5 Best Palm Nailer- A Complete Guideline

Looking for the best palm nailer for your job?

Well, not all palm nailers can work for all types of jobs. You need a particular palm nailer for particular uses.

metabo palm nailer

Metabo HPT Palm Nailer

For framing

Bostitch palm nailer

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer

For finish nails

senco palm nailer

Senco Palm Nailer

A palm nailer helps you drive nails in confined areas if used properly. It also reduces the pressure on the hand and prevents injuries like Carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are palm nailers used for?

Palm nailers are used for driving nails efficiently. Let’s see more dedicated uses of a palm nailer. 

  • Alternative of the hammer in tight spaces
  • Framing jobs
  • Removing nails from drywall
  • Decking and fencing jobs
  • Pole barn construction
  • Delivering roofing nails
  • Joining metal connector straps
  • Repetitive nailing purposes

5 Best Palm Nailers for Different Jobs

Finding the right palm nailer for your desired job isn’t accessible until you understand their features. Here is a detailed overview of the top 5 palm nailers in the marketplace. 

Best Palm Nailer For Framing- BOSTITCH Palm Nailer

Framing jobs require 3 1/2 inches long nails, called 16-d, or “16-penny” nails to hold the frame.

Bostitch palm nailer mini impact (PN50) can deliver 3-1/2″ hot dipped deck framing nail into a 6″x6″ without any hassle. This is what makes it the best palm nailer for framing.

Due to its 360-degree swivel air fitting, it can access the toughest corner in the framing project. That’s why it’s the best palm nailer specifically for dedicated framing jobs. 

Best Palm Nailer For Framing
Best palm nailer for framing

Users are fascinated with this best mini palm nailer as it delivers framing nails without jamming. Also, it supplies bulk finish and timber nails with the highest perfection. Most importantly, its lightweight of 1 lb offers extra convenience of holding while performing framing jobs.

The using process of the Bostitch palm nailer PN100k is similar to the Bostitch palm nailer PN50. Both nailers use the air compressor, which requires fixing the pressure at 110 pounds. 

Most users got a mind-blowing performance from this best pneumatic palm nailer by regularly using a few drops of oil. Its big plus is the swivel quick disconnect that makes the hose lead to various directions quickly. 

Due to its magnet set up inside the nailer, users didn’t face trouble with the fall of nails. It’s possible to nail a bunch of sheathing in tight-confines blocking in a single afternoon. Just imagine- you’re using a hammer instead of this nailer for driving nails! 

Features and Benefits

  • Almost zero jamming issue
  • Front exhaust system for directing air away
  • The best alternative to typical framing nailers
  • Integrated rubber grip for preventing vibration
  • Exchangeable firing mode
  • Versatile implements
  • Appreciable weight balance

Possible drawbacks

  • Difficult to pound nails between 16-inch center wall studs
  • Noisy compressor
  • Absence of dry fire lockout

Best Palm Nailer For Joist Hangers- Metabo HPT Palm Nailer

For joist hanger, you need 1-1/2-in. galvanized joist hanger nails. Single and double joist hangers require 10-d and 16-d nails periodically.

Metabo HPT palm nailer pneumatic is ideal for joist hangers and metal connectors since it accepts 2-1/2″ – 3-1/2″ bulk nails with 10-d and 16-d diameter. This nailer can deliver both nails, allowing the user to fire nails at obtuse angles. 

Best electric Palm Nailer

This best corded electric palm nailer is one of the best-rated palm nailers suitable for easy maneuverability due to its only 1.3 lbs weight. As it has a 360-degree swivel fitting, it’s great for performing dedicated framing jobs.

Its plastic grip has a problem as it broke after driving around 2000 nails. If the compressor pressure isn’t controlled accordingly, it’ll release air. Another big negative side is it’s not fast enough for framing tasks. 

But, its compact size and access to difficult areas eliminate the limitations. Users are fond of its padded top, which is barely seen in competitors’ nailers. 

