The 7 Best Palm Nailer For Joist Hangers

A joist hanger is an important metallic tool that holds the timber joists in place with the ledger board.

No matter you are doing a decking, flooring, and ceiling project, the joist hanger is a must. And to attach the joist and ledger board, the best palm nailer for joist hanger is really important.

Palm nailers are the newest form of nailer in the power tool section. Its small size with a lot of driving power makes it more popular than conventional hammer nailing.  It has easy access to tight spaces with high nailing potential that gets the job done in less time.

Can I use a palm nailer for joist hangers?

You can use a palm nailer for installing joist hangers. It is better and more efficient than the old form of hammer and nail system. Palm nailers possess the compatibility to support the most common type of bulk and nails and longer fastening nails.

Moreover, it has the power delivered from compressed air, an electric motor that drives nails flawlessly in between the joists and lumber. The compact and portable size of a palm nailer makes it an easily maneuverable tool. This tool can easily fit into tight corners and confined spaces, where swinging a hammer with power is not possible.

7 Best Palm Nailers For Joist Hangers

Palm nailers are available in the marketplace with many variants depending upon the fastener compatibility and power source. Top 7 Best Palm Nailers For Joist Hanger Installation will be discussed in this section.

Metabo HPT Palm Nailer Ideal For Joist Hangers & Metal Connectors

Formerly part of the Hitachi group, Koki Holding America has been rebranded with the new name Metabo HPT(Hitachi Power Tools). It possesses the same quality and consistent performance.

Its nose has compatibility for 2-½” to 3-½” length of nails having a diameter .113″ – .162″. This long and broad nail ensures a strong joist placement with the lumber.

This palm nailer has a dimension of only  3.14 x 2.75 x 4.38 inches. It makes the nailer very small and subtle for all types of portable and close-ranged joist hanger nailing activities.

You will have no discomfort due to the over-molded rubber grip on the surface of the Metabo HPT palm nailer. This will allow you to drive nails through the tight spaces of joists for a long time with less fatigue.

It is made up of Aluminium alloy which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. This palm nailer weighs only 1.3lbs ensuring minimized exhaustion while nailing for a long time.

This nailer is an air-powered tool that provides it more endurance than a battery or electricity-operated nailer.

Your palm or face won’t get affected by the exhaust air while driving nails in close range. Because the location of the exhaust lies in the front end making your work easier.

The magnetic nose will keep the nail in place allowing you to drive the nail without any deviation or mistake. Moreover, it may save you from unwanted accidents caused by holding the nail with your fingers.

It comes with a built-in swivel hose for easy maneuverability in between the joist hangers. The ¼” hose inlet allows it to fit with most of the available air compressors. So, if your concern is to get the best palm nailer for joist hanger, this one can be a decent pick for sure.

Drives nails perfectly inside the joists.The velcro strap is not included.
Easily movable in confined spaces.May leak air at low pressure. 
Straightforward nailing.
Saves a lot of time than hammering.
No maintenance is required.

Ridgid Palm Nailer with Metal Housing

Ridgid is a well-known power tool developing company for heavy construction works. This Ridgid Palm Nailer with Metal Housing is one of the best palm nailers for joist hangers for its useful features.

Ridgid Palm Nailer has the nose designed for holding 1-1/2 in-3-1/2in and 4d – 16d bulk nails as well. It provides you with numerous nail selection advantages required for Joist Hanger installation.

The modern Hex Grip Texture allows you to hold the nailer comfortably for a long time. It also reduces the chance of slipping and vibration while driving nails on the Joist Hangers.

This palm nailer comes with a micro-depth adjuster. You can easily choose the required depth of penetration for the joist hanger without using any tools.

Its nose is magnetized for holding the nails. You can conveniently place the nails in tight spaces and drive them using a single arm.

You will get a premium feeling for its Aluminium housing with a zinc-coated top increasing its durability and longevity. This building material also results in low weight (2.9lbs) of the tool causing negligible arm fatigue during long shifts of work.

Its built-in swivel hose will eliminate the hose pipe to cause knots. This allows you to easily move the nailer around sharp corners without any difficulties.

This palm nailer is designed to have a very small and packed structure having dimensions of only ‎4x5X3.5 inches. It provides the nailer affordability to fit in closely packed spaces in between the joists and lumber boards.

