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Decking is one of the most dedicated architectural operations, which is incomplete without a nailer. If you look around, huge nail guns will appear before you. Can’t you determine the best nail gun for decking among them?

You must find a nailer to attach the framing timber and decking blanks. A framing nailer drives 2 to 3-½” nails consistently without making a mistake. Besides, it makes the whole operation much faster than using a hammer. 

However, finding the best decking nailer depends on its power source, nail driving speed, and nail types. Besides, considering the firing types and other extra features are mandatory. 

Can you use a nail gun for decking?

You can use a nail gun for decking, as it’ll accelerate the whole work and ensure perfection. A framing nailer is the most used one in deck-building projects. However, using a nailer isn’t recommended if it’s something like composite decking. If you use a nail gun, use galvanized or stainless steel nails. For grooved decking and deck framing, you can use it without any complexity. 

7 Best Nail Guns for Decking 

This section arrives with everything about the best nail gun for decking. To finalize your selection, go through the following reviews carefully. 

NuMax SFR2190 Nail Gun For Deck Framing

Quick summary

  • Fitting: ¼” NPT fitting
  • Operating pressure: 70-115 PSI
  • Nail size: 2″ to 3-½”
  • Magazine capacity: 55 nails
  • Interchangeable trigger: Yes

Why did we pick it?

NuMax SFR2190 is one of the best nail guns for deck framing. It uses full round head framing nails of 2″ to 3-½” size.

The 21-degree plastic collated nails help to countersink precisely during deck framing. Besides, the operating pressure range of 70-115 PSI provides sufficient power in framing projects. 

This nailer has a magazine capacity of 55 pieces of the nail. So it can maintain the consistency of your work. For successive firing, you can use the bump-fire trigger. Its nail-loading technology is super easy as it has a side lever system. 

The Best Nail Gun For Deck Framing should be durable enough. NuMax nailer’s magnesium body is durable enough and deals with outcoming heat properly. In addition, the depth adjustment feature helps to place the nail in the exact place.

This nailer has an ergonomic comfort grip that ensures perfect finger adjustment. The user won’t face direct air blowing his or her face due to its 360-degree air exhaust. Its no-mar tip is determined to protect the working surface from getting stained. 

What is special about this one?

This nailer comes with an easy adjustment feature that fits most air hose couplers. Its anti-dry fire mode ensures longevity and prevents internal damage. The air filter of this nailer requires cleaning its internal parts after a long period of use. 

Ergonomic grip brings zero fatigue to fingersSlightly heavy to carry
360-degree adjustable air exhaust keeps air awayPerforms 1 blank shot in around every 70 nails
Anti-dry fire system to stop firing in low nails
¼” NPT fitting requires less purchasing for fitting
Interchangeable trigger allows to shift the firing mode

Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing Nail gun for Deck Boards Making

Quick summary

  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Supported nails: 21-degree plastic collated full round head framing nails, 15 GA angle finish nails, 18 GA brad nails, 18 GA narrow crown staples
  • Fastener range: 2″-3-½”
  • Magazine capacity: 55 pieces
  • O-rings material: Teflon

Why did we pick it?

If you are dealing with deck boards, you need the best nail gun for Deck Boards.

This Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing Nailer combo kit has an anodized aluminum magazine with up to 55 nails capacity.

It drives 34-degree finish nails from 1-¼” to 2-½” sizes. You can pick this nail gun for building a deck as well as molding, cabinetry, and other finish projects. 

As the nailer comes with an oil-free design, it requires minimum maintenance. The comfort grip function of this nailer ensures strong gripping. Besides, this air-powered nailer is only 6.38 pounds, which makes it easily transportable. 

The operating pressure of 70-115 PSI helps to countersink nails perfectly. You can adjust the depth easily, which makes it versatile for various applications. Its 360-degree adjustable exhaust allows users to direct air away from debris. 

The anti-dry fire mechanism prevents internal major damage. You also get a no-mar tip facility to protect the work surface.

Due to its quick jam-release nose, it prevents external damage immediately. However, single and sequential fire modes make it highly suitable for dedicated projects like decking.

What is special about this one?

This nailer’s O-rings are made of Teflon to ensure internal sustainability. Its high-end magnesium build and firing modes help with heavy-duty work. Moreover, this nailer has a 7-year warranty and a 90-day wearable parts warranty. 

