5 Best Crown Stapler For Underlayment – For the best experience

Underlayment is a vast field of work and is somewhat sensitive as well. You would require a good quality stapler for doing all sorts of underlayment stapling be it the roofing, or sub-flooring.

You will different varieties of staplers available in the online and local marketplace. The stapler quality not only depends upon the building material but many other features as well. It can be the brand, driving force, actuation mode, magazine capacity, or the compatibility of the stapler.

That is why you must have a clear concept of the best crown stapler for underlayment. Otherwise, you may not receive the expected underlayment quality.

Can I staple underlayment?

Underlayment setup means covering a hard object using some soft materials. An example of an underlayment setting can be the insertion of insulation between the studs of the wall frame.

It is better to staple the underlayment than nailing. Because staples have a stronger holding force for soft materials. Again stapling does not damage the underlayment.

Top 5 best crown staplers for underlayment

Not all available crown staplers are worth spending money on. You have to choose the best one to get your done with satisfaction. Here you will get the top 5 best crown staplers for underlayment being filtered out from a lot.

1. Metabo HPT Finish Stapler- Best Narrow Stapler

Metabo is a descendant of the popular power tool manufacturing company Hitachi. Its finish nailer segment comes with a solid build-up using the lightweight Aluminium metal. This ensures the well-balancing, stability, and durability of the product.

The non-slip rubber made covering around the handlebar ensures a better holding grip. Its only 2.3lbs of weight will allow you to staple conveniently without causing any fatigue for a long time.

You can load narrow crown staples ranging in length from 0.5” up to 1.5”. This variation in the length of the fastener types makes sure you use the best suitable staple for the underlayment project.

Its high capacity magazine can hold upto 130 staples. Hence, you don’t need to reload very often while working at tight spots.

You can easily switch between the single and multiple firing modes just by flipping an actuation switch. This stapler possesses a tool-free depth adjusting mechanism which is useful while switching between the project and material types.

The 360 degree of the exhaust vent ensures to direct away from the burst of air away from your face and body. Its movable swivel makes the movement around the project easy.


  • Ensures fatigue less experience due to lightweight body.
  • The depth of the staples inside the target object can be selected very easily.
  • Easily switchable flip button for actuation selection.
  • No damage is done on the surface due to the no-marring type.
  • The nose has quick and easy access to clear the staple jam.


  • The absence of a belt hook makes climbing tougher.
  • Stocks the staples at low air pressure operation.

2. Bostitch Crown Stapler

Another popular brand in the race of power tools is the Bostitch crown stapler. This brad stapler is made of metal alloy making it durable and lightweight (3lbs).

The integrated rafter hook makes it easier o carry around the project side. You can conveniently select the best suitable depth of stapling just by rotating the dial of depth. Hence, over thrusting damage to the material can be avoided.

It can load 100 standard crown staples of length varying from 0.5” to 1.5” in the Aluminium made magazine. Therefore, frequent reloading will not be required.

You can choose between the sequential and contact mode of firing simply by switching the trigger included in the package.

This tool has an overmolded rubber grip on the handlebar which ensures minimal fatigue while stapling and provides stability. Quick releasing nose type can be used to clear the stick staples from the nose.

Its oil-free design reduces the maintenance cost and oil stains at work. The automated dry fire lockout system detects the lowering of the staple in the magazine. Hence, dry fire can be avoided to minimize piston damage.


  • The rear air burst can be avoided by rotating the exhaust vent very easily
  • The magazine can be loaded very quickly.
  • Very compact and smaller design for quick stapling.
  • The strong pneumatic driving force of the piston for strong holding capacity.
  • An adjustable rafter hook allows carrying the tool in different places.


  • Relatively heavy weight may cause arm fatigue.
  • Low capacity magazine requires frequent reloading

3. DEWALT Cordless stapler- Dewalt Narrow Crown Stapler

If you are looking for a cordless motor operative piston crown stapler then the Dewalt can be the one. It is made of high-density polymer plastic material making it very durable and lightweight as well.

This stapler runs on a 20V powerful brushless motor. Hence, you do not require the hassling of an air compressor, hose, and regular maintenance.

You load its high-capacity magazine with 1/4 inches of narrow crown staples from 1/2 inches to 1-½ inches. This ensures access to multiple types of underlayment projects.

The built-in rafter hook can be used to carry the tool around anywhere very conveniently. It has a quick actuation mode selection switch for multi-purpose stapling.

You have the access to choose the optimum depth of drive by a simple switch and require no external tool. The prebuilt LED lights make the target of stapling visible and ensure accuracy.


  • The non-marring tip makes sure to cause minimal damage to the stapling surface.
  • The battery-operated tool does not require any sort of air compressor or air hose.
  • It can be carried around easily using the rafter hook.
  • Magazine designed to hold multiple types of staples in length.
  • A comfortable rubber handle ensures a good grip.


