Best Finish Nailer For Exterior Trim projects

Finish nailers are dominant pieces of tools for high-quality exterior trim works in different wood projects. Whether you are remodeling your own house, building short projects in the workshop, or doing small carpeting-related works. It is mandatory to get the best finish nailer for exterior trim works to maintain the quality of the work. 

There are a lot of variations of the finish nailers. These are based upon the fastener types and the source of power. One nail gun does not fit with all of the trim works. Because there is a wide range of applications in exterior trims. 

You won’t get the expected result and quality in your work if you fail to pick the required nailer. Let’s know in-depth about a good finish nailer required for exterior trims. 

What Kind Of Nailer For Exterior Trim?

Choosing a nailer for exterior trim depends upon the thickness of the boards and target panels. Finish nailers work best for quality and durable exterior trims. They can shoot a wide range of nails such as 15 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, and 23 gauge pin nails. Some finish nailers are even compatible with more than one fastener type. 

7 Best Finish Nailer For Exterior Trim

In this section, we shall look deeper into the 7 best finish nailers of the market. 

Metabo HPT NT65M2S 16 Gauge Finish Nailer For Trim

Metabo is a worldwide famous name for developing premium-grade power tools and home and industrial construction. Renamed from Hitachi but sustains the original quality and brand value of Hitachi Power tools. 

The Metabo comes with a body dimension of 11-5/8″x2-27/32″x10-7/8″. This makes it a slick and slim tool for you. 

Its body is built up with Aluminium alloy housing making it a tough and durable tool with a longer lifespan. Besides, it also makes the tool weigh only 3.7lbs which is very useful for long shifts.

This tool possesses a straight magazine with 100 nail capacity for reducing the overall work time. Again, the top-loading system also helps to reduce the reloading time.

You can load 1″- 2-1/2″ of 16GA Finish nails. This supports a lot of exterior trim works due to the short head and diameter of the nail.  

This pneumatic tool ensures the maximum driving force to the nails operable at 70-120PSI air pressure. Its tool-less dial type depth adjustment feature can be used to select the best-suited depth of nails. 

You can select either sequential or bump mode of firing for getting a better efficiency and perfection in the trim work. 

The over-molded rubber grip gives you fatigue less experience after holding for a while. Its 360 degrees fully adjustable exhaust vent can be rotated to direct away from the exhaust. 

This tool’s built-in duster button is useful to clean up the internal from debris. It also has a replaceable non-marring soft tip for spotless nailing. 

What we likeWhat could be better
Compact and ergonomic designNo safety lock was installed.
Slim and comfortable gripAnti-dry fire lockout technology is absent
Lightweight body
Cleans the internal itself
Wide range of nail compatibility

DEWALT DWFP72155 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

The well-known power tool manufacturing Dewalt comes with a high-grade 15G finish nailer. Being a pneumatic nailer its body dimension of only 12.1×12.8×3.8” makes it a relatively compact tool.

It comes with a complete metal alloy housing that ensures the tool’s high durability and endurance. The metal housing with a spacious air chamber reduces its weight to only 4.2lbs. This means you can easily work it for a long time without facing any trouble or pain. 

You can load the specified 15 Gauge finish nails with a variable 1-¼” to 2-½” of length. It allows you to work conveniently on many trim works such as exterior trim, baseboards, crown molding, etc. 

The air-powered technology confirms the maximum driving force on every nail you shoot. You can use any easily available air compressor as it is compatible with 70-120PSI of air pressure. 

This tool’s simple dial system of depth adjuster allows you to select the best depth for a nail you shoot. 

Besides, the dual actuation mode which is easily switchable can be used for precise and accurate exterior trim work. 

Its handle has been over-molded with non-slip rubber to give you a firm grip and perfect nailing on the target. Besides, it also has an integrated air filter for self-cleaning the inner debris. You need not clean the tool now and often.

