The 6 Best Nail Gun For Cedar Shingles Projects

Cedar shingles are popular for installing in both the roof and sidewalls of the residence. These shingles are slightly different from other shingles for requiring more precise nailing. Therefore, you need to find the best nail gun for cedar shingles. 

You can use a brad nailer or a roofing nailer to deal with cedar shingles nicely. Besides, picking a staple nailer with versatile nails and a sturdy build is also preferable. Any nailer with a consistent nailing speed can cope with cedar shingles. 

However, you need to go through the prime specifications of any nailer before making the final selection. The advanced technologies, along with some user-friendly features make the nailer highly selectable. Once you find a durable nailer with an extreme power source, installing the cedar shingles must be successful. 

Can you use a nail gun on cedar shingles?

If you’re talking about the control, installing cedar shingles with a hammer is the best way. But, can you implement 900 nails per square using a hammer and your highest concentration? No, it’s difficult and somehow, it sounds like impossible work. Even if it’s possible, it’ll take a long time and be a complete waste of time. 

Instead, you can use a nail gun to install cedar shingles precisely. The nailers will offer you some advantageous features to apply while installing cedar shingles. So, you can complete the task quickly along with maintaining the expected accuracy. 

6 Best Nail Guns For Cedar Shingles 

In this section, you’ll get an overview of the best nail gun for cedar shingles. The top-rated 6 best nail guns with their elaborated specifications must help you to make the final selection. 

Best budget nail gun for cedar shingles – Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer

Best pneumatic nailer for cedar shinglesFreeman PCN65 Pneumatic 15 Degree 42-1/2″ Coil siding nailer 

Editor’s pick – DEWALT 20V MAX 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer

Let’s see the review.

Battery-powered Nailer for Cedar Shingles – DEWALT 20V MAX 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer

Dewalt 18ga brad nailer is one of the best cordless nail guns for cedar shingles. For using 18ga brad nails, installing cedar shingles becomes more perfect. 

Its tool-free depth adjustment provides a huge convenience to the user. This tool-free feature helps countersink nails precisely while installing cedar shingles. 

Besides, the micro nose option increases the accuracy of nail placement in the desired place.

This nailer comes with only 5 pounds weight with an expedient 18.72 x 11.11 x 6.36 inches dimension. So, it’s not difficult to hold for a long time. 

You’re always on power with its powerful lithium-ion battery even in the load shedding problem. For this reason, there is no necessity of using a compressor or any gas cartridges.  

Its brushless motor offers maximum runtime without jamming nails. 

There is a tool-free stall release lever that helps to reset the driver blade rapidly. 

For secured right or left attachment, its adjustable belt hook is highly effective. 

The user can select the sequential or contact nailing mode using its selectable trigger. Using this feature, the speed of nail driving can be controlled easily. 

Its nail lockout feature is a savior against dry firing. For this feature, the surface remains risk-free from getting unwanted marks. 

There is a LED light that helps to provide workspace illumination.

Eliminates the trouble of cordBuilding material could be better
Easy jam release feature dispose of the jammed nailsGrip quality isn’t satisfactory
A Brushless motor ensures the sufficient power
The nail lockout feature prevents dry firing
Its lightweight minimizes the fatigue of the arms

Best Pneumatic Nailer for Cedar ShinglesFreeman PCN65 Pneumatic 15 Degree 42-1/2″ Coil siding nailer 

This nailer is lightweight with its 5.5 pounds weight even after the durable magnesium build. Its sturdy build ensures that it will run in the long run. 

The steel parts of this nailer absorb the produced heat and offer better safety to the user. For this reason, it’s highly applicable for other nailing purposes along with cedar shingles. The popular purposes are: sheathing, siding, decking, etc. 

Its grip quality with the ergonomic build is satisfactory enough. As the handle isn’t too bulky, it won’t bring fatigue to your palm. 

For having a no-mar safety tip, the working surface will remain clear. Your nailer won’t start firing until it touches the nailing surface. 

The user can adjust the desired depth using its depth adjustment feature. It’ll ensure consistent nail driving without wasting a nail. 

As this nailer’s magazine holds up to 400 nails, you won’t be out of nails easily. There is a transparent bucket to observe the number of the left nails easily.

