Best Nail Gun for Baseboard Trim – Brad & Finish Nailers

Baseboard installation is a subtle work, and you want a perfect finish while installing.

That’s why picking the best nail gun for baseboard is inevitable.

The nailer should drive right-sized nails with the highest accuracy to ensure a perfect finish and prevent damaging the baseboard.

Best for all baseboard

Freeman Pneumatic Combo Kit

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WEN Pneumatic Brad Nailer

A wrong nailer might not provide enough holding power yet can create awkward-looking large holes.

I know you can install a baseboard without a nail gun. But that will be tiresome and risky for your projects. A wrong hammer hit can destroy the baseboard.

So make sure you pick the best nailer for baseboards to install it successfully.

Best nail gun for baseboards and crown moldingFreeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit
Best cordless nail gun for baseboardsPORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer
Best brad nailer for baseboardsBOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit
Best finish nailer for baseboardsMetabo HPT 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer
Best air nailer for baseboardsWEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer
Best electric nailer for baseboardArrow ET200BN Heavy Duty Electric Brad Nailer
Best straight nail gun for baseboardNuMax 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

What Type of Nail Gun is Best for Baseboards

There are three things to consider picking the right nailer for the baseboard.

  1. Baseboard thickness and materials
  2. Right nail sizes
  3. Nailer to drive exact size nails

So what type of nailer for baseboards?

Use a 16 gauge finish nailer for a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches thick baseboard. An 18 gauge brad nailer will be perfect for a thinner baseboard. You can use a 15 gauge nailer for thicker baseboard as well.

But there are some other factors to consider. Let’s check them out.

What gauge nails to use for baseboards

The rule of thumb is to achieve a 1” penetration into the studs for installing baseboard. Which means for 3/4” trim and 1/2” wallboard, you can get 3/4” penetration with a 6D finish nail (2” long). This might not be good enough to hold the baseboard to the wall for long enough.

On the other hand, you can get 1.25” penetration with 2.5” long finish nails. But that can damage wiring and plumbing installed to code. If plates are used, you can easily use 2.5” long nails without damaging wiring and plumbing.

So, the ideal length of nails for baseboards is 1.5 to 2.5 inches. However, it varies with baseboard thickness. The right nail size for 1/2 baseboard is 2.25” inches.

That means you can use 18 gauge nails for baseboards, and you can also use 16 gauge nails for baseboards depending on the thickness and plate installation.

Should you use a 16 or 18 gauge nailer for baseboard?

The higher the gauge number, the thinner the nails become. 16 gauge nailers drive larger and thicker nails compared to 18 gauge nailers.

2-2.5 inches nails are suitable for 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches thick baseboard. 16 gauge finish nailers can go up to 2.5 inches, whereas 18 gauge brad nailers max out at 2-1/8″.

Besides, plywood splits easily compared to hardwood.

So if you have hardwood, go for a 16 gauge nailer. It can hold the baseboard to the walls strongly without splitting it. But do not use it for plywood. Try an 18 gauge brad nailer for no splitting and a better finish. 

Should I use a Brad Nailer or Finish Nailer for Baseboards?

Now the question comes, what type of nailer for baseboards? Should you use a brad or finish nailer?

You can use a brad nailer for baseboard since they drive thin nails with small heads. They leave small holes that are easy to fill and look good on the baseboard. Besides, plywood baseboards tend to split with thicker nails. Brad nailers can work best here.

But they come with a maximum of 2.25” long nail capacity. This might not be good enough for holding some thicker baseboard since you must achieve a 1” penetration.

You can use finish nailers for baseboard here since they can deliver 2.5” long nails with 15 and 16-gauge thickness. They offer more than 1” penetration to provide superior holding power.

But it can damage split plywood and damage wiring and plumbing if installed. 

For example,

For a baseboard with 7/8 depth X 5 inches in height,

An 18 gauge brad nailer can work. The nails are thin with a pretty darn head and minimal small-drawing power.

7/8″+wallboard thickness 1-1/4″ into the stud/plate.

You need at least 3/8’s b/4.  But most brad nailers max out at 2-1/8″. 

A finish nailer is capable of 2-1/2″ nail 15 or 16 ga.  Try brad nailers on wood-to-wood connections-trim to the jamb, for instance.

The 7 Best Nail Gun for Baseboard and Trim

We have picked the 7 best nailers for baseboard trim suitable for different baseboard types. Let’s check them out.

Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit

FREEMAN P4FRFNCB pneumatic combo kit is the best nail gun for baseboards and crown molding

This combo kit has a framing, finish, brad, and staple gun. It will work flawlessly regardless of your baseboard material and thickness.

The framing nailer support 3-1/2″ Full Round Head nails suitable for making any frame or base for baseboard. 15 gauge 34-degree finish nailer drives 2-1/2″ Finish nails to ensure better penetration of the baseboard. The brad nailer and support 1-1/4″ brads and stapler work perfectly for delicate woods for baseboard.

Besides, you can adjust the depth without any tool to match the thickness variations of the baseboard. Its no mar tip will protect the baseboard and molding from any damage.

The magazines for finish and framing nailers are angled. It helps you shoot nails in a confined area. Both the sequential and bumper modes are also available. You can use any depending on demand for accuracy or speed.

With its brad and finish nailer combo, you can smoothly complete the trim projects that make it the best nailer for trim and baseboards.

The look and durability are worth mentioning. It comes with Teflon O-rings that prevent wear and tear. With its one-piece hardened steel blade, it reduces the internal failure rate. Anodized aluminum construction makes it lightweight yet highly durable.

Key features and benefits

  • Oil-free design eliminates the maintenance needs
  • Quick jam release nose facilitates jam cleaning
  • Anti-dust cap extends nailer life by cleaning interior
  • Comes with a carrying bag for easy portability
  • 360-degree exhaust channels away hot air from the user


  • The brad nails max out at only 1-1/4″
  • Inserting the angle finish nails is a little bit tricky

Best Finish Nailer for Baseboard

Finish nailers work better for thicker baseboards. Let’s see some quality finish nailers for your projects.

NuMax 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

Which is better 15 or 16 gauge finish nailer

16 gauge nailers are better for baseboard molding. Both are good, depending on the thickness and holding power you want from the nails. But 15 gauge nailers are used less by woodworkers, DIYers, and carpenters.

NuMax SFN64 is one of the best finish nailers for baseboard and trim installation. This 16 gauge nail gun is compatible with 1″ to 2-1/2″. With this nail, you can perfectly achieve 1”+ penetration for the baseboard. 

It is also possible to adjust the sinking depth with its tool-free finger depth. You can use it for various baseboard and molding projects.

The durable aluminum body construction handles rough use. It also makes the nailer lightweight and works for a long time without experiencing hand fatigue.

This finish nailer features an ergonomic comfort grip handle to make the experience even better and more comfortable. 

You will get a no-mar tip to prevent dents and dings. Your work area will stay protected. The quick jam release allows easy jam cleaning without even using any tools. So keep nailing the baseboard without any hassle with this amazing nailer.

Key features and benefits

  • Sequential fire ensures accuracy for baseboard
  • 360-degree exhaust keeps hot air away from the user
  • Additional safety features included for the user and baseboard safety
  • Single piece drive blade prolongs its durability
  • Comes with tool oil and adjustment tools for better maintenance

What should be better?

  • The cover could be thinner
  • Required regular oiling for better work

Metabo HPT 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

If you need the best finish nail gun for baseboards (15g), consider Metabo HPT 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer. Builder and Developer magazine awarded this nailer the most used nailer.

It drives 1-1/4-in to 2-1/2-in nails, perfect for any baseboard. Tool-less dial adjustment allows controlling the penetration to save wiring and plumbing.

Besides, you can easily switch from sequential to contact nailing with an easy-to-use switch.

The weight of this 15 gauge nailer is only 4.2 lbs. You can use this nailer without experiencing fatigue while improving maneuverability.

Working in a tight angle or confined area?

Not a problem for this nailer. With its angled magazine, you can get precise operation in a confined area.

Key features and benefits

  • 360-Degree exhaust port directs away hot air from you
  • Air duster keeps baseboard area clean from dust and debris
  • Safety Glasses protect your eyes
  • No Mar Tip protects baseboard from dents and dings
  • Carrying Case makes carrying easier than ever

Things should be improved

  • No belt hook to hang the nailer
  • The slide to load does not lock

Best Brad Nailers for Baseboard

Using a brad nailer for baseboards is a good choice for a thinner baseboard where you need small holes and a good enough holding power. Let’s check out some brad nailers for baseboards.

