6 Best Nail Gun for Shiplap – Upgrade Your Shiplap Game

Shiplap installation requires quality tools for the best output. A nail gun is one of those tools that can change the game in a different level.

The best nail gun for shiplap could be a brad or finish nailer from any reputed manufacturer.

When it comes to installing shiplap, a nail gun is a handy tool to have. It can make the job much faster and easier, saving you time and effort. However, not all nail guns are created equal, and choosing one that is well-suited for the task at hand is essential.

Top Pick

DEWALT Brad Nailer

Budget Pick

Metabo Brad Nailer

Premium Pick

Porter Cable Brad Nailer

An ideal nailer for shiplap requires efficient motor performance, great nail placement, and a lot of user convenience.

Also, it would be best to consider the portability, pricing, longevity, and other criteria before finalizing a model. Therefore, here you’ll get introduced to several brad nailer models with their marvelous features. 

1.DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

Shiplap projects deserve a superior finish with zero staining. This nailer’s long-life maintenance-free motor keeps the shiplap away from getting stained. 

Top 3 features

  • Free from oiling & regular functional maintenance
  • Easily portable for lightweight design
  • Adhesive nail collation type for reduced reloading

Dewalt  DWFP12231 comes with a long-life maintenance-free, durable motor for ultimate performance. The motor can properly drive 18 gauge nails of ⅝ inches to 2 inches in length. 

With its incredible depth of drive adjustment, users can ensure the proper settings of nail heads. It’s featured with detents that provide the best and proper setting of nail heads.  

The over-mold grip brings a great user experience with the ultimate friction. No chance of sudden fall, no chance of bringing fatigue to your palms. 

With its sequential actuation mode, it can drive 100 nails at every session. This nailer is made of magnesium body, promising a durable lifespan. 

As its weight is only 2.65 pounds, it’s easy to transport. Besides, its optimized weight balance offers great control for nailing at any preferable angle. 

Due to its straight magazine angle & side load feature, reloading nails is just a matter of time. The nail capacity is 100 nails is sufficient for consistent shiplap jobs. 


  • Tool-free thumb wheel depth setting for newbies
  • Tool-free front opening jam clearing for easy nail disposal
  • Incredible weight balance for increased user experience
  • Side load magazine for quick reloading during downtime
  • The carrying case makes transporting easy


  • No dry fire lockout feature is attached
  • Pricing could be compromised

What are people saying about this nailer?

According to user experience, users are fond of its weight balance & useful features. They found severe jamming issues, great controlling & cool performance from this nailer. Most importantly, they appreciated the after-sell service provided by DEWALT. 

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

Well, Dewalt DWFP12231 is exceptional from other nailers in many aspects. You can compare its jam-clearing technology; it’s adorable. The locking mechanism is average but barely misfires more than other budget nailers. 

2. BOSTITCH Brad Nailer Kit

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

Brad nails for shiplap projects need precise countersink of nails and so, it’s featured with smart point nail placement technology. Besides, it controls the depth of driving nails perfectly while joining wood pieces. 

Top 3 features

  • Smart point technology ensures easy nail placement 
  • Dial-A-Depth control provides precise countersinking of nails
  • Selectable actuation mode for versatile jobs

Bostitch is the brand you can rely on to make your shiplap project successful. This nailer is full of charms- great pricing, decent design, and adorable performance.

It’s difficult to find a nailer with appreciating nail placement features at $79 only. Besides, this pneumatic nailer offers you both sequential and contact firing for varieties of shiplap projects.

It accepts 18 gauge brad nails of 2.125″ in size. The nails are preserved in a side-load magazine, and its maximum capacity is 100 nails. 

Its 70-120 PSI operating pressure barely offers you downtime while working. As it’s advertised for oil-free operation, it reduces the risk of oil stains. 

The extra features like air exhaust for directing air away & belt hook for safe archiving are also worth the pricing. 


  • Reduced downtime with its incredible operating pressure
  • Oil-free operation keeps the machine clean
  • High nail capacity ensures working consistency
  • The 360-degree air exhaust provides the highest user protection
  • Great pricing in comparison to its features


  • The dry fire lockout feature is absent
  • Build quality could be slightly improved

What are people saying about this nailer?

Customers are satisfied with every feature except for the false dry fire lockout feature. They especially appreciate its performance in any weather, minimum recoil, and elimination system of nail jamming. 

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

The discussed nailer has a smaller nose compared to current BOSTITCH nailers. You don’t need to compress the contact trip to actuate the tool. It’s super smooth and more accurate than many similar-budget nailers. 

3. NEU MASTER NTC0023 Rechargeable Nail Gun

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

This nailer is your right pick if you’re doing a bulk shiplap job. Yes, it can drive nails with a flawless finish and an excellent charge backup. 

