How to Install Door Trim Without Nail Gun – 6 Easy steps

The best nail gun for trim definitely makes your door trimming easier. But maybe you do not have a nail gun or don’t want to buy one at this moment for this single project. Or renting is not an option for you. Then how How to Install Door Trim Without Nail Gun.

You can easily install door trim without a nail gun in two ways.

  • Using Hammer
  • Or using Glue

    Some suggest using screws, two-sided tape, chalk, or others. But those are not viable options. They will not last long enough or look good at all. Using glue or a hammer is the best way. However, the process is a little bit tricky and without proper instruction and guide, you may damage the trim.

    How to Install Door Trim Without Nail Gun Without any hassle

    But don’t worry, we have got your back. We will drive you through the complete guide of how to install your trim projects without a nail gun.

    Follow the guideline below to know How to Install Door Trim Without Nail Gun.

    Step 1: Safety first

    Before starting your job, you should make sure that you have taken all the safety measures. You know, safety is always first. Thousands of people go to the hospital yearly due to carpentry injuries. So be careful.

    Wear safety glasses. Also, wear safety gloves and safety boots. If possible, use a helmet as well.

    Step 2: Preparing

    Now it is time to prepare.

    Preparation starts with planning. You need to decide which trim molding will be perfect for you. Based on the interior design of your home, you can choose it.

    The next thing you have to do is to take the right measurement. Without the right size, you cannot purchase the trim molding properly.

    What you need

    • A measurement tape
    • Safety instrument
    • A minimum 40 teeth blade, 80 is recommended
    • Wood glue
    • A drilling machine
    • No nail gun is needed
    • Hammer
    • Nails

    Step 3: Stain the trim

    It is really important to stain the trim. To do that, start with sanding and filling any gaps, scratches, or dents you have. Make sure you have chosen the best stain for your trim. Then, apply stain and wait until it dries properly. Do not start working until it dries.

    Step 4: Cut the trim

    Now it is time to cut the trim. Using the measuring tape or whatever you have, measure the trim and cut it with the 40 teeth blade. Make sure you cut the end at 45 degrees angle. Why it is important? Because this is going to make your trim fit around the door jamb.

    Step 5: Glue the end.

    Now we are in the final round. It is high time you glue the end together. So lay down the trim on your floor in the exact shape of your door. Here shape is really important. If you miss the shape, you are going to suffer and the trim is not going to fit for sure.

    So lay it properly and then glue the ends to fit two sides together. If you can do it successfully, you are almost done. In this stage, you can use a strong adhesive to stop working or go to the next stage to finish the trimming project with nailing.

    Step 6: Set the trim

    It is time to set the trim. All you need to do is to drill a hole at the top of the trim, sink a screw in that hole, and by using the hammer, drive a perfect finish nail into your target. In the same way, nail all the other places of the trim and set it up. It is as simple as that.

    Also, if you know how to use finishing nails without a nail gun, that will surely be an advantage in this step.

    How to attach trim without nails

    how to attach trim without nails


    As you can see, you can easily set up your door trim without a nail gun. It is time for work. If you have any confusion, you should check the video I have embedded above and by following that, you can install your door trim. Best of luck to you.

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