A durable magnesium body ensures longevitySometimes, nail sticks above the board
Easy shifting between regular and bump firing modeTeflon O-rings ensure high-performance
Ergonomic grip to reduce fatigue of hand
The engineered air filter keeps interior components debris free
Teflon O-rings ensures high-performance

BOSTITCH Framing Nailer For Decks

Quick summary

  • Driving power: 1050 inch pounds
  • Nail type: Wire-collated framing nailer
  • Indicator: 16″ notched layout indicator
  • Easy nail adjustment: Yes
  • Power source: Pneumatic

Why did we pick it?

This Taiwan-originated Bostitch nailer has a pneumatic design and a durable magnesium body. For this reason, it’s easy to handle and unsurpassed in durability.

It can drive 2″ to 3-½” wire-collated framing nails with pneumatic power. As it’s only 7.6 pounds weighted, it works great in tight quarters. 

This nailer has an installed sequential trigger which is interchangeable during bump and sequential firing. Its additional feature is a 16″ layout indicator that helps to determine the accurate distance between studs. 

As a part of safety, it comes with integrated rubber skid pads. That’s why the tool remains protected every time from bumps and drops. To tackle the toughest engineered lumber applications, its 1050-inch-pound driving power is sufficient. 

The push-button of this nailer ensures easy adjustment of the depth of the nail while decking. Besides, this 28-degree wire weld framing nailer is good at sheathing, fencing, and bridging. This makes the nailers the Best Framing Nailer For Decks.

What is special about this one?

Due to its 1050-inch-pound driving power, it’s one of the best nail guns for decking. Its durable build with an advanced firing trigger makes it highly recommended. However, this nailer has a unique layout indicator on the magazine to measure the distance between studs. 

Integrated rubber skid pads to protect the toolIts air bladder isn’t worth it
Ultimate 1050 inch-pound driving capability for high-end deckingRough weather makes this nailer slightly slow
A durable magnesium body ensures longevity
Good with tight quarters for only 7.6 pounds weight
A patented push button helps to adjust nail depth easily

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Nail Gun for Decking

Quick summary

  • Power source: Cordless
  • Firing mode: sequential and contact
  • Battery: Included 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Fastener: 18 GA finish nail
  • Magazine capacity: 100 nails

Why did we pick it?

Carrying a cord with a nailer is a hassle, accept it or not. You need the Best cordless nail gun for decking to eliminate this problem.

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless brad nailer comes with a cordless design for easy maneuvering. It drives 18 GA to finish nails of ⅝” to 2″ sizes, making it perfect for deck boards. Along with its powerful 20V battery, it can drive brad nails of different sizes.

The tool includes 100-piece brad nails of 1″, 1-¼”, and 2″ sizes. So, no hassle of spending money on purchasing nails primarily. 

You don’t need to take care of the compressor or gas cartridges as it’s a cordless nailer. Despite the adverse climate condition, this nailer keeps firing without causing trouble. It comes with tool-free jam and stall settings to ensure ease of use. 

Along with its 7.64 pounds weight, it’s handy for the optimal center of gravity. The contoured over-molded handle makes it relaxable for use hour after hour. Besides, its tool-free depth adjustment is more improved than other nailers. 

This nailer has both sequential and contact triggers for shifting between the actuation modes. Newbies can rely on this tool as its jam-clearance technology is much improved.

Its no-mar pad saves the working surface and the tool from damage. In addition, the trigger lock-off is effective in preventing misfiring.  

What is unique about this one?

This cordless nailer is good with various advanced features like firing modes, jam clearance technology, optimal design, and so on. Below the $200 budget, this lightweight nailer could be a great help for decking purposes. This is the best type of nail gun for decking.

Various nail size acceptance makes it versatile for different projectsCould be improved in build quality
The cordless design provides consistency of workMagazine capacity could be a little bit more
Trigger lock-off prevents misfiring and saves nails
Over-molded grip for disposing of user’s fatigue
Improved jam clearance technology provides the tool with a long life.

Premium QualityPaslode, Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Quick summary 

  • Operating pressure: 80-120 PSI
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Nail driving speed: 6 nails per second
  • Nail shank diameter: 113″ to 131″ 
  • Warranty: 90-day (wear parts), 1-year (magazine parts), 5-years (housing and cap parts)

Why did we pick it?

This Paslode framing nailer has a convenient 30-degree nailing angle that operates on 80-120 PSI pressure. It can drive up to 6 nails per second in selectable operation under 110 PSI pressure.

This nailer’s 2″-3.5″ long nails with 113″ to 131″ shank diameters can perform most decking projects. 