Top 3 features

  • Spiral drive technology for ultimate nailing performance
  • Allows up to 1100 shots in every single charge
  • Overheat & overcharge protection for parts durability

NEU MASTER NTC0023 is one of the best nail gauge for shiplap. It’s not fluff, because it has an advanced impact drive motor to show your shiplap project something new. With its traditional solenoid drive, it can show the ultimate potential during nail driving. 

It comes with a 2.0 Ah battery, allowing you to 1100 nails per charge. Besides, it has the first-ever feature of overheat protection for increased lifespan.

The ETL certification guarantees that its overcharging & overcurrent protection protects its internal parts properly. A 2.4 A fast charger charges the tool just within 1 hour. Don’t you find it amazing?

This 2-in-1 cordless brad nailer has the nail’s point close to the bottom of its magazine. Its staple crown is situated close to the top of its magazine. As a result, you can perform multiple nailing jobs, along with your shiplap jobs. 

Though it’s never appreciated as it comes with a plastic body, it’s not fragile. In addition, this cordless nailer will accelerate your work with 100 nail capacity. 


  • Fast charging facility saves your time
  • Cordless design for transporting anywhere
  • 99% consistency in delivering nails per single charge
  • Great nail capacity reduces downtime
  • Ensures flawless finish for dedicated jobs like shiplap


  • Build quality isn’t convincing
  • Weight balance isn’t pretty cool

What are people saying about this nailer?

People who want a nailer with no bounds are the selector of NEU MASTER NTC 0023. There are no charge backup issues, no nail jam issues, and no misfiring issues. They often like its comfortable grip with its incredible power adjustment feature.

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

This nailer is exceptional because of its performance & charging technology. If you look at similar price-range products, you don’t have its alternative. But, we can’t deny that its plastic build is exceptional and one of its demerits. 

4. Makita AF506 2″ Brad Nailer

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

This nailer can dominate the most critical angles produced by wood pieces. With its cast and machined nose piece, precise contact for shiplap jobs will be confirmed. 

Top 3 features

  • Quick indication of residual nails by a window
  • Precise flush and nail countersinking with toolless depth adjustment
  • Narrow nose design for accessing confined areas

Looking for a nailer with an easy nail jam-clearing feature? Then go for Makita AF506 as its quick-release toolless nose offers quick nail jam removal during shiplap works. 

The aluminum build is proof of its longevity. Due to the aluminum and plastic mixture build, it weighs only 2.9 lbs. 

It’s featured a quick air blower to clean the dust in the work area. The 360-degree adjustable air exhaust directs air away from the user. 

This brad nailer works under 70-120 psi operating pressure, which is sufficient for shiplap jobs. It contains 100 nails at a time, allowing you to work with the shiplap non-stop. 


  • Tool-less design for fast and easy nail extraction
  • The narrow nose design makes accessing the critical corners
  • Quick nail jam removal is possible without any additional tool
  • Cast and machined nose piece for precise contact
  • Non-marring rubber nose prevents unwanted scratches.


  • It’s a heavy tool
  • Build quality isn’t satisfactory

What are people saying about this nailer?

Users of this nailer think it’s highly reliable unless you care about the average build quality. Nail driving performance is good; the nail extraction system is advanced. Its extra features like nail number update, non-marring tip, etc. are also loved by them.

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

It’s an exception from other conventional nailers because of its advanced nail jam-clearing function. Besides, the nailer is unerring to ensure nail countersinking for shiplap. 

5. Metabo HPT Brad Nailer Kit

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

For shiplap jobs, it’s possible to slip the nailer out of hand when joining wood pieces together. Its rubber grip prevents sudden falling correctly. This nailer has a protective build case for carrying it anywhere. So, performing shiplap jobs from anywhere is possible. 

Top 3 features

  • Durable in the long run with a premium aluminum body 
  • Nail indicator for preventing blank drives
  • A protective hard case protects the tool

This nailer is an all-rounder for both square-edge shiplap and nickel-gap shiplap. Metabo HPT brad nailer is one of the best nail gun for accent wall also. With its lightweight, easy all-day-use aluminum-build design, it can nail the most challenging corner. 

It brings a professional finish with its depth adjustment feature. The accepted fastener size is 5/8″ up to 2″ 18-Gauge brad nails. In joining two wood pieces, these nails show good results. 

The selective actuation switch allows the user to select any preferable firing mode. An indicator is also attached to notify the user about low nail condition.

Other secondary features like adjustable exhaust, no-mar tip, dry fire lockout, etc. are worth its pricing. 


