5 Best Nail Gun For Hardie Siding – From Fiber Cement to Fasteners

Hardie board siding is quite popular nowadays in the house-building industry. These fiber cement boards are relatively heavy. So, you need the Best Nail Gun For Hardie Siding to shoot nails precisely. It will keep each Hardie plank firmly stuck to the studs.  

Precision and accuracy of a siding nailer are important while installing Hardie boards perfectly. Apart from just the driving power of the siding nailer, you should also consider other features of the tool. 

Moreover, you should note fastener compatibility, depth adjustment, and budget criteria when picking the Nailer For Hardie Siding. Looking deeply into a power tool before buying it is always advantageous.

Best 5 Nailers For Hardie Siding

Judging by the power of the tool, the demand of the project, buyers’ budget, and market value, five best siding nailers have been deliberated below-

Best Nail Gun For Hardie Board – BOSTITCH N66C

Can you use a nail gun on the Hardie board?

Yes, you can when you have the Bostitch coil siding nailer. Bostitch N66C is a nailer specializing in siding works. It is a power tool designed and developed by the renowned construction and industrial tool manufacturing company Bostitch. 

The powerful cylinder valve driving mechanism is strong enough to shoot standard siding nails through Hardie planks. 

You can shoot up to 300, 15-degree wire/plastic collated siding nails of length varying from 1¼” to 2½” and diameter .080-.092”. This makes siding work finish within a short time. 

The tool size is 11 x 5 x 12 inches, making it small and compact to work with comfortably. It has an Aluminum housing which turns the overall weight of the tool to only 4.7 lbs lessening the fatigue. 

You will find the rubberized and ergonomic handle in the tool, which makes work more comfortable while nailing Hardie board siding.

This Hardie board nail gun has a bottom tilt magazine design, ensuring quick reloading. It helps you quickly complete your Hardie projects. A dial-system depth adjuster is present, which you can use to determine the perfect penetration depth. 

You can use the feature of an open jam-clearing mechanism and oil-free design to reduce your maintenance time on the tool. You can also adjust the exhaust to direct the exhaust blow away from your face. 

BOSTITCH N66C is designed specifically for different siding works like wood siding, cement siding, fiber cement siding, etc. But you can also use this Hardie board nailer for small framing, fencing, and window trimming work. Most home users and professional carpenters use it for siding projects.

What we likeWhat should be improved
Preinstalled rafter hook is handy during movement.Time-consuming actuation triggers.
Swivel hose design promotes easy maneuverability.No dry fire lockout mechanism. 
Soft rubber No-mar tip does not damage the board surface.
Safety switches to avoid unwanted firing while switching the actuation trigger.
Very well balanced and ergonomic body design.

Best Nail Gun For Hardie Plank Siding– FREEMAN PCN65 

What kind of nail gun do you use for Hardie plank?

Well, you need something reliable, with higher holding power, and is comfortable to use.

‘Freeman tools’ is an industrial-grade power tool developing company. Freeman PCN65 model is developed as a nailer specifically for tough siding work.

This Pneumatic Coil Siding nail Gun is slightly bulky, having dimensions of 14.63″ x 5.78″ 13.38″ for you to work with. 

But it can receive up to 400, 15-degree wire/plastic collated siding nails of 1¼- 2½” with a diameter of 0.09″ – 0.113″. This feature of holding a vast amount of nails will accelerate your work.

This Hardiplank nail gun is light in weight (5.5 lbs) but rugged because of the Magnesium body and anodized Aluminium cylinder. The rubber-molded ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip and reduced arm fatigue. 

It has a built-in anti-dust cap to keep the tool free from debris. The dry fire lockout system will remind you about the nail reloading time.

There is a depth regulator knob that you can use to determine the penetration depth of the nail without using any tool. You will find a negligible impact mark on the siding plank because of the No-Mar tip feature. 

It has a 360-degree exhaust adjuster to direct away from the air by rotating the exhaust cap. This tool can be operated at 70-110PSI, which complies with most air compressors.

Freeman PCN65 is designed for siding, wall and roof sheathing, and wood fencing works. Both expert woodworkers and home users can use it.

What we likeWhat should be improved
Negligible mark left on the surface.Non-switchable actuation mode compromises precision.
Preinstalled rafter hook makes movement easy.No jam clearing system may damage the tool.
Lightweight reduces fatigue during long shifts.
Easy reloading with the sideway opening of the magazine.
No jam-clearing system may damage the tool.

