nailer automatically adjusts to 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches, 1 inch, 1 3/16 inches, and 1 3/8 inches length of nails. It is good to use the nailer for multi-purposes. You can check our complete review about this Hitachi pin nailer here.

For whom is this product designed?

This product is designed for the person involved with subtle finish projects. Both householders for their household purposes & expert carpenters can nicely perform their work.

Why do we love it?What should improve
Dual trigger ensures the safe departure of nailsBattery should be added for portability
Reload indicator helps to avoid blank firingShould be more dedicated by increasing the durability
No-mar tip saves the work surface
Jam clearing technology is cool
Many sizes of nails for multitasking
Professional nail adjustment technology

Best battery 23 gauge pin nailer : Makita XTP02Z Cordless Pin Nailer

  • Power Type: Cordless
  • Nail Size : 5/8″, 11/16″, ¾”, 1″, 1-3/16″, 1-3/8″ (23 ga.)
  • Maximum Magazine Capacity: 120
  • Battery: 18V Lithium-Ion
  • Dimensions : 10-1/8″ x 3-1/8″ x 8-7/8″
  • Weight (with battery) : 4 lbs
  • Nailer Type: Pin Nailer
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • Included Components: Hex Wrench 3, 2 Nose No-Mar Tip, Belt Clip, Safety Glasses
  • Battery requirement: Yes
  • Battery included: No

This is a cordless pin nailer which is good with some awesome technologies. An anti-dry fire mechanism is present which prevents blank firing and damage to the work surface.

A built-in L.E.D. light light up the work area. It will help while working in low light. Rubber grip provides good friction & you can feel the comfort by holding this nailer. 

It has a 3-stage L.E.D. gauge which will show the battery charge level. An 18-v original Makita-produced battery runs this machine & you have to buy the battery separately.

It has a good design at a reasonable price whereas another best-patented model is the Grex P635 23 Pinner with a big price. Narrow nose design is engineered for allowing the access of nails on confined surfaces. 

Star Protection Computer Control is present to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. It is especially a good feature for long-time battery durability.

If we talk about the magazine, it is capable of holding 120 nails at a time & can grab different sizes of nails. Besides, Its refined firing mechanism reduces recoil & integrated rubber grip helps to give the best holding comfort.

For whom is this product designed?

This is designed for dedicated professional workers. It’s simple to work with this nailer even at night period. Its battery will backup you to perform nailing for a long time. Targeting professionals, this nailer is specially designed.

Why do we love it?What should improve:
Specialized control of overload, over-discharge & overheatShould be more dedicated for exterior trimming works
A good amount of nail capacity for continuous firingShould include the battery as its pricing isn’t low
An anti-dry fire mechanism to protect the work surfaceThe motor could be more efficient
Comfort & handy feel with rubber grip
Luxurious L.E.D light to enlighten the place of work
Presence of rubber bumper to protect work surface from damage
Admirable weight balance

Best 23-gauge pin nailer 2-inch: BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

  • Manufacturer: Bostitch
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Dimensions : 12 x 11.25 x 3 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Included Components: Power Pinners, Automotive Air Tools, Pneumatics
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No

BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge is built targeting its long-lasting. The less weight & the comfort of portability is its plus point.

It is convenient to use with durable aluminum housing. Carpenters can do their trim works outside without any carrying hassle.

Without changing compressor settings, you can change the pin depth. It will help you during fixing the depth adjustment on a surface. For beginners, it can be a little problematic.

This air-powered nailer’s low-profile nosepiece tapers down along the contact point for providing a clear line-of-site. It is helpful during nailing but sounds analog.

The specialized over-molded grip is its good deal breaker which decreases the possibility of slipping from hands to zero. Its magazine has a 19% greater pin capacity which can fire pins a bit longer.

The rear exhaust of this nailer helps to remove nail jams manually. If the machine sounds like it’s nailing but no nails come out, you’ll need to clear the nail jam.

The good news is, the company will provide 500 pieces of different sizes of nails which will help reduce your hassle of purchasing nails for a time.

For whom is this product designed?

Most of the technologies used here are basic which will be easy to operate for experts only. Moreover, experts can use this for heavy-duty due to its awesome build quality.