Desired nail depth can be assured. Nail angle deviates from the point of placement.
Does not require extra cleaning.Exhaust becomes annoying.
Fits comfortably in between the fingers. 
Lower angled corners can be nailed easily.
No surface damage is seen.

Bostitch Mini Palm Nailer Mini Impact (PN50)

“Bostitch” a renowned heavy-duty tool producing industry releases the PN50 palm nailer for short-time high-quality construction work.

It has the power to drive the most common bulk finish, framing, and timber Nails. You need not buy a separate tool for driving nails using 2-½” standard nail in joist hangers.

This tool is designed as a mini and compact one for driving in most of the hard-to-reach spaces such as ledger board corners and joist hanger placements.

Its exhaust location is in the frontal part of the tool. So you can simply rotate the tool on its axis to direct the blow out away from your palm and face while nailing in a close-range situation.

The Aluminium alloy body construction provides it with high durability. It also makes the tool weigh only 1.4lbs which eliminates arm fatigue during long shifts of nailing.

You can work and move around the working space easily due to the built-in swivel hose. The ¼” standard hose cap allows it to fit with common air compressors.

Its outer covering is molded with rubber which acts as an insulator. This rubberized grip also comforts your palm while driving nails with pressure and eliminates the vibration as well.

Uncomplicated nailing action. Depth adjuster feature is not included. 
Stays stable while nail placement.Nailer nose does not have any magnetism.
Does not damage the surface.
Swift nailing experience.
Tackles rough usage easily.

Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer-Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

As mentioned in the name, the Freeman Palm nailer has a small-scaled size of only 2.75″ x 5″ x 4.38″. It makes the nailer an agile tool to reach tight joist hangers and deck corners easily.

The nose of the Freeman Palm Nailer is made to comply with 6D-16D bulk nails and 2-½” to 3-½” standard nails. You can easily install joist hangers with certified nail lengths following the building code.

Its ergonomically engineered body with a soft rubber padded grip allows you to hold and control without any slippage. This ensures properly placed nails to be driven through the wooden board with the highest power.

The built-in magnetized nose helps you guide the nails in exact positions. You can single-handedly control and drive nails in very closely packed areas in the deck assembling.

You need not worry about maintenance because the internal filter automatically blows out the debris. Moreover, the hose cap keeps away the small dust particles to go inside the hose when not in use.

This pneumatic power nailer can drive nails all day long. You will get your job done in a very short time.

It’s metal alloy making increases its endurance and reduces it to only 1.38lbs. You can go into tight spaces and install joist hangers in every lumber board without feeling any fatigues.

Very suitable for tight edges and corners.No velcro palm strap included. 
Drive nails strongly inside.Depth of nail penetration can not be adjusted. 
Very lightweight
Easily maneuverable
No air leakage at less air pressure. 

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer- Hardened Steel Magnetic Nose

Famous North-American company SENCO has a reputation for building innovative light and heavy-duty power tools for construction works.

The PC0781 model Palm Nailer from SENCO has the capability to receive and drive bulk nails from 2″ to 7″ with optional guide tips. You can select the desired nail according to the building code for joist hanger installation.

It is covered with a soft over-molded rubber pad for providing a comfortable grip and total control over the tool. The anti-slippage feature of the pad allows you to drive nails in stable positions.

You can simply place the nail head inside the nose which gets attracted by the magnet. It helps you to reach in tight spaces and drive nails using only one hand.

The leather strap included allows you to release the excessive pressure required to get a firm grip on the tool. It relieves you from palm fatigue. 

It is made up of low weight metal alloy for strong housing and lower weight(2.4lbs) of the tool. Moreover, this tool has a minimized size of only 122X101X23mm allowing it to get into hard-to-reach corners and edges of Joist Hangers.

People of all professions can easily use it for joist hanger and metal connector installations, repairing work, household nailing work operated by common air compressors.

Can drive both standard and bulk nails.Depth cannot be adjusted
Less fatigue experience Side exhaust can be annoying.
Good fitting in between palms 
Quickly drive nails
Negligible angle of deviation

Dewalt Cordless Joist Hanger Nailer

Dewalt is a popular brand name in terms of producing quality and long-lasting heavy power tools for construction works

Dewalt Palm nailer has a wide nose radius which can receive bulk nails from 6D to 16D and standard nails up to 3-½”. It allows nailing in all sorts of deck construction work such as joist hanger fitting and all-metal connector installation.