  • Very heavy in weight that can cause fatigue while working for a long time.
  • The dry firing lockout feature is not available.

4. Milwaukee M18 Fuel  Stapler- Best cordless narrow crown stapler

The Milwaukee M18 is made of High-density plastic for long-term durability. Its magazine is designed to hold 3/8″ – 1-1/2″ length of crown staples which are standard for underlayment installation projects.

This tool is operated by a powerful brush motor that runs on a high-performance Lithium-ion battery. Thus, no hassling of an air compressor or air hose is required at all.

You will get a dual actuation mode integrated with a quick depth auditing switch on the body. It reduces time and energy usage to also makes sure to proceed with multiple projects.

The reduced and compact size allows driving staples in very tight spaces. The built-in rafter hook can be used to move around hanging the tool with the belt.


  • Powerful motor delivers with zero-delay and strong staple drive.
  • Compact design to hold comfortably and work with
  • Fatigueless experience while working for a long time.
  • Causes no damage on the target surface while stapling.
  • Recharges within a very short time for continuous work.


  • Holds a very small amount of staples.
  • The absence of an anti-dry fire lockout mechanism may cause piston damage.

5. ProDriveHD Professional Crown Stapler- Best 1/4 Crown Stapler

The ProdriveHD stapler being made of lightweight aluminum (2.8lbs) provides good grip and less shaking while stapling at the target. You will feel no fatigue while this tool for a long time of work.

It is compatible with loading 18 GA standard staples alongside narrow-crown staples, 7/8″ to 1-9/16″ lengths (22mm to 40mm). Variety in the staple compatibility allows you to multiple types of underlayment projects with different materials.

A long aluminum-made magazine can hold more than 300 staples. Besides, its top-loading system makes it easier to reload in a very short amount of time.

You will get a dual actuation mode of single and bump firing embedded with two different Red and Black triggers. It allows you to quickly switch between the actuation mode without using any sort of tool depending upon the work type.

The multi-directional exhaust system can be used conveniently to change the direction of the back thrust of air while stapling. Using the quick jam release, the staples can be removed in no time.

Its non-marring tip makes sure to keep the underlayment safe from overthrust and damage by the staples.


  • Ergonomic body design with good weight distribution.
  • Takes less time to load staples and remove stuck staples from the tip.
  • Causes no damage to the underlying stapled materials.
  • The swivel air-hose connection makes it easier to move around with.
  • A lightweight design ensures stability and less fatigue.


  • The belt hook is not available
  • No depth adjuster is included in the driving mechanism

Things to consider before buying a narrow crown stapler for underlayment

Here is the guide that will aid you to pick the right one.

Reliability and Durability

Underlayment installation requires working with elevation and tight spots. External impacts can cause physical damage to the tool. That is why Aluminum or Magnesium made housing suits best with crown staplers.

Power Delivery Option

Battery-operated staplers do not require an air compressor or air hose for operation, unlike pneumatic ones. Besides, cordless staplers can be used easily in tight and hard-to-reach spots. That is why it is better to select Battery operated stapler for underlayment projects.

Firing Modes availability

Underlayment installation is sensitive yet lengthy work. It requires both precision and accuracy. For this, you have to choose staplers that come with dual actuation modes of firing. It allows you to complete the work quickly, accurately, and precisely.

Depth Adjuster Option

Underlayment materials such as felt, paper, sponge, etc are very fragile materials. Over-driven staplers can rip these. To avoid this you must get a stapler with a dial in-depth adjuster mechanism. You can control the length of depth inside the target surface while stapling.

Availability of Rafter or Belt Hook

Underlayment installation requires vigorous movement around the project side. It can be hassling to carry the staplers by hand. You can get a stapler with a built-in adjustable rafter hook to get the job done comfortably without causing arm fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check some most common FAQs about the crown staples for underlayment.

What size crown staples for underlayment?

You have to use ¼ inches of narrow crown staples of standard 18 GA with lengths varying from ½” to 1-½”. Again crown staples of  ¾” can also be used depending upon the project.

What screws should I use for underlayment?

For better and permanent internal sub-flooring underlayment, you can use screws with lengths in the range of ¾” to 3”.

Do I need special tape for underlayment?

To keep the underlayment materials temporary on the frame or floor, you can use an adhesive glue or common duct tape. You do not require a special type of tape unless you use a good quality highly adhesive-based duct tape for underlayment.

Time to wrap up

For new users or contractors, it can be confusing to choose the best crown stapler from the marketplace.  It is an important decision to choose a good crown stapler. It will be used to support and install the underlayment materials all over the house.

That is why you must know in-depth about the best crown stapler for underlayment. There are several factors to be considered while making a pick of the crown stapler.

If you want a low-budget stapler then the Pneumatic Metabo Hpt stapler could be a good choice. On the contrary, if budget is not a problem then the Bostitch or Dewalt cordless staplers will get the job done comfortably.

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