  • A durable aluminum body provides the highest longevity
  • Selective actuation trigger allows the versatile performing jobs
  • The nail indicator prevents blank firing
  • Easy jammed nail extraction reduces downtime
  • Dry fire lockout prevents the tool’s internal damage


  • Its rubber bumper doesn’t always remain on the point
  • Pricing is slightly high

What are people saying about this nailer?

This nailer is ideal for lightweight shiplap jobs. So, users are satisfied with tiny shiplap projects. They appreciate its build quality mostly. 

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

Due to its durable body and nail misfiring prevention feature, this nailer is a top pick. If you consider its nail indicator technology with the discussed model here, you can compare it with only Makita brad nailer. 

6. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

How is this nailer suitable for shiplap?

Porter Cable 20v cordless brad nailer is ideal for shiplap because it delivers brad nails of the perfect size in the right place. 

Top 3 features

  • Multiple tool-free settings for user experience
  • Consistent firing with innovative motor design
  • Delivers up to 1300 nails per charge

Porter cable 20 V max cordless nailer is blessed with a powerful Li-ion battery. It can help to drive 1300 nails without any major issues. 

This nailer has only a sequential firing mode to execute any moderate shiplap job. Despite its 5.9 lbs weight, it’ll ensure a decent control and weight balance. 

Users can fire 100 nails continuously with its side load magazine. Besides, they’ll get tool-free jam clearing technology and a no-mar pad for apparatus protection. 

The motor design is convenient to cope with any weather. Multiple tool-free settings like the jam release, stall release lever, and depth adjustment are also its big plus. 


  • Big nail driving capacity maintains consistency of work
  • Tool-free multiple features for ease of use
  • An adorable jam-clearing feature increases the tool’s lifespan
  • Side load magazine for easy nail reloading
  • Decent control for an overall finish.


  • Too much heavy to transport
  • Pricing could be a little bit compromised

What are people saying about this nailer?

Customers are fascinated with this nailer as iy requires less maintenance. No hassle of changing gas cartridges, no hassle of oiling regularly. They also loved that a fast charger is added to the box. 

Why is this nailer exceptional from other nailers?

This nailer is suitable for ultimate nail driving without a single problem. It has severe nail jamming issues in comparison to other nailers. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a Nail Gun for Shiplap?

First, consider some mandatory specifications before getting a good nail gun for shiplap. 

Nail size

Installing shiplap requires using a brad or finish nails for the most efficient output. This type of nail has an adorable holding capacity, forcing wood pieces to adhere to each other. 

Using 15-18 gauge brad or finish nails are encouraged for shiplap projects. The nail size shouldn’t exceed the limit of 1.25″ to 1.75″. 

Pressure requirements

For shiplap installation, the nail gun operating pressure range should range around 70 to 90 PSI. More specifically, this range is ideal for a gas-powered nail gun.

Some nailers have more operating pressure (up to 120 PSI). Those aren’t broadly used, only ideal for dedicated shiplap jobs. 

Brad nailer or finish nailer for shiplap

So, what nails to use for shiplap? It’s just a choice to pick the brad nailer or the finish nailer. Shiplap jobs require at least 70 PSI operating pressure for a decent result. Brad nailer provides this decent amount of force during nailing. On the flip side, a finish nailer brings an excellent finish to the project. 

Depth settings

To adjust the driving depth precisely, this feature is mandatory. It’s essential for large-scale nailing. Besides, it’s beneficial when performing shiplap for a wide area. 

Weight balance

Unless you choose a nailer with optimum weight balance, the nailer can’t be upheld firmly. As a result, the user will feel fatigued; the shiplap job will be hampered. 

You can check the video below for a better understanding.


Let’s discuss some common questions about the best nail guns for shiplap. 

What is the best power source for a nail gun for shiplap?

Battery-powered nailers are the best choice for shiplap projects. They can be transported anywhere, are easy to use, and are almost maintenance-free. Cordless designs are the best, but cordless nailers are great for bulk shiplap jobs. 

Is it better to rent or buy a nail gun for shiplap?

It’s a relative question. If you have to perform shiplap just for once, then purchasing a whole nail gun doesn’t make any sense. But, the best idea is to purchase a nail gun for shiplap and resell it. 

What safety precautions should I take when using a nail gun for shiplap?

Don’t show hurries while driving nails for precise countersinking. Wear safety equipment like gloves and eyewear for your safety. Don’t put too much pressure on the part’s safety.

Can I use a nail gun for the shiplap on the ceiling?

Yes, you can use the nail gun for the shiplap and the ceiling. But roofing nailers show the best potential for doing ceiling jobs. 

Can I use 18 gauge nails for shiplap?

It’s recommended to use 16-gauge or 18-gauge nails for any shiplap project. This nail size is ideal for holding wood pieces together and brings an excellent finish to your job. 

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