As it’s only 8.4 pounds, it can easily be transported. The magazine can hold two stripes of nails, allowing up to 84 nails at a time.

This professional-grade tool allows enabling sequential operation quickly for greater efficiency. 

By supplying 10% more power per pound, this air-powered nailer is in the lead than conventional models. For its low recoil, completing the project is possible in less time.

Which makes us considered the Best Nail Gun For Deck building. Its improved center of gravity reduces arm fatigue properly. 

Due to its compact size easily fits between 16″ o.c studs, joists, and rafters. Along with decking, it’s a great pick for framing and sheathing. The adjustable air deflector cap ensures a convenient environment for its user. 

What is special about this one?

Along with powerful pneumatic operation, this nailer has two firing modes for versatile projects. Its low recoil with extra nail driving speed makes it highly acceptable to customers. 

Supplies 10% more power per poundNail capacity isn’t sufficient
Capability to drive 6 nails per secondAbsence of cordless design makes it difficult to transport
Versatile for various sheathing and framing projects
Low recoil for maintaining consistency of work
Compact size for easy carrying

Tiger Claw deck Fastener Gun for Grooved Decking

Quick summary

  • Manufacturer: TigerClaw
  • Installation capacity: 400 sq. feet / hour
  • Material: Plastic
  • Versions: Stainless steel, carbon steel
  • Power source: Manual

Why did we pick it?

The best nail gun for grooved decking has to come with a unique design. That is exactly what this nailer does.

TigerClaw has launched this nailer with a unique nose pin. It helps to hold hidden fasteners in the correct position. This nailer can install a 400 square feet area within an hour. That’s why this fastens the deck board to the joist in one step.

You can highly rely on the Tiger Claw deck Fastener Gun for grooved decking. As it’s a plastic-built nailer, it’s not heavy at all. Only 8.95 pounds weight makes it transportable anywhere. 

This nailer works with various decking boards like Trex, Timbertech, Azek, etc. You can purchase the suitable fastener for this nailer in two different versions.

The stainless steel version comes with a box of 930 pieces of nails. You can also use the carbon steel version, which is less expensive. 

It’s possible to install six hidden deck fasteners within only 26 seconds. Along with this, the 35-degree nailing angle saves time with a quality installation. A 16′ deep deck can be done within a 1/7″ by time. 

What is special about this one

You can deal with a variety of decking boards with this nailer. Its 35-degree convenient making angle with the durable plastic build can convince you to purchase this item. You can even use this nail gun for composite decking.

Fast enough to install 6 hidden deck fasteners in 26 secondsUnusable for deck framing
Comes with a durable plastic buildSlightly slower than typical nail guns
Unique nose pin to hold the fasteners precisely
Can be used in a variety of decking boards
Bare-tool included inside the box for decreasing your cost

Lightweight Design HBT HBCN45P Roofing Nailer

Quick summary

  • Brand: HBT
  • Nail size: ⅞” to 1-¾” 
  • Operating pressure: 70-120 PSI
  • Rapid-fire: Yes
  • Fastener Type: Coil roofing nails

Why did we pick it?

Working with heavy nailers often makes our hands painful. We need something lightweight yet durable and powerful to do the job without making hands painful.

Despite the durable magnesium and steel body, this nailer is very lightweight. With its only 4.39 pounds weight, applying for any decking project is easy.

It drives 11 gauge full-head coil roofing nails of ⅞” to 1-¾” size. So, framing decks or other decking purposes can easily be performed with it. 

This nailer has a selective actuation switch that helps to shift between sequential and contact modes. Using its tool-free adjustable depth control, you can set the nail properly.

Besides, it comes with an adjustable shingle guide to ensure quick shingle spacing. 

Due to its ergonomic magnesium housing, user fatigue gets reduced to the minimum. The included wear guards provide sufficient protection for the tool.

Its 360-degree exhaust saves the user by keeping away blowing air from the face. 

For carbide inserts, the possibility of less wear and tear is established. It drives roofing nails at convenient 70-120 PSI pressure. As it comes with the 120-nails magazine capacity, the consistency of work isn’t a matter of concern. 

What is special about this one?

The quick shingle spacing feature is an underrated feature of this nailer. Its 120-nail holding capacity is appreciable in comparison to other decking nailers. Besides, its lightweight build keeps it ahead in the marketplace. 

Extremely lightweight despite its magnesium and steel buildRequires oiling time to time
120 nail capacity for consistent nailingCertain jamming issues
User-friendly magnesium housing
360-degree exhaust allows directing air away from debris
Easy shifting between desired firing systems

What kind of nail gun is best for decking? 

