Strip nailer vs. Framing nailer – Key Differences

Both strip and framing nailers are famous for their versatility in the workspace.

These two nailers can almost complete the same jobs like framing, sheathing, deck building, fencing, etc.

However, they have some differences as well. To choose one, you should know the key factors between “strip nailer vs. framing nailer.”

One of the first and most significant differences between them is their weight. The framing nailer is heavier and bigger than a strip nailer. That’s why strip nailers can be used in compact areas because they are smaller. They also use different types of nails, and their magazine sizes differ. 

What is a Strip Nailer?

Strip nailers are the nails that are used to attach joints. They are also known as “first fix and stick nailers.” Usually, these nailers have a lower body weight, which helps users use them in tight spaces. Various nails, like 34-degree clipped head nails or 22-degree full round nails, can be used in these nailers.

Who Should Use them?

Strip nailers have vast popularity because of their low weight and high compatibility. As a result, with the right angle and collation, it can nip in tight places.

It can also use different nails (plastic-coated, wire-coated, and paper coated), allowing it to complete other jobs. That’s why strip nailers have various kinds of usability. 

Jobs like sheathing, decking, subflooring, and framing can be done with these nailers. It can also be used for truss building, siding, or fencing jobs. Professional DIYers can use this nail gun for pallet projects or crate assembly.

Who should use a Framing Nailer?

In one sentence, the framers and builders use framing nailers. They use framing nailers to create frames and structures to hold large buildings or shapes of furniture. Carpenters use this nailer to build doors, windows, or subflooring. 

DIYers can create home DIY projects with it, too. Professionals also use it to create truss buildings or decks or complete fencing or sheathing jobs.

Strip nailer vs. Framing nailer

TopicStrip nailerFraming nailer
Weight6 to 12 pounds.8 and 20 pounds.
Nail capacity90 to 100 nails.140 to 200 nails.
Airpower90 to 110 psi.80 to 120 psi.
Tend to jamThe external structure is completed so it gets jammed more often. Usually, it doesn’t get jammed much.
Average price200 to 600 dollars.300 to 1500 dollars. 

Key Differences between Strip Nailer vs. Framing Nailer

These are the key differences between strip nailers vs. framing nailers. 


A framing nailer is a heavy-duty nailer, so it’s a little bit heavier than a strip nailer. The average weight of a framing nailer is between 8 and 20 pounds, which can vary due to its size. On the other hand, the average strip nailer’s weight is about 6 to 12 pounds. 

Nail types

Framing nailers usually use framing nails of different degrees. The degree of the nail indicates at what angle it will make contact with the work surface. Usually, 15-degree, 21-degree, 28-degree, and 30-degree framing nails are used in framing nailers. 

Strip nailers can use a wide variety of nails. It can use 17- to 18-degree paper-collated nails and 20- to 22-degree paper-collated nails, 27 to 28-degree wire-collated nails, and 30 to 34-degree paper-collated nails.

Nail capacity in the magazine

Framing nailers’ magazine capacity can vary with their size. Most of the time, the framing nailers have two magazines. an average of 70 to 100 nails can be stored in one magazine.

On the other hand, strip nailers have 2 magazines that can store 45 to 60 nails in one magazine at a time.

Difference in airpower 

The difference in air power for these two nailers is not much. Framing nailers usually can deliver 80 to 120 psi of air pressure to penetrate the work surface and drive nails, whereas strip nailers can provide 90 to 110 psi of air pressure.


The Strip nailer is smaller in size, and that’s why it is lightweight and can be used in tough spots.

However, as the framing nailer comes with a bigger compressor, it can provide more air power.

Both nailers can use various types of nails, but their magazine capacity isn’t the same. The framing nailers are capable of storing more nails.

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