Features and Benefits

  • ¼” industrial fitting for dedicated nailing
  • 360-degree swivel fitting allows accessing cramped spaces
  • Magnetic nose for accurate fastener placement
  • Vibration reduction system in grip
  • Brings no fatigue in a long time holding
  • Safety glass added for safety
  • Accepts bulk nails for versatile projects
  • Aluminum alloy body for increasing durability


  • The presence of a battery could be more expedient
  • Unable to deal with longer nails

Best Palm Nailer For Finish Nails- Senco Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Palm nailers can drive finish nails to complete your finishing or framing projects.

PC0781 is the best senco palm nailer for driving finish nails from 5D to 70D. So if you need a palm nailer for 20d nails, this is the one.

Finish nails usually come with 15 or 16-gauge diameters which can easily cope with this palm nailer. This nailer is picked for its faster and easier-finish nail driving facility. 

As it performs finishing jobs, users misunderstand that Senco palm nailer can drive all types of finish nails. This nailer can drive brads or finish nails with more than a 7/16″ head diameter. 

Best Palm Nailer For Finish Nails

Unfortunately, any dedicated depth adjustment feature is absent here. But, consistently recessing nail heads isn’t a problem with this nailer, making it one of the best pneumatic mini palm nailers.

This is also a good palm nailer for large spikes. 

If you’re thinking about underwater dock nailing, leave your thoughts here. This smallest palm nailer isn’t water-proof and can’t maintain exact pressure underwater.

Using this pneumatic nailer to spike 4x4s together is some extra fun. The nailer is promised to worm flawlessly in speedy condition. While dealing with 4″ and 5″ spiral nails, just focus on knots. Otherwise, there is a possibility of bending nails. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Contact actuation trigger for precise firing
  • Compact size, easy to transport
  • Convenient operating pressure for framing
  • Aluminum build for longevity
  • Magnetic tip ensures to keep nails in place
  • Top-grade leather strap for reducing fatigue
  • Comfortable grip with rubber palm pad


  • Slightly overweight
  • Customer service support is limited
  • No bump firing mode

Best Cordless Palm Nailer – Milwaukee Cordless Palm Nailer

Cordless nailers have huge demand in the nailer industry due to transport convenience. Moreover, they’re much more reliable in dedicated jobs like framing for less downtime. Milwaukee Palm nailer is the best cordless palm nailer with tight space accessibility and amazing features. 

Most framing jobs require nails up to 3½” in size. This nailer can deliver nails up to this desired size. So, any kind of framing jobs like decking, fencing, and others are possible with this nailer. The nails are secured in the machine and misfire barely. 

Framing jobs require less downtime and preciseness in work. Its collet capacity ranges from 6D to 16D, so it’s ideal for framing.

Milwaukee cordless palm nailer comes with a powerful M12 Li-ion battery. You can also execute most finishing jobs using this palm nailer cordless, which a traditional nail gun cannot.

This tool makes building decks and mobility ramps go faster. Another big plus is it doesn’t use any compressor and reduces the hassle of extra maintenance. 

After using the tool, you may become fatigued as it’s slightly heavy. Despite this negative aspect, users love it over the Dewalt cordless palm nailer. The Milwaukee nailer is way much better than the Dewalt nailer in case of vibration resistance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 2700 RPM speed for fast nailing
  • Delivers 2.2 ft-lbs blow energy for precise nailing
  • Charge monitoring system for reducing downtime
  • LED light for dark working areas
  • Overload protection system for durability
  • REDLINK intelligence for optimized performance
  • Works nicely up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The trigger lock feature prevents unwanted nailing
  • Easy jam clearing technology
  • Secured hand strap for enhanced grip

Possible Drawbacks

  • Weight balance could be improved
  • The body construction isn’t satisfactory
  • Requires purchasing an extra battery

Best Palm Nailer For Flooring- Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

Flooring requires 1 1/2-inch to 1 3/4-inch nails depending on the floor thickness.

Freeman mini pneumatic palm nailer can do maximum flooring jobs since it can drive 6D-16D nails from 2″ to 4″.