Best cordless nail gun for baseboards – PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer is the best cordless brad nailer for baseboard without any doubt. It is 100% Battery Powered, meaning that you do not need any Compressor, Hose, Or Costly Gas Canister.

The 4.0 Ah battery is powerful enough to drive up to 1300 nails per single charge. You can easily complete your baseboard projects with a single charge, which makes it a great cordless nail gun for baseboards.

This nailer supports 5/8 to 2-inch nails, suitable for baseboard trim with different thicknesses.

Besides, this 18 gauge nail gun can work in any condition or climate that air nailers and gas nailers fail to do.

The best cordless nail gun for baseboards should facilitate the baseboard installation process. Its multiple tool-Free settings do exactly that. 

You can adjust the depth and remove jams without any tool. Though I don’t think you will need jam cleaning often.

The best part about this nailer is its speed. You can drive faster compared to any air nailer or electric nailer.

Being the best cordless nailer for baseboards, it offers an optimal center of gravity and provides perfect balance while working. It reduces fatigue even when nailing for a long time.

Key features and benefits

  • Battery power function eliminates the need for a hose, compressor, or gas
  • Powerful motor to drive nails fast
  • Tool-free adjustment to make using more convenient
  • Lightweight and well-balanced despite being a little bit heavy
  • Safety features to lock the trigger to prevent the accident

Things could be better

  • No way to know whether nails are driven or not
  • The depth could be set just a little deeper.

BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit

BOSTITCH nailer Compressor Combo Kit is one of the best brad nailers. If you ask, what type of Brad nailer do I need for baseboards? This is the type.

It drives 18GA brad nails lengthening from 5/8-inch to 2-inch, perfect for baseboard and molding installation.

Besides, the high-efficiency motor drives nails fast to complete the baseboard and trim projects within time. 

It even starts and works in cold weather perfectly, which makes it the best brad nailer for baseboards in cold weather.

The weight of this nailer is only 1 pound. It reduces fatigue while working for a long time. You will also have a good balance for optimal performance.

This ‎brad nailer for baseboards generates noise of 78.5 dB that does not disturb others much. You can use it in a residential area or home without complaints from neighbors.

Key features and benefits

  • 150 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank offers quick recovery time for faster working experience
  • 25 Feet 1/4-inch x 15′ PVC air hose to get higher reach
  • Oil-free design offers a maintenance-free long-life
  • Durable bend construction to withstand rough uses
  • Low noise makes it suitable for home use

Things could be better

  • No dual firing modes for versatility

Best Air Nailer for Baseboard- WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer is a great air nailer for installing baseboards, trim, and molding. The best part about this nailer is the price you are paying.

I mean, seriously?

Only 30 dollars?

But don’t consider it a cheap item. You will have everything needed with the highest quality.

It drives 18-gauge brads ranging from 3/8 to 2 inches. You can easily achieve 1-inch penetration to the wall for perfecting baseboard installation.

The depth adjustment wheel allows easy adjustment of penetration to work with different baseboard materials.

One of the best things about this nailer is less jam. Even if it jams, you can easily remove it with the hassle-free nose latch.

The lightweight body construction incorporated with the rubber-lined handle reduces fatigue while working for a long time.

A nail gauge is also installed to check how many nails are still in the magazine. It prevents misfire, and this prolongs the durability of the nailer.

With its 106-nail capacity magazine, you can experience less reloading, which fastens the workflow. So, all in all, this is the most inexpensive brad nailer for baseboard installation.

Key features and benefits

  • 60 to 115 PSI air pressure to smooth nail sinking
  • Powder-coated finish reduces wear and tear for added longevity
  • An adjustable rotatable exhaust keeps hot air away from you
  • Spring-loaded magazine offers easy reloading
  • 1/4-inch NPT air inlet ensures an easy and fast connection to the compressor

Things could be better

  • Not come with dual firing modes

Best Electric Nail Gun for Baseboards 

Sometimes you lack an air compressor to run your nail gun. Purchasing an additional compressor for the nailer seems to overcharge. An electric nailer for baseboards can work here.

Best Electric Brad Nailer for Baseboard- Arrow ET200BN Heavy Duty Electric Brad Nailer

Arrow ET200BN Heavy Duty Electric Brad Nailer is the best corded electric nail gun for baseboards for its versatility, easy use, amazing features, and safety.

