Can I use 30 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer?

Framing nailers and nails come with many variations. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages.

And most importantly the compatibility between the nailer gun and the nail type matters a lot for durable framing. The question arises ‘Can I use 30 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer?’

No, 30-degree nails are not compatible with the loading rails of 28 degree nailers. 28 degree nails and 30 degree nails have some major differences except for the banking angle difference. Structurally a 28 degree nail has a full-rounded head or D-shaped head(clipped) whereas 30 degree nails are made of offset full-rounded heads. 

But many users also said that 28 degree nailers can take in 30 degree nails except for some minor jamming. It is technically not advised to do so as it may damage the loading rail of the tool.

Comparison between 28 degree and 30 degree nailer

28 Degree Nailer30 Degree Nailer
Accepts wire collated framing nailsAccepts paper collated framing nails
2in to 3 ½ in nails are compatible2in to 3 ½ in nails are compatible
Mostly uses clipped or D-head framing nails. But some brands can also use full round head framing nailsOnly full round round head framing nails can be loaded
Can not comply with all building codes.Complies with building codes of all region

Best 28 Degree Framing Nailer – BOSTITCH F28WW

BOSTITCH F28WW is constructed with magnesium. It means the tool is quite lightweight and durable. This tool has an updated feature like a dedicated push button for adjusting the driving force for different penetration depths.

Also, there is a single and bump action triggering system. It helps in fast and efficient nailing. Getting an adjustable rafter hook inbox saves extra money for buying a new one.

Moreover, it is comparatively less expensive than its competitors. 16 inch notched layout indicator for depth and distance adjustment. The dimension of the tool is 20”✕14”✕5-¼”. Operating pressure is in the range of 70-120psi.

We also have a guide for you to choose the right 28 degree framing nailer. You can check them out.


  • Allows users to drive nails into surfaces with different depths.
  • Nail jamming in magazine rail is negligible.
  • Very light in weight yet durable.
  • The hose position doesn’t allow the hose pipe to come away.
  • Exhaust air can be directed in different directions.


  • Offset Full round head nails are not compatible.
  • Cannot work perfectly in tight corners of studs.

Best 30 Degree Framing Nailer –  Metabo NR90ADS1

One of the best heavy tool manufacturing companies “Hitachi” has bought its ultimate tool with a different name but the same outstanding quality. Metabo NR90ADS1 is aluminium made.

The tool is well balanced. Only 9 lbs in weight but the unmatchable durability and efficiency of this tool speaks for itself. Ergonomic design results in smooth long-term work with less fatigue on the arm.

A greater banking angle is very useful for reaching out to inflexible spots. A Flip-switch system to switch between single and bump action modes is installed. A drawback of the product is the price.

The accepted fastener length is 2 into 3-1/4in. Magazine capacity is around 86-94 nails. An open nose system can clear jams. It can be operated by air pressure between 70-120psi. The dimension of the tool is 18-⅛”✕4-¼”✕14-3/16”.

We also have a guide for you in choosing the right 30 degree framing nailer. You can check them out.


  • The higher banking angle allows tight spots shooting
  • A well-balanced tool reduces arm fatigue.
  • The firm grip on different types of lumber surfaces.
  • The cylindrical valve system resists grease and grime build-up.
  • Low maintenance is required.


  • Very high in price.
  • No rafter hooks are included in the box. 

Things We Need To Know About Angled Nail Variations.

There are varieties of nails in the market which have their advantages and disadvantages during work. Starting from 15-degree nails to 34 degrees, different types of nails are used in different circumstances and purposes.

Specifications And Uses Of 28 Degree Nails

  • 28 degree nails are striped with stainless steel wire. 
  • These are collated at an angle of 28 degrees.
  • The nail heads are mostly clipped or D-shaped. 
  • Fastener length varies from 2 to 3½ inch. 
  • Body material is stainless steel.
  • Average weight of each 28 degree nail is about 1.81g.

28-degree nails have a variety of uses. 

This type of nail can be used for 

  • Framing, 
  • Sheathing, 
  • Siding ,
  • Trusses 
  • Bridging, 
  • Wood to masonry, 
  • Fence work 
  • Exterior decks


Since most of the 28 nailer guns use the clipped head version of 28-degree nails it does not go with building codes of some specific locations. This means the uses of clipped head nails are geographically dependent.

It is because the holding capacity of clipped head nails is comparatively lesser than those of full-round head nails. And so, D-head nails can not bear heavy external force on the frame. That is why the building codes of tornado, cyclone and seismic-prone regions do not allow the 28-degree nails for the construction process.    

Specifications And Uses Of 30 Degree Nails

  • Nails under this type are collated within a paper strip. 
  • 30 degree nail comes with only offset full round head version.
  • 30 degree nails are highly compatible with sheer walls and tight framing spots like the edges and the corners. 
  • The holding power of these full round head nails are comparatively greater than those of clipped ones. 

30 Degree Nails can be used for-

  • Flooring
  • Wall framing
  • Truss build-up
  • Window build-up
  • Wall sheathing
  • Mobile homes
  • Modular houses.
  • Roof Decking

This type of nail is accepted by most of the building codes around the world. Though paper tape collation is cheap and eco-friendly, it has its own disadvantages.

30-degree nails are prone to humid regions because the moisture in the atmosphere results in the degradation of the paper strip used for collation.

So, it has been experienced that working in very humid weather with 30-degree nails often causes nail jamming in the loading chamber of the nailer. Offset Full-round head nails are used in many natural disaster-prone areas for wooden construction purposes.

Anti-rust techniques like galvanizing are used for the finishing of 30-degree nails which makes them very durable and long-lasting.

Compatibility between nail gun and nails

Nail guns of specific models accept only specific versions of nails by the manufacturing company. A 28-degree nailer can load only 28 degrees, wire collated nails.The nails can be either clipped or full round depending upon the model of the nail gun. A 30-degree nailer is compatible with only 30-degree paper strip collated nails. And the nails must be full round headed. 

Outcome and Conclusion 

So, Can I use 30 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer? 28 degree nailer guns are not designed to shoot 30-degree nails. And so it is not recommended to use 30-degree nails in the chamber of 28-degree nailers as it may cause unfortunate nail jamming or even worse damaging the tool.

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