The 360-degree adjustable exhaust of this nailer helps to pass air away from your face. You can also use it to remove debris from the workspace. 

The 15-degree plastic collated siding nails from 1-¼” to 2-½” integrate your nailing experience. Once you’re out of nails, you can reload it quickly with its side-load magazine.

To prevent misfiring, it features a safety trigger lock. Its bump fire trigger is easily usable to drive nails with precision. 

Sturdy build with magnesium bodyNo feature for the accurate nail placement
Trigger lock ensures the additional safety of misfiringNot versatile with different nails
Holds up to 400 nails
Ergonomic grip provides huge comfort
No-mar safety tip prevents creating any stain on the surface

Roofing nailer for cedar shingles- BOSTITCH Roofing Nailer

This roofing nailer for cedar shingles is easy to hold continuously for its 5.8 pounds lightweight. For its 13.38 x 14.38 x 5.12 inches dimension, it’s convenient to operate. 

This nailer is manufactured with high-quality aluminum housing. It’s guaranteed to save the nailer from rust even after long use. 

Consistent nailing at a speed of 100 nails per minute is possible with this nailer. When the user is out of nail,  they can reload the nails easily using the side-load magazine with it. However, the magazine design is a single-action type and comes with being patented. 

However, its magazine contains 100 nails of ¾ inch to 1-¾ inch in size. These nails get delivered at 410 in./lbs of the force of 100 psi.  

Its skid pads protect the machine from getting any stain accidentally from the surface. Besides, the surface remains clean for using this protection. 

The user can get a reloading hint without any complication by the reading of the indicator. When the magazine is out of its 120 coil nails, you’ll be notified instantly. 

To set nails at the desired depth, its quick-set adjustable depth guide is highly useful. 

There is a nosepiece of the nailer that features carbide inserts for long-life performance. 

This nailer comes with a nail lockout feature that disallows unwanted firing anytime. A single nail won’t even be wasted for having this feature. 

When holding the nailer for a long time, its overmolded grip won’t distress the palm certainly. This grip provides sufficient friction to the palm for holding the nailer conveniently. 

Zero nail lockout prevents dry firingThe magazine contains only 120 nails at a time
Its skid pads protect the tool from damagingBuild quality could be more improved
Overmolded grip provides extra comfort
Nail reload indicator updates the latest nail condition
Speedy delivery of 100 nails per minute

Electric Staple Gun for Cedar Shingles – NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun

With 5.21 pounds weight and the 9.3 x 2.5 x 10.3 inches dimension, it’s designed for versatile projects. Despite its plastic build, this is an average sturdy staple gun. 

It can hold around 200 nails per staple together. Besides, this nailer can hold up to 800 brad nails together.

The over-molded ergonomic grip provides a feel of mitis to the user. There is no chance of slipping the nail accidentally due to the lack of friction.

Along with dominating the necessity of the compressor, it promises to cover wide applications. It’s designed with an adjustable power function to cope with light-duty projects.

This nailer drives 18 gauge brad nails up to 1-¼”. The kit contains 400 pieces of ⅝” and ¾” brad nails. Along with this, the kit arrives with 200 pieces of ¾” staples. 

Having a non-marring rubber nose guarantees a flawless finish of the desired project. It will be highly effective when dealing with cedar shingles. 

Its extension cord helps to reduce the penetration perfectly. 

In addition, the quick-release mechanism allows you to dispose of the stuck nail quickly. 

Hold up to huge (800) brad nails at a timeThe plastic build threaten its longevity
Its ergonomic over-molded grip offers a better feelIts 6.6 feet cord length limits the area to work
The non-marring rubber nose ensures the flawless finish
Eliminates the necessity of using a compressor
Easy to transport for its lightweight

Brad Nailer for Cedar Shingles – CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

With only 1.2 hours of battery recharge time, this nailer is a great cordless nailer. The attached 20V lithium-ion battery promises to ensure consistent firing even after years. 

In an experiment, a 150 feet baseboard molding was performed in 5 hours without jamming. 

Craftsman has launched this nailer with a user-friendly handle and a sturdy build. The handle doesn’t bring discomfort anytime and ensures optimum friction. 

