How to load a nail gun – Step By Step Process

It is difficult to move forward using a noisy hammer to put nails on the wall and that’s why you got a nail gun. What if you receive a user manual from your nail gun company full of complexity & can’t understand the process of loading your nail gun? Don’t worry. We will represent this issue with simplicity. 

Different tool manufacturers maintain different loading mechanisms & that’s why some of the steps may vary. For this reason, you may get confused about how to load a nail gun. But, the general steps must be the same for all nail guns. For knowing the general steps & specific steps, Stay in touch with this article.

How to load a nail gun – The process

Before starting about how to load a nail gun, I would like to remind you that you must maintain safety precautions. Instructions of your user’s manual provided with your nail gun must be read before operating. Wrong operating can bring danger to you or your nailer may get stopped working.

How to load nails for common brands of nailers:

Step-1: Checking the magazine

First of all, make sure that your magazine slot is empty & far away from any hassles. The empty magazine gives the high surety of the absence of jammed nails.

Step-2: Loading nails

Pull the spring-loaded slide on the magazine backward. Do it until it gets locked in the target place. A loading slot will be opened in front of you inside of the magazine. You can load your nails here. 

Stay alert about loading strips of nails. Make sure that you aren’t using the wrong nail or the wrong diameter. After putting the nails in the accurate place, you have to unlock a part called “slide”. You better have a look at the user guide for getting its figure. After opening the slide, let the spring push it. In these circumstances, your nails are loaded.

Step-3: Connecting air compressor 

We don’t suggest connecting the air hose before loading. Point your gun in a safe direction. After that,  attach the valve of the air hose to the 1/4” stud. You can figure it out at the ground of your gun’s handle.

Congratulations. You have done it. Your gun will be ready for the job after these steps. Have a check then. Ensure that your nail gun is completely emptied before storing it. 

How to load a nail gun Dewalt:

First of all, keep the battery pack away from your nail gun. It disconnects the nailer from its power source. Have a check over the contact tip of the nail gun. Make sure that is switched off.

Secondly, keep your nailer pointed away from your body & other people nearby. 

Here we will discuss two processes for loading this nail gun. 

  • The Lock and Draw Method:

Step-1: Locate a slot at the back terminus of the magazine and endeavor to load.

Step-2: Find out the pusher on your nail gun. You have to carefully pull it back for instance.

Step-3: Release the pusher and the nail gun will lock. 

  • The Lock and Load Method:

Step-1: Find out the location of the pusher on your nail gun. After finding its exact location, pull it back until it locks.

Step-2: Load your nail gun onto the magazine. After that, release the pusher very carefully. Until you lock your nail gun into a specified place steadily, don’t release the pusher.

How to load a brad nail gun:

In case of loading a brad nailer, load as many brads as will comfortably fit in the magazine. Be careful, please.  Don’t overload the magazine. 

Step-1: For a while, keep your eyes on the user manual. If you find the direction about keeping the air hose connected, then go for that. On the other hand, if it is prohibited then just follow the command. 

It varies from model to model.

Step-2: Slide the magazine towards the back for exposing the holder. This will provide you with simple access to the magazine into which you will keep the brads.

Step-3: It is the episode of inserting brads. Make sure that you have selected the right size of nails for your job. 

Try to load the highest number of brads till the nailer feels comfortable. Be careful about overloading the magazine. It is strictly prohibited. Don’t move the magazines until it clicks in the right place.

How to load a nail gun Bostitch:

After deactivating your Bostitch nail gun by isolating it from the power source, you are perfectly ready to load your nailer.

Step-1: Determine the slide latch. It should be found at the bottom of the nail gun.

Step-2: Lift the slide latch situated at the backside of the fastener. Then, pull the slide away. 

Step-3: Notice the arrows on the slide. You can find that it is faced in a direction. It will inform you about which part of the nails will rest against the nailer. 

Step-4: After loading the slide successfully, push it in the back direction inside the nailer & try to click into a specific position. Lower the latch of the slide as much as possible & finish this process.

Step-5: Activate your nail gun and check it out. 

How to load a Senco nail gun:

For genuine SENCO nailers, the loading process is almost similar. Don’t forget to disconnect the air supply to avoid unwanted problems. 

Step-1: Place strips of nails into magazines. Try to put the nail heads accurately. 

Step-2: Push the rail forward until it latches. If you can’t determine, check the user manual. It will indicate with a concept picture.

Step-3: Position your nail gun towards the work surface & pull the trigger. It won’t be difficult to find the trigger I think.

Step-4: Finally, Push the latch & slide rail open. You can remove & reload fasteners again & again.

How to Load a Porter-Cable Nail Gun:

Upholding safety measures during the time of handling tools is a primary but significant term. That’s why disconnecting the power source is considered the primary step. For avoiding unintended triggering, handle your nailer safely. 

Step-1: Locate the notch. You can find it behind the magazine. This slot can be used for loading your nail clips.

Step-2: You must notice a spring mechanism. Pull it back towards the maximum back of the magazine and then release it. You can notice the presence of a clicking sound at an instant. This sound sends the message that the nail clips are ok with their position. 

This easy mechanism pushes the nail clips together. It creates a suitable position for firing.

Step-3: Have a test & check if your nailer is working. For avoiding unwanted issues, use the right size of nails.

How to load a craftsman nail gun:

This is considered an all-purpose tool & that’s why its loading mechanism is not tough. By deactivating the power source & taking appropriate nails, you can start. 

Step-1: Squeeze the latch situated at the bottom of the magazine. 

Step-2: You can disconnect the air hose to avoid issues. Load the nails. You can find the points facing down toward the bottom of the magazine.

Step-3: Pull the trigger & have a check. 

Safety features:

Maintaining safety features is a symbol of concerned people. If you don’t maintain it, your unconsciousness may make you injured. 

First of all, we suggest you not skip the manual guide provided by the manufacturer. It seems silly but it can make you safe with its concept images. Concept images can make you understand what to do & whatnot.

Secondly, make your eyes & ears safe. If you don’t use a safety goggle, your eyes may get damaged. 

The work can be quite noisy.  The range of sound can be around 90 – 100 decibels in some cases. You’ll be surprised to hear that the sound is near the gunshot. So, wear earplugs for protect your ears. 

Thirdly, don’t forget to turn off the power source during the time of loading or removing jams. We are talking about this again & again to remind you of its significance for your welfare.

Most importantly, keep your free hand away from the fire as much as you can. Most nail gun-oriented accidents occur due to this reason.

We suggest you use clamps. It may help you to hold woods together & by this, you can keep your free hand safe. 

Last of all, as your compressor ingests air, water vapor may condensate inside the tank. It can cause rust and corrosion. 

If you want to avoid moisture damage, routinely drain your compressor’s tank and periodically lubricate your tools. 


After coming so far, I think your confusions have cleared. We have tried to describe some common nailers & their nail loading system. We also have tried to make you understand basic steps about how to load a nail gun. If you have received the basic concept & can apply it in real life for at least one nail gun, stay sure that you can do it for others.

If you gain enough confidence & knowledge to start your work, you will be ok with your machine. Nail guns are easy to use if you concentrate with all the provided directions. You no longer have to be afraid of reloading your nail gun after reading this article. We wish you good luck. 

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