Can I use 30-degree nails in a 34-degree framing nailer?

Yes, you can use 30-degree nails in a 34-degree framing nailer. The magazines of most of the 34-degree nailers are designed in such a way that they can receive nails varying from 30 to 34 degrees of collation angle. Besides, the length and width of 30-degree and 34-degree nails are almost the same – 3-inch by .120-inch (7.62 cm * 0.3048cm).

But you can experience jamming issues while using 30-degree nails in 34-degree nailers if the recommended length and width do not match. So try to use 34-degree nails for 34-degree nailers and 30-degree nails for 30-degree nailers for optimum and hassle-free output.

Though many professional users find using 30-degree nails in a 34-degree nailer okay, using only 34-degree paper collated nails in a 34-degree nailer is advisable. 34-degree nailers are only compatible with clipped( D-head) nails.

Are nails for nail guns interchangeable?

Yes, nails for nail guns of any brand are interchangeable as long as they match the angle, length, and width. For example, you can use the nails of a Metabo 34-degree framing nailer in a Numax 30-degree framing nailer if both have the same nails with the same length and width.

We can use 30-degree nails in a 34-degree framing nailer because-

  • Magazines of 34-degree nailers are designed to receive higher-angle collated nails.
  • Both 30 and 34-degree nails are mostly clipped heads.
  • The length and width are almost the same.

We should not use 30-degree nails in a 34-degree nailer because-

  • Nail jamming occurs at the tip.
  • There would be a risk of damage to the tool.

Comparison between 30-degree nailer and 34-degree framing nailer. 

30 Degree Framing Nailer34 Degree Framing Nailer
The angle between the magazine rail and the tip is 30 degrees.The angle between the magazine Raila and the tip is 34 degrees. More compact in size.
Receives 30-degree paper-strip collated nailReceives 34-degree paper-strip collated nail
30-Degree Framing NailerNo gap between collated nails. More nails can be loaded in the magazine.
Accepts both clipped head/ full round head nailsAccepts only clipped/D-head nails
2in to 3½/3¼ in nails are compatible2 into 3½in nails are compatible
Satisfies building codes of many regions.Building codes of disaster-prone areas do not accept clipped head nails.

Uses of 30-degree nails.

30 Degree Nails can be used for

  • Flooring
  • Subflooring
  • Wall framing
  • Roofing
  • Exterior deck
  • Window framing

30-degree nails have both clipped and full round-head versions of nails available in the market. Most 30-degree nailers are compatible with both clipped and full-round nails. Thus, 30-degree nails can be used in all weather and geographical locations. Its full-round type does not violate the building codes.

Uses of 34-degree nails.

34 Degree Nails can be used for

  • Engineered wood fitting.
  • Window building.
  • Wall sheathing
  • Mobile homes
  • Modular houses.
  • Interior and exterior decking.

34-degree nails are the highest-angle collated nails available in the spots. It allows the compatible nailer to be easily maneuverable and can be fired to such spots where lower-angled nails are unreachable. 34-degree nails have only clipped or D-head type.

That is why many natural disaster-prone regions do not allow this type of nail due to its comparatively low holding capacity. Moreover, the paper strip used for nail collation often gets damaged in humid and hot weather.

How To Choose The Right Size Nails For Nail Gun

Know the nail size in your manual of the nailer and pick the right one. You can also check our guide on picking the right size nails.

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