Why do we love it?What should improve:
Specialized build quality with extreme durabilityAir duster should be included
Good grip for heavy-dutyNail jam cleaning technology is horrible
Dedicated for finish projects and trim work.Should include a no-mar tip to protect the surface
Adjustable pin depth without changing settingsAnti-dry fire technology should be used
Maintaining pressure around 120 Psi
Extended 19% additional pin capacity 

Best pneumatic 23 gauge pin nailer : PORTER-CABLE Pin Nailer

  • Manufacturer: PORTER-CABLE
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 2 x 2.95 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Multi
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Included Components: Case
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No

PORTER-CABLE Pin Nailer is a budget killer for offering some attractive features at a very reasonable price. It has a small nail reload indicator which tells you when you’ll need to reload the magazine.

This product’s motor is powerful enough. The motor utilizes a dual-stack ring function where the outer ring is engineered to minimize internal friction. 

Only 2.2 pounds weighing make it lightweight to carry. This pin nailer uses 23 ga pin nails like other nailers. The company provides 2000 pin nails in the box & it is good enough in quality.

Its side load magazine can hold 130 pin nails which is good in amount. Besides, the tool automatically adjusts for different sizes of nails.

An integrated rubber grip is used here to provide the maximum grip. Its grip will be helpful to carry in the long-distance without slipping from hand.

Moreover, it has a rear exhaust which helps to keep unnecessaries & moisture away from work. The easy nail jam departure of this nailer also extends the machine’s lasting. 

For whom is this product designed?

For those who are experts in carpentry work & looking for a nailer to do trimming jobs, the nailer is for them. Within a convenient budget, this nailer is promising to serve good service with an efficient motor & long-lasting guarantee.

Why do we love it?What should improve
The magazine can hold many nailsNail jam clearing technology should be improved
The motor is designed for heavy useIts noise production problem need to improve
Presence of reloading indicator for indicating low nailsNail depth adjustment functions should be added
An integrated rubber grip protects the machine
The lightweight of this nailer provides a good feel 

Best cordless 23 gauge pin nailer : New Ryobi One+ Cordless Pin Nailer P318

  • Package Dimensions: 10.67 x 9.06 x 3.43 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.47 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shawn
  • Fastener Size: 23 GA 1/2in. To 1 3/8 in. pin nails
  • Battery: Excluded
  • Battery necessity: Yes
  • Charger: Out of the box
  • No mar tip: Yes
  • Battery backup: Up to 3500 nails

Now, we’re going to discuss an underrated cordless nailer of the marketplace in our eyes. New Ryobi One+ Cordless Pin Nailer has a huge battery to give you ultimate backup.

It can drive up to 3500 pin nails per charge. The nail gun is capable of driving ½ inch to 1 ⅜ inch pin nails. It is designed with a double-action trigger which helps you to fire sequentially. 4.47 pounds weighing tags this nailer slightly bulky.

This nailer is dedicated to outside purposes. Moreover, for nighttime work, the company has added an L.E.D with this nail gun. It helps to provide optimal vision for the user.

For increasing user’s comfort, they have added a quality grip. This grip is different from other nailers for providing the highest friction. Besides, it is great to make people feel handy.

The no-mar tip is added with this nailer. For this reason, this nailer won’t do any harm to the nailing surface. When your nail is out of nails, it may fire dry which is dangerous for your nail gun.

Though the company isn’t providing any kind of nail reload indicator, they are providing a lockout feature. This feature will prevent dry fire & help to extend the nailer’s life.

For whom is this product designed?

As it is cordless, it is easy to use in construction projects. Subtle finish projects should be done smoothly by this pin nailer. So, this is specially designed for construction workers along with varieties of carpentry projects.

Why do we love it
What should improve
Battery backup to fire 3500 pin nails per chargeThe company should care about weight
The capability of driving different sizes of nailsA nail reloads indicator should be included
No-mar tip helps to protect the work surfaceNot providing the battery is an injustice
Powerful L.E.D for increasing the visibility
Good lockout feature to prevent dry nails
Adorable gripping

Best 23 gauge micro pin nailer : Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit

  • Manufacturer: Koki Holdings America, Ltd
  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 3.4 x 8.6 inches
  • Style: Metabo HPT NP18DSAL
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 18 Volts (DC)
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Battery: Included
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium-Ion

Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer Kit is the choice for pneumatics 2014 to 2019 per builder & developer magazine. This nailer is capable of accepting 23 gauge pin nails to perform quality nail works.

Different sizes of nails are accepted by this nailer. It has a built-in counterweight which can greatly reduce recoil. Slim nose design helps to nail into the grooves of any trim. 

For providing a professional finish, a tool-less nail depth adjustment feature is included. When your magazine is out of nails, it may perform dry firing.