Coming to the magazine, it can receive 100 nails with a 34-degree angle of collation. This means you can shoot nails in extremely tight spots effortlessly. You can take the tool along with you easily using the built-in adjustable rafter hook. 

The non-marring soft tip leaves no mark of impact on the trim surface. The nose of this tool has tool-free access for easy and quick clearing of the jammed nails. 

What we likeWhat could be better
Comfortable to hold for a long timeAir hose creates hassle.
Very lightweightDry fire lockout is absent
Requires no cleaning after usage
Multipurpose usage
Able to shoot nails in tight spots

Paslode – 902400 16 Gauge Angled Cordless Finish Nailer

The Paslode 902400 is a heavy-duty yet compact and very portable finish nailer designed for most of the trim works. Electric motorized, cordless feature makes it a very small-sized tool with a body dimension of only 12×11.25×3.5”

Its body has a strong plastic construction which makes it an averagely strong and very lightweight tool. This tool weighs only 4.5lbs(including battery) making it an easily handleable tool for trim works. 

This tool’s magazine is designed to hold 16GA, 20 degrees collated nails with 1-1/4″- 2-1/2″ lengths. It makes the tool available for most of the exterior or interior trim works. 

The Paslode 902400 is a battery-generated tool with a fuel-powered piston. You will get the driving force equivalent to a pneumatic one without the usage of any air compressor. Moreover, the maneuverability increases exponentially with such a design. 

Besides, it comes with a tool-free depth of drive adjustment system allowing you to perfectly finish the trims. The built-in swivel rafter hook helps you move freely and easily. 

Its tip is designed surface-friendly with soft and no-mar tips. You will notice no spot of the nail tool’s teeth impact on the surface. 

The magazine can hold up to 100 nails (2 strips) for nonstop nailing. Moreover, a 20-degree angle magazine helps it to reach the toughest corners and edges. 

You will get 12000 shots due to the 7V Li-ion battery with an additional rapid charging feature. It means within 2 min of quick charge you will be ensured to get 200 shots of nailing. 

What we likeWhat could be better
Small and portable size.Requires changing of battery.
No hassle of air hose/gas cartridge.Not compatible with nails of other brands.
Easily movable.
Easy to set up in minimum time.
Powerful battery backup

Bostitch BTFP72155 Finish Nailer

The Bostitch BTFP72155 is designed to give you good holding, powerful drive, and swift maneuverability. Exterior trim works require nailing in very confined spaces of corners and edges. The 12.1×12.8×3.8” of body dimension of the Bostitch Finish nailer makes it worthy for such tight trim nailing. 

Its lightweight metal alloy housing enables it to sustain heavy loads due to increased endurance. Besides, only 4.2lbs of weight will help you maneuver it around quite easily and effortlessly. 

The most suitable fastener for exterior trim, which is the 15GA nail can be loaded in this nailer. Moreover, the nails can be of any length between 1-¼ to 2-½”. This gives you an ample amount of flexibility for nailing. 

Its quick and tool-free depth adjustment feature will enable you to manually select the demanded depth of nail inside the base. Along with that, the quick selectability in between actuation modes gives you the flexibility of nailing with accuracy and precision.

You can work without feeling and palm or arm fatigue due to its soft rubberized bar. handle Besides, it gives you a firm and non-slip grip for perfect nailing. 

This nail gun is air-powered ensuring the maximum driving force for a high grade and strong nailing. Moreover, it is operable anywhere in between 70-120PSI of air pressure which means any air compressor can be installed with it. 

The built-in inner air blower keeps the tool free from debris. Therefore you need not waste much time on its maintenance. You will have a smooth and spotless surface after nailing because of its no marring rubber tip. 

You can load 100 nails in the angled magazine of it. Again, the rear loading system reduces the time of reloading and increases efficiency. 