Usually, 8-d nails are used for this purpose which is supported in this palm nailer. Freeman palm nailer can deliver 15 nails per course in a ten by 10 feet room flooring. Therefore, you won’t regret doing flooring jobs with this nailer. 

Along with typical flooring jobs, it’s good with framing jobs like decking and wood fencing. The compact-sized Freeman nailer is highly reliable with its contract-grade performance. Less jamming, high nailing speed- these features define its class. 

When using this heavy-duty palm nailer, fatigue can’t touch you easily due to its ergonomic design. The only reason users can rely on this nailer is its optimized airflow. Due to this feature, users can get enhanced driving power with minimum air consumption. 

Most importantly, its aluminum constriction is more improved than some best-rated palm nailers. As it has heat-treated steel parts, users had almost zero accidents during working.

This is the best palm nailer for hardwood flooring because of its versatility in nail driving. It won’t easily slip from the hand as it comes with a textured rubber grip. Though it’s not the smallest palm nailer, it gives you a feel of mitis while using it. 

Key features and benefits

  • Scratch resistance for powder-coated exterior
  • Ultra-durable steel parts don’t bend easily
  • Reduced weight, only 1.38 pounds
  • Convenient 80-100 psi operating pressure for flooring
  • Accepts nails from 2″ to 4″
  • Magnetic nail holder for securing nail position


  • Requires oiling from time to time
  • Not that fast

How to pick the right palm nailer?

Picking the right palm nailer is all about analyzing the features precisely. Here are several facts you should consider before purchasing a palm nailer. 

The first thing you should look at is the nail size requirement. Different projects require different nail sizes. Make sure your palm nailer can deliver such size nails. Check amazon palm nailer for review.

Unless you have sufficient speed, the nailer won’t drive nails effectively. Most importantly, nail driving speed control is essential when it’s about versatile jobs.

A nailer size, as well as weight balance, is an important factor to consider. If you don’t have a nailer with reduced weight, you can’t hold it for a long time. It’ll be especially difficult without an ergonomic grip. When working for a long time, it can cause musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome

You should also pick a nailer with good brand value. A branded nailer will ensure great after-sale service and parts availability. Also, it’ll reduce your hassle of repairing parts as they’ll use top-grade materials. 

Features to consider for the best palm nailer 

Your palm nailer must come with the following features depicted below. 

First, of all, the nail driving power of a palm nailer should be focused. You’re good with any framing job if it comes with convenient operating pressure. Some palm nailers are battery-operated and come with no compressor. That’s also a big plus when working in critical areas. 

Secondly, look if the nailer has a selectable nail driving function. Otherwise, you can’t perform bump firing when you need to drive more and more nails. A selectable trigger will help you shift to the regular mode whenever possible.

Security features like nail lockout, LED option, etc. should be present in a palm nailer. For protecting the working surface, a no-mar pad is also important. 

As your purpose is to deal with obtuse angles, the 360-degree swivel feature is a must. Magnetic holders also should be included for secured nail placement. 

If the nailer isn’t vibration-reduced, you can’t work with it in the long run. For using it for a long time, make sure you get an aluminum-built nailer. There are several scratch-resistance nailer models which should be prioritized.

A depth adjustment feature is a big plus for the precise countersink of nails. Finally, ensure that your nailer includes an exhaust system and jam clearing technology. 


Here is a common Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) among palm nailer purchasers. 

What size nails are for palm nailers?

Palm nailers are good with common bulk nails in the 4D to 16D range. Their length exists between 1-½” to 3-½”. The fastener width shouldn’t be more than 3.5″. Large framing nails and joist hanger nails of similar size are also widely used here. But, using finish nails in a palm nailer won’t be a pleasant experience.


Palm nailers are ideal for critical corners. They come in small size, durable and ergonomic build. From framing to finishing, any dedicated job can easily be performed with a palm nailer. 

The best palm nailer in the market must include a good weight balance. Also, it must have good nailing performance and zero jamming issues.

In case you’re confused about any two units, go for the brand value and user review. All the models above of palm nailers here are good for different purposes like flooring, joist hanger, framing, and others. 

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