Best Pneumatic Nail Gun For Hardie Siding- METABO HPT NV65AH2

Hitachi Power Tools is a worldwide famous brand for its power and construction tools. Metabo HPT NV65AH2 is a successor of Hitachi NV65AH2 with no compromise on performance or build quality. 

This Hardie siding nailer tool is capable of holding 300 of both 15 degrees, wire collated (1-1/2″ – 2-1/2″) and plastic collated (1-1/2″ – 2-1/4″) nails. 

You can comfortably work with this compact tool having dimensions of 11-27/64″ x 5-3/64″ x 11-3/16″. Moreover, an Aluminum made body results in only 4.8 lbs of weight which does not bother during long shifts of work.

It has a dual contact and sequential mode, easily chosen with a switch flip, reducing the overall work time. You can quickly pick the perfect penetration depth using a dial system depth adjuster without using any tool. 

An adjustable rear cap directs the exhaust away from your face. It also has a No-mar tip which promotes smooth nailing and reduces surface damage. 

You can perform a quick reload using the tilt-bottom magazine. The tool’s grip is rubber over-molded, ensuring fatigue and less work while nailing Hardie siding.

Metabo HPT NV65AH2 can handle all sorts of siding work, including additional fencing, subflooring, window building, and wall sheathing.

Professionals mostly have used it for its quality and performance for a long time. But home owners can also use it for different small projects and repairs.

What we like What should be improved
Easily maneuverable due to its lightweight design No rafter hook can be installed.
Transparent magazine shows nail status Dry fire lockout is absent.
Plastic shield protects the nails from debris
Clearing nail jamming is straightforward.
Ergonomic design and rubber grip ensure comfortable shooting.

Best Coil Nailer For Hardie Siding – MAX USA CORP CN565S3

‘MAX’ power-tool developing company is famed worldwide for its high-end industrial tools and construction products. They developed a super sider pneumatic nailer CN565S3, especially for heavy siding projects.

Max CN565S3 has an easy-load magazine design that holds up to 400 nails, reducing work time significantly. 

You can flexibly load 15-degree plastic/wire collated nails of length 1-¼ to 2-½” with a diameter range of  .083-.099”. It has a dimension of 11-7/8″x5″x10-7/8″, making the tool very compact.

You will be comfortable working with it because of its lower weight (5.5 lbs) and high-density plastic housing. Moreover, this coil siding nailer has a rubberized and well-balanced ergonomic grip to ensure smooth work without fatigue. 

A toolless depth adjuster feature lets you pick the most useful depth for the studs.

An anti-double fire mechanism is there to avoid accidents, and the self-cleaning filter keeps the interior of the tool debris-free.

You can move around freely due to the swivel hose. This siding air nailer also has a 360-degree exhaust adjuster. It directs away the hot air from the blowout from the rear cap.

Max CN565S3 is designed to perform well on siding projects. It can handle wood siding, and Hardie board siding. These wood fencing, exterior trim, decking, and framing works can also be done.

What we likedWhat should be improved
This tool cleans the internal debris by itself.Bump fire mode compromises precision and accuracy.
Easily maneuverable with the swivel hose attachment.Jam cannot be cleared easily.
Lightweight design makes long shifts of work easy.
The depth of nails on the studs can be adjusted effortlessly.
A safety lock mechanism can avoid dangerous circumstances.

Editor’s Pick Best Nailer For Hardie Siding – Dewalt DW66C-1

Industrial and construction-related tool manufacturing company DEWALT has a wide range of nailers having specific purposes. Dewalt DW66C-1 is one of the best Hardie siding fasteners and is known for quality Hardie siding works.

It can receive 15-degree wire/plastic collated nails of length 1-1/4 to 2-1/2in with a diameter of 0.80 to .092 in. This tool has a sideway load-designed magazine that holds up to 300 nails at a time, promoting fast nailing.

You should feel comfortable working with this tool because of the complete Aluminium housing, which reduces weight to only 4.8 lbs. It has an over-mold rubber grip for increased comfort for your palm.

This tool comes with a dual actuation mode (contact/sequential), which is easily switchable for different purposes. You can conveniently select the perfect depth for penetrating nails to the studs using the tool-less depth adjuster.

Its small size has dimensions of only 11”*10.5”*4.5”, allowing you to work with it for a long time without fatigue. You will find no mark on the nailing spot because of its no-mar tip feature.