What we likeWhat could be better
Durable bodyBulky size
Lightweight designCannot be moved freely
Less maintenance required
Easily and quickly loads the magazine
Comfortable handle grip

Portercable Angled Finish Nailer

If you are looking for a heavy-duty and very light pneumatic finish nailer, then the porter cable DA250C can be a good pick for exterior trims. This power nailer is made of Aluminum housing which reduces its weight to only 3.8lbs. Therefore, no matter how long your working shift is, you can work with ease. 

The ergonomic and compact design helps it to become easily maneuverable. Besides, a rubber over-molded grip will surely reduce the fatigue after nailing continuously for a while. 

You can load a wide range of 15GA nails having variable lengths between 1” to 2-½”. Most of the softwoods, hardwoods, and oak woods used for exterior trimming can be nailed with this nailer effortlessly.

This tool’s quick depth adjuster integrated with a dial system can be used to determine the perfect depth of the nail. The amount of filling can be reduced by setting up the perfect depth of a nail. 

Only a sequential mode of firing allows you to calmly nail each nail while trimming for better accuracy. Its lock-off switch can be used to prevent accidental firings. You can rotate the rear exhaust vent in 360 degrees to direct the exhaust away from your face or hand. 

Its adjustable belt hook can be used to carry the tool around very conveniently. Moreover, this tool possesses a no-mar rubber nose tip which is removable. This makes sure that the base surface does not get any mark of impact.

The quick and swift latch in the nose ensures easy jam clearing when a nail gets stuck in the nose. 

What we likeWhat could be better
Bigger nail and good holding powerAir-pipe interrupts accurate nailing
Quickly removes the stuck nailContact firing mode is not present
Expandable piston and O-ring life
Easily maneuverable
Strong body construction

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer

Don’t confuse. This is a brad nailer and this one is suitable for exterior trim project. It helps you finish the trim project without splitting.

If you are looking for a compact and portable 18GA nailer then the Ryobi P320 would be a good pick. It possesses a portable size of 10 x 3 x 7 inches making it suitable for tight spot nailing.

Made of completely high-density plastic(HDP) provides it a strong casing with a lightweight feature. However, the 6lbs weight (including battery) is decent for long shifts of exterior trim works. 

This tool is compatible with 18GA brad nails of ⅝” to 2” length which is ideal for common trim and repairing works. It is powered by an 18V One+ P108 4Ah High Capacity Li-ion battery which ensures 1700 shots of nailing per charge. Therefore, consistent and powerful nailing without any hassle of hose, gas cartridge, or electric cord can be confirmed.

It has a depth adjuster dial located upfront for easily selecting the depth of nails to be penetrated inside the base. This ensures quality trimming and nullifies the amount of filling. 

The easily switchable sequential and contact mode of firing gives you the authority to shoot nails in different types of trim works. Besides, the built-in anti-dry fire lockout system prevents dry fire when the magazine gets empty. It elongates the lifespan of the motor of the tool. 

However, you do not need any external tool for opening the nose and clearing stuck nails. Because the quick latch on the nose can be opened easily to remove the nails. 

You will be warned about the battery life or low nail count inside the magazine with a flashing light. Its soft and wide non-marring tip reduces the chance of damage on the surface.

What we LikeWhat could be better
Easy to clean nail jamHeavy because of battery
Good maneuverabilityNo trigger lock-off system.
Strong nail driving force.
Compatible with variable batteries.
Reduces piston degradation caused by dry fire.

Milwaukee Cordless Finish Nailer

Milwaukee produces some high-quality and heavy-duty fueled and cordless nailers. It produces portable and compact-sized nailers with a clear line of sight for accurate nailing. 

The M18 Finish nailer from Milwaukee is relatively smaller compared to other cordless nailers. Its size is only 10.2×11.99×3.3” making it a highly maneuverable nailer on the worksite.

This finish nailer has a weight of only 6.3lbs. It will reduce the discomfort while holding and working long shifts. Besides, the housing of this tool is made of high-density plastic. This makes it a decently strong and lightweight tool for all working conditions. 