This nailer drives BN1810 5/8″, BN1812 3/4″, BN1816 1″, and BN1820 1-1/4 nails. It cannot penetrate a thicker baseboard, but this is more than enough for a thinner baseboard.

Besides, the adjustable depth-control knob lets you work with different baseboard materials. You can simply adjust the amount of power for every job.

Its soft-comfort grip reduces fatigue while working for a long time. The contact safety prevents accidental misfires and prolongs the longevity of the nailer.

You will also get the quick-release magazine to reload nails when needed. This fastens the work completion and saves you time.

Moreover, the 6′ power cord provides higher reach, so you get the freedom to move here and there to get the baseboard installation done.

So if you need the best electric nailer for baseboard, go for this one.

Key features and benefits

  • Features a carrying case for safe and easy storage and portability
  • 6-foot power provides freedom to move
  • Large-sized trigger allows driving nails in confined and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Contact safety prevent misfires for machine safety
  • Control nozzle fastens the work

Things could be better

  • Not powerful enough for hardwood baseboards
  • The length of nails is too low for thicker woods

Things and features to consider for the best nail gun for baseboard

When looking for the best nailer for baseboard, you must consider some key features and other things including,

Types of projects

Consider your project type first. What type of project are you working on? Is it a wooden baseboard? Or is it vinyl made? Is the project large or small?

Considering the project type, pick the right nailer. For wooden baseboards, consider the splitting possibility more; for vinyl and other types, consider the thickness more.

Power sources

Air powered nailers provide long-term and strong power compared to cordless or electric nailers. Pneumatic nailers are also lightweight and easy to handle.

But you may not have access to a compressor or electricity to run the compressor or nailer. A cordless battery-powered or gas-powered nailer can work well in such circumstances.

Trigger operation

Nailers come with sequential and bumper triggers mode. Sequential is suitable for higher accuracy, whereas the bumper is good for fast nailing. Pick a nailer with both modes so you can use any based on your needs.

LED lights

You will not work in light all the time. Sometimes, the light will go down. Working in poor light can affect productivity. Make sure to pick a nailer with LED light for luminance in dark or low-light conditions. 


The price is a major issue. Try to focus more on your needs and quality of nailer instead of price. If you have a low budget, rent a nailer instead of buying a cheap one.


Do not forget to check the warranty. You may experience some problems no matter how good the nailer is. Having a long warranty will not only save you money but also appease your mind.


Working for a long time requires a proper balance of the nailer. Check whether the nail gun is light enough not to make your hand fatigued. Consider having a slight heavy nailer to ensure perfect balance. Ergonomic grip is also a factor to consider.

Depth adjustment

Baseboard installation requires working with different thicknesses of materials. But you cannot buy several nailers to deal with the thickness. Having depth adjustment will facilitate working with different depths.

No mar tip

Some baseboards are soft. When driving nails, leaving marks are common on the baseboard. Having no-mar-tip in the nailer can protect your baseboard from those marks.

Nail capacity

Nail capacity plays a vital role when working on a large project. You need to reload the magazine more if the nail capacity is less. This is a big problem. Make sure to have a higher nail capacity to deal with the problem.


Still got some questions in mind? Check the section below.

Can you use a pin nailer for baseboard?

No, you cannot use a pin nailer for the baseboard since they come with headless and small nails incapable of achieving the penetration you need. Some people try to use a 23 gauge pin nailer for baseboards. But that cannot attach the baseboard to the wall.

Can you use a palm nailer for baseboard?

You can use a palm nailer for baseboard since they can drive 4d – 16d common bulk nails 1-1/2 in. – 3-1/2 in. L. But people do not use them for baseboards due to less capacity.

Can I use a framing nailer for baseboards?

No, framing nailers are too powerful for baseboards and they drive larger and thicker nails that can split and damage the baseboard. You should use a finish or brad nailer for baseboard installation.

Should you pick an angled or straight finish nailer for baseboards?

Angled finish nailers fit better when working in confined or hard-to-reach areas. Besides, angled nailers use full-headed, 15 gauge, large nails to provide more strength and holding power.

My two cents for you

We have tried everything possible to make your decision-making easy. I hope now you know what type of nailers will be perfect for your baseboard installation. So pick the best nail gun for baseboard.

To make your life even easier, we have suggested 7 different types of nailers for you, depending on your convenience and the baseboard type.

Simply understand which type of nailer is suitable for your projects and pick the right one. 

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