For having the dimension of 13.37 x 4.49 x 11.49 inches, it’s expedient to use and transport. The lightweight (7.64 pounds) with an optimum center of gravity promises a good balance from this nailer. 

This nail gun offers continuous firing of 18gauge finish nails even in a tough environment. The package comes with 100 brad nails of 1-¼” inch in size. 

Its tool-free depth adjustment helps to countersink nails accurately. For quick setup, this feature is a savior. 

You won’t need any heavy-weight compressor to run this nailer. This nailer reduces the necessity of hoses or costly gas cartridges too. 

Moreover, the jam and stall settings with tool-free advantage reduce the toil of the user.

Like other cordless nailers, it comes with a non-marring tip to prevent damage to the work surface. 

The cordless design eliminates the need for a compressorSlightly heavy with its 7.64 pounds weight
Non-marking tip protects the surfaceUsing aluminum could be a better idea than using plastic
Optimal center of gravity for balancing
Tool-free jam and stall settings ensure the ease of use
Contoured over-molded handle helps to provide better friction

Best budget nailer for Cedar Shingles – Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer

This nailer comes with easy maneuverability with only 5.5 pounds weight. The 9 x 4.5 x 10.2 inches of dimension with cordless option keeps it front in installing cedar shingles.

The quick driving system drives roofing nails from ⅞ inch to 1-¾  inches precisely. Its magazine can hold only 120 nails inside it. Due to its side-loading magazine, the user can reload it within a short time.

The open-nose jam-clearing technology decreases the trouble for the user. So, you can dispose of stuck nails and protect your nail gun from jamming. 

For precise nailing or flush driving, the tool-less depth adjustment feature is effective. It reduces the hassle of extra setup at an instant. 

Its long-lasting rubber grip provides extra comfort in the workplace. The engineered grip won’t allow the nailer to slip even from the hand with extreme sweating.

As it comes with a carbide-tipped push lever, it reduces wear. 

There are rubber pads to prevent sliding of the power tool from the roof.  

Moreover, it runs at a convenient operating pressure of 70-120 psi.

Sideloading magazine for quick reloadingMagazine capacity isn’t worth it
The lightweight makes it portable anywhereIssue of coming out double nails sometimes
Tool-less depth adjustment ensures precise nailing
Open-nose jam-clearing feature provides convenience for the user
Aluminum housing makes it highly durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you know some common questions and answers on the best nail gun for cedar shingles. 

What size nails for cedar shingles?

The nails have 1-¼” to 1-½” length, and are suitable for cedar shingles. The nails must be galvanized and manufactured from rust-proof steel or aluminum. You can use the brad nails or the staple nails to install cedar shingles nicely. 

Can you use a brad nailer for shingles?

Yes, you can use a brad nailer for cedar shingles without any confusion. Along with the framing nailer and roofing nailer, a brad nailer is also a good pick. As brad nails range from 1/2-inch to 2 1/2-inch, it’s suitable for the desired task. 

How many nails do I need for cedar shingles?

It’s recommended to use 320 nails per square for cedar shingles. Two nails on cedar shingles must be placed at a 2 cm distance from the edge. However, in the high-wind areas, it’s suggested to use a few more (480) nails to install cedar shingles. 

Can you use a finish nailer for cedar siding?

Yes, using a finish nailer for cedar siding is a pretty good idea than using the hammer. The finish nailers come with finish nails that have a smaller head. Selecting the quality finish nailer with the maximum corrosion-resistant advantage is recommended. 

Are cedar shingle roofs good?

Yes, cedar shingle roofs are good since they offer good insulation. You can also save some energy since these roofs are energy effecient.


Installing cedar shingles is all about the perfection of the nailing. You already know about some suitable nailers with cedar shingles. Besides, you have an idea about the required fasteners for installing cedar shingles.

Finding the best nail gun for cedar shingles must be easy now. All the depicted nailers come with speedy nailing capacity and convenience of use. Besides, these nailers ensure a sturdy and long-lasting build.

Installing cedar shingles need a good finish and the mentioned nailers are good with this condition. However, it’s your time to evaluate the high magazine capacity, the reloading convenience, and other features of these nailers.