A framing nailer is the best one for decking. To understand how to find the best nail gun for decking, why don’t you go through this section?

Are pneumatic nailers a better choice?

First, consider the power type, as there are both pneumatic and battery-operated nailers. Pneumatic nailers are good enough but require extra care and are difficult to use anywhere.

Instead, you don’t need to plug in the cordless nailer, and it’s easy to carry for the battery option. 

Does nail capacity matter when choosing a nailer? 

Along with considering the nail types, checking nail capacity is mandatory. Low nail capacity will hamper your work consistency as you must reload it repeatedly. If a nailer comes with around 80+ nail capacity, that’s a good pick. 

Should your nailer come with the bump firing mode?

Don’t purchase a nailer without both sequential and bump-firing modes. Also, check if the model has an easily interchangeable trigger between these two firing modes.

You can’t fire multiple nails simultaneously if the bump firing mode is absent. As a result, your project deadline will be delayed for sure. 

What’s the optimum size of a decking nailer?

Make sure that the nailer comes with an expedient dimension. If it’s unnecessarily large, it can’t deal in tight spaces. Moreover, it’ll fatigue your arm and hamper the work. The optimum size is of a decking nailer is a medium one. 

Does air compressor size matter when choosing the nailer?

Selecting the right air compressor size is important to get the ultimate performance. Never select a model which has a compressor below 120 PSI. Otherwise, it can’t create sufficient pressure to countersink the nail in its place. 

What extra features should a decking nailer contain?

The nailer must come with some extra features like a rafter hook, dry fire lockout, depth adjustment, jam clearance, and others. Some companies offer an extra warranty than their competitors.

Try to grab the most attractive warranty after shortlisting the product according to the feature. 


This section comes with some common questions related to the framing nailer for decking. 

Can you use a nail gun for composite decking?

Yes, using a nail gun for composite decking makes it much easier and faster. You can use the pneumatic or cordless nail gun for composite decking. It’ll help to shoot hidden fasteners to secure the decking to the floor joists.

What size nails for deck boards?

Stainless steel nails of various sizes are recommended for deck boards. For deck framing, use 3″ to 3.5″ nails. You should use 10d or 12d nails for 5/4 deck boards. Using 16d nails is suggested for 2-inch planks. The 8d and 10d nails are good for deck board railing.

Can you use a framing nailer for decking?

Using framing nailers for decking is the best way, according to the experts. Framing nailer uses the framing nail, which comes in various sizes. For this reason, it applies to different decking projects. After all, it’s the least expensive option. 

What size nail gun do I need to build a deck?

There is no optimum size that is fixed for building a deck. Using 10d or 16d nails are great for deck framing projects. The galvanized stainless steel nails of 8d and 10d are good for deck board railing. You can use 16d nails for decking 2-inch planks. 

What size nails should be used for decking?

For better output, use nails two times longer than the wood’s length. If the lumber is 1.5″ thick, the nail size will be 3″ long. That means 10d nails would be the right pick, then. For decking projects, 10d to 16d log nails are the recommended units. 

Can I use a brad nailer for decking?

It’s not encouraged to use a brad nailer for decking. Framing nail guns are suitable for framing, joists, and trusses; a brad nailer can’t do these. Shorter nails, like brad nails, are gold for finishing projects. Framing nailers drive some of the larger gauges of nails, so go for it. 

Can I use framing nails for decking?

Yes, using a framing nailer for decking is the least expensive way. Standard deck framing requires driving nails two times larger than the wood’s depth. A framing nailer is good with this operation, so you should use it. The whole decking process becomes much easier and faster by using a framing nailer. 

Can I use ring shank nails for deck boards?

Yes, using a ring shank for deck boards is essential for increasing the holding power. The spiral shaft is the prime feature of this type of nail that works like a screw. For following the conical of the spiral, the ring shank provides a great output for deck boards.


Reaching the endpoint, you must have achieved a clear overview of the best nail gun for decking. A framing nailer with some enchanting features and glittering performance can make your decking project successful. 

If you’re looking for a nailer to perform deck framing, then consider NuMax SFR2190 Framing Nailer. This framing nailer with consistent performance and durability can conquer your mind. 

You may have decided to use the battery-operated nailer after knowing its advantages. Then, we recommend going for Paslode, Pneumatic Framing Nailer as it’s full of many enchanting features. 

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