This nailer is offering you nail lock technology to prevent dry firing because it is a threat to a machine’s long-lasting. Its gripping is average but promising to protect the nailer from sudden falling.

With a 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery, the nailer can fire 3000 nails per charge. The battery is compact & light to carry. It is only 0.6 lbs which is lighter than a conventional battery.

To prevent unexpected downtime, there is a battery indicator. You can find a high-luminance LED light that can help you in night projects. 

For whom is this product designed?

For builders & developers, this pneumatics is a beast. With quality performance & awesome features, this is a deal-breaker.

Why do we love it?What should improve
Slim nose design reduces marring & provides clean finishingThe price range is very high
Recoil reduction technology can decrease user’s hassleIts weight balance is needed to be satisfactory
For a better night view, LED will helpCould be handier
Powerful & lightweight battery to deliver smooth nailing
Anti-dry fire technology

Should You Choose Brad Nailer Or Pin Nailer?

The question is about purpose. We all know that a brad nailer is a more versatile gun. It can be used for any kind of trim project. If your purpose is just to perform trim work, you can go for a brad nailer. It will complete your work, but won’t make your project epic. 

But, if you are a perfectionist, care about the perfection of work, you should move for a pin nailer. Pin nailer is dedicated to tiny trim projects & minimizes wood splitting. It is promising to provide quality work. 

Things to consider while choosing the best 23 gauge pin nailer

Not all good 23 gauge nailer is suitable for your needs. You need to consider some parameters. Here are some parameters you need to consider.

Tool weight

If the nailer is too heavy to carry, you can’t move easily with your nailer. Lightweight nailers should be kept always on the priority list. Lightweight will also reduce fatigue of the hand. 

The tip

The no-mar tip is one of the most important features to have in a nailer. When nailing, your work surface may damage & this feature is determined to protect. 

Dry-fire lockout 

Dry firing causes waste of power. Most importantly, it affects the machine’s battery life. If it sounds like your nailer is firing but the nail isn’t’ coming out, you’re in trouble. Dry-fire lockout prevents this from happening by force stopping the machine.

Sequential firing

This technology is important for professional workers who have to care a lot about time. It serves continuous firing to help your projects finish in time.

Jams cleaning

Nail jam is one of the greatest enemies of a nailer. Jam cleaning technology is significant otherwise your nailer’s performance may get down. 


Cordless battery-powered nailers could be preferred. Air-powered nailers are great but battery-operated nailers are better. You’ll feel the minimum downtime & efficient output.

Why do I need a 23 gauge pin nailer?

We have talked a lot about the features. Now time to talk about the advantages. This will convince & make you understand its necessity.

  1. For any kind of temporary trim fixes, you can get quality service.
  2. As it uses a small size of pin nails, your nailer won’t split the material.
  3. To maintain the beauty of the nailing surface, to decrease the damage, this nailer is perfect.
  4. If you want a mind-blowing power source for working for a long time, a pin nailer is your companion.
  5. For interior purposes, beginners can easily use it because it’s simple to operate. Pro users can also handle this in their way.

How to use a pin nailer 

It’s simple. Let’s describe some easy steps so that you can do your nailing work perfectly.

Step 1: Secure connection

For pneumatics, a secure connection should be ensured. If it runs on battery, no worry. 

Step 2: Load the magazine

Load the nailer’s magazine carefully. Pin nailer is capable of receiving different sizes of nails. So, use the same size of nails at a time. Select the right size depending on your purpose.

Step 3: Test the connection

Test the connection after turning the switch on. If it’s secured, you can move on.

Step 4: Place it carefully

If your nailer functionally seems ok, place the machine on the nailing surface carefully. Remain conscious during the work period.

Step 5: Push the nails

After successfully placing your nailer, push the nails into your expected depth. Congratulations. You’re done.


It’s been a long time since you’re reading about pin nailers. I think you’ve gone through this article with your proper attention. A pin nailer is helpful in many ways as we have pictured above. If it’s all about blameless trim work, a cordless pin nailer is a must.

If you find a good nailer, it may miss some necessary features. Or, it may contain something bad for your work. Moreover, people make some mistakes while using a pin nailer. 

We have shown you how many varieties can be found & among those, it’s tough to select the best cordless pin nailer. Letting you know about the features & the work procedure of a pin nailer was our effort.

Our winner has been declared at Editor’s pick product segment. I think, now you are sure about selecting your desired model. Our quick review section may help you since it contains a summary of the article. Wish you good luck with your trim projects.