The whole Dewalt nailer can be covered in a leather-made pouch with an adjustable strap. It protects the nailer housing from external damages. Moreover, you can strap in the tool with your pam for comfortable nailing work at any angle and position.

This palm nailer possesses a Magnetic tip for easy nail placement. You can drive nails at pinpoint locations very conveniently.

It is a pneumatic power nailer which runs by most of the commonly available air compressors complied with 70 to 100PSI of air pressure.

You can drive nails all day long with minimum fatigue. It is due to the compact size of ‎3.43 x 6.38 x 5.5 inches and the lower weight of 2.65lb of the tool.

Fits in the palm in a stable position.No swivel Hose can be installed.
Does not vibrate much while nailing.Smooth non-rubber type upper layer.
Easily maneuverable in packed space.
Can drive nails in an angled position
No surface marking caused by tip damage.

PORTER-CABLE PN350 Mini Impact Palm Nailer

Porter-Cable is a rising brand and getting popular consistently for bringing variable high-quality power tools in the market.

The Porter-Cable PN350 is designed to place and drive a wide range of 1-1/4″ to 6-1/2″ in nails. You have the authority to choose the best nail required for joist hanger installation and this nailer can drive it.

It is designed to have a small size of 5X4.5” for maximum control while nailing in sharp corners. This tool also possesses a lightweight(2.5lbs) design for good balance nailing in narrow edges.

The frontal exhaust location stops the exhaust from hitting your palm or face while close-range driving nails in different angled positions.

You can place the nails very accurately using the magnetized nose which also releases your second arm from the work.

Its swivel male connector will help you maneuverable in very confined places by limiting the twisting of your air hose.

This palm nailer has a strong firing option of 2300 BPM@100psi. It allows you to quickly drive any length of framing or metal connecting nails in joist hangers and ledger boards.

Can be used for light-heavy nailing projects.Air leakage can be seen at lower operating pressure.
High driving force.No rubber pad is attached to the grip.
Easy to hold and move around.
Less pressure required for driving nails.
Lightweight body.

Things To Look for in the Best Palm Nailer For Joist Hanger

Joist Hanger installation is a tough and quite tactical job during deck building. Following points must be checked before picking the Palm Nailer for Joist Hangers-

Driving Force

Joists and Ledger Boards are very thick and lumbered. That is why a palm nailer must be able to produce 18-20N of force with 2000-2300 BPM hammering. 

Fastener Compatibility

Longer and broader nails are required for installing Joist Hangers. Palm nailers compatible with 6D-16D bulk nails and 2-½” – 3-½” standard nails can be good options for Joist Hangers.


Joist Hangers are placed in very tight spaces where regular nail guns reach. Therefore, a small and compact-sized palm nailer would get the job done.


Installing Joist Hangers in lumber is a long-term project. Palm nailers with heavier weights may result in causing arm fatigue after a long shift of work. The weight of the palm nailer for the joist hanger should be maintained between 1.3-2.4lbs.

Magnetized Nose

Using the hand to hold nails while pushing the palm nailer may cause accidents. Moreover, it is not possible to fit both hands in a very confined place for nailing. That is why a magnetized nose in a palm nailer is a must for quick and accurate nailing.

Rubber Grip

Palms may sweat while working in warm weather and it may cause the nailer to slip from the position of nailing. Rubber padded grip controls the nailer and keeps it balanced giving you a firm grip.

Velcro Adjustable Strap

The strap can attach the nailer with your palm allowing you to release the extra pressure for holding it when not at work.


What kind of nails do you use for joist hangers?

You can use 8D-16D Double Dipped Galvanized nails for joist hangers. You can also use 2-½” to 3-½” nails with ring shanks as a metal connector in joist hangers.

What screws should I use for joist hangers?

SD#10X2-½”, SD#9X2-½”, SDS#10X1-½”, SDS#9X1-½” are the widely used screw types you can use for Joist hangers.

Wrapping up

Joists and ledger boards make the foundation that needs to uphold the enormous weight of the deck. Choosing the best palm nailer for joist hangers can be tricky but it is an important decision to be made. Because not all palm nailers are qualified for driving nailing effectively into the joists.

Within a decent budget, the Ridgid Palm Nailer possesses approved fastener type, driving force, and portability for joist hangers. It can be a good pick at this price range.

If affordability is out of the question then the Metabo HPT Palm Nailer can provide the overall good performance required for installing Joist Hanger installation.