Dewalt DW66C-1 specializes in Hardie siding, wood siding, cement siding, along other heavy woodwork. It is compatible with all professional and personal users for small projects and DIYs.

What we likedWhat should be improved
This tool cleans the internal debris by itself. Bump fire mode compromises precision and accuracy.
Easily maneuverable with the swivel hose attachment. Jam cannot be cleared easily.
Lightweight makes long shifts of work easy.
The depth of nails on the studs can be adjusted effortlessly.
A safety lock mechanism can avoid dangerous circumstances.

Things To Look For In a Best Hardie Siding Nailer

Hardie boards are made up of fiber cement, making them tough and heavy. So, the Best Nail Gun For Hardie siding must have a powerful driving force to shoot nails accurately. Besides, you should look for these things for maximum results.

Should you Go for a Cordless Nail gun for Hardie Siding?

Some people look for the best cordless nail gun for Hardie siding. But let me tell you that cordless nailers are not suitable for Hardie siding.

You might not even find a single cordless siding nailer capable of driving nails smoothly on Hardie board. So stay away from cordless siding nailers. Instead, go for a pneumatic one.

Recommended nails for Hardie siding

The corrosion-resistant galvanized or stainless steel nails are commended for Hardie siding boards. Their length should be 7/16 inches to 11/4 inches. So make sure the nailer is compatible with such nails.

No-Mar tip

The siding on the house shows the exterior beauty of a house. The Tooth or claw tip of the nailer leaves an impact mark surrounding the nail. The no-Mar tip feature reduces the surface damage on the siding board and keeps it smooth.

Depth Control

Siding board installation is sensitive work. To keep the plank firmly stuck in the stud, nails should be penetrated at a definite depth. So, siding nailers having toolless depth adjusters will give you both advantages and flexibility during work.

Magazine type

The magazine of a siding nailer can load coil nails of various lengths from 1¼” to 2½”. You shall pick the nailer which can receive nails compatible with your siding project. Moreover, sideway loading type magazines reduce the reloading time.

Exhaust Adjuster

In order to work without any disturbance in an elevated space and tight spaces, it is better to pick a nailer with a 360-degree exhaust director. You can change the direction of the exhaust blow out away from your face.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions related to the Hardie siding nailers? Then have a look at these questions below.

What kind of nails do I use for Hardie siding?

You can use stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized nails for Hardie siding. These nails can hold the Hardie smoothly without damaging the materials. They also deliver a smooth finish.

What size nails do you use for Hardie siding?

The size of the nails for Hardie siding will be 6d, 1 1/2-inch to 2-inch long siding nails. You can pick the right size depending on the depth of your materials. Also, make sure you have the right nail gun for driving that size of nails.
For siding nails (.089-in shank x .221-in HD x 2-in long)
For Roofing nails (.121-in shank x 0.371-in HD x 1-1/4-in L)
For ET&F Panel-fast (0.100-in shank X 0.25-inches HD x 1 1/2-inches long)

Can I use a framing nailer for Hardie siding?

Yes, it is possible to use a framing nailer for Hardie siding if the nails are long enough to hold the materials. However, framing nailers might be heavier to handle.

What kind of nail gun do you use for Hardie plank?

You need a nail gun that offers consistent nailing without jaming. FREEMAN PCN65 can be a good option to choose from for Hardie plank for its durability, small nose, and smooth nailing facility.

Can I use a brad nailer for Hardie siding?

No, you cannot use a brad nailer for Hardie siding. Specialized siding nailers designed for Hardie siding drive nails with 6d width and 1 1/2-inch to 2-inch long. You can use roofing or framing nailers to complete your Hardie projects.

Can you use a roofing nailer for Hardie’s siding

Yes, you can use a roofing nailer for Hardie siding. However, you will not get the result you can get from a Hardie siding nailer.

Can you use a nail gun on the cement board?

Yes, you can use a nail on the cement board. Coil siding nailers are powerful enough to deal with cement boards.


Various major and minor points are considered for selecting the top 5 Best Nail Gun For Hardie Siding. This article will help you to look in-depth at the tools and pick the best one for yourself. 

BOSTITCH N66C is a specialized siding nailer with many additional and handy features like an exhaust adjuster, rafter hook, no-mar tip, and dual-trigger but it is comparatively expensive. On the contrary, FREEMAN PCN65 is relatively cheap and new in the market with the same features required for a Hardie siding.

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