It is designed to hold 18 Gauge finish nails with lengths varying from ⅝” to 2-⅛”. This allows you to perfectly penetrate small trim projects with the negligible requirement of filling.  

You can work with it without any hassle of air-compressors or air-houses. Because this finish nailer is Li-ion Battery powered compatible with an 18V brushless motor. You can use batteries from 2ah to 12ah for good and long-lasting lasting performance. 

The Powerstate™ brushless motor is installed to deliver high driving force to the nails. It has a longer lifespan than conventional brushed motors. Therefore, you need not worry about motor maintenance. 

It comes with a built-in depth adjuster. You can use it to determine the perfect depth of nail penetration required for your trim work. Moreover, you can do it without using any kind of external tool.

You can select the contact firing mode for accurate nailing in your panels. Again, you can also select the bump fire mode for continuous firing precisely and wrap up the work in no time. 

This tool has a pistol grip with a rubberized handle. It is designed in an ergonomic way to give you a fatigue-less nailing experience for a long time. You will get 3 additional interchangeable non-marring tips for spotless nailing. 

The tool-less jam clearing technology reduces the hassle of clearing stuck nails from the nose. Its anti-dry fire lockout system can be used to avoid dry fires and change the nail cartridge quickly. 

You can load 110 strip nails at the 0-degree angle of the collation-based magazine. This will enhance your work time. The reversible belt hook gives you the authority to move freely with the tool on the worksite.

What we likeWhat could be better
Good maneuverability.Slightly overweight
Powerful driving force.Very expensive
Does not require maintenance 
Less fatigue experience
Very little setup time

Things You Need To Look For In The Best Finish Nailer

There are certain points to be checked before picking up a finish nailer for Exterior trims. 

Inspect The Buildup Quality

A good finish nailer must have a non-malleable and strong body construction. For this, metal or metal alloy-made nailers possess the highest endurance and durability. Plastic-made nailers are lightweight but can be fragile during heavy nailing work. 

Check Out The Compatibility Of The Nail

There are many exterior trim works such as shoe or crown molding, edges of windows, doors, roof, or stairs. Each requires a specific type of nails among 15ga, 16ga, 18ga, or 23ga pin nails. You must check the exact nail type and length a nailer can hold before buying. 

Availability Of Depth Adjuster

The depth adjusting feature is very important for finishing work. Along with the perfect nailing it also determines the required amount of filling to be applied after nailing. 

Examine If Dual Actuation Mode Is Available

Sequential and contact firing have their advantages. Finishing works require both types of actuation modes for trimming. Therefore it would be better if a finish nailer has easily switchable firing modes.

Know If Non-marring Tip Is Available

Exterior Trim works need smooth texture and perfection. For this the non-marring soft rubber pads are mandatory. Make sure the nose tip has a replaceable non-marring tip. 


Let us acknowledge some common questions regarding a finish nailer for exterior trim. 

Can I use a finish nailer for exterior trim?

You can use a finish nailer for conducting exterior trim. From different  15 ga, 16 ga and 18ga brad nailers you can pick the best-suited one for your project. However, you also choose from pneumatic, corded, or cordless nailers. 

What gauge finish nails for a trim?

Generally, 16ga finish nails are best suited for trim works. If you want more holding capacity then a 15ga nail can be a good pick. On the other hand, 18ga brad nails can also do the trim work with minimum impact. 

How do you fasten outdoor trim?

Mostly hot dipped galvanized ring shank 15ga nails are good for outdoor trim works. Smooth shank, 16ga fasteners can get the job done easily. 


Picking up the best finish nailer for exterior trim can be a tricky and delicate choice to make. It is because there are many different finish nailers depending upon the fastener type and fastener length. Moreover, the power source divides the types of finish nailers as well. 

Therefore, judging by the type of exterior trim you want to do, and holding a power capacity you can pick one. Besides, price plays a major role in this case. The price of cordless and battery-operated nailers is much higher than pneumatic ones. But, pneumatic ones have lesser flexibility and maneuverability