How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Canvas?

The cost of stretching a canvas depends on the fabric and its frame. The frame can be created with different woods. Depending on the fabric and frame, the stretching process differs; thus, the canvas may have different prices. A 24 x 36-inch stretched canvas average cost ranged between 75 and 120 dollars. 

Direct Breakdown Of The Cost

Stretching a canvas can be completed in four ways. The natural breakdown of those 4 processes is mentioned below. 

Outsourcing Canvas Stretching

Outsourcing methods are used for canvas stretching when users don’t know how to stretch a canvas. They can just buy canvas from framers and send their prints to professionals to stretch them. 

The products will be good because professionals have special tools and equipment to create frames for these jobs. 

The cost range for outsourcing canvas stretching is between 8 and 20 dollars per linear foot. The average cost is between $50 and $150 per print. Usually, framers use 1.5- to 2-inch-thick bars for making canvas. It is the most expensive way to stretch a canvas.

Stretching Canvas With Easywrappe

This type of canvas stretching requires users to create a gallery wrap and use it for stretching a canvas. Users have to buy EasyWrappe bars that have specific sizes. So users can only use prints of specified sizes for stretching. 

The cost of this process is 60% lower than the outsourcing process. Users need to spend about 3.5 dollars per linear foot for this type of stretching.

Using Pre-Notched Stretch Bars For Canvas Stretching

This process can stretch a canvas by people with a medium amount of experience in canvas stretching. They will require tools like pliers or staple guns for this purpose. Pre-notched stretching bars made of pine or fir wood are commonly available on the market. 

Pine wood is the most expensive (1 dollar per 8 feet, 10 inches of bar), whereas fir wood is the least expensive ( about 0.25 dollars per 8 feet, 8 inches of bar). This process allows users to save 50% more money than Easywrappe.  

Users need to buy these bars and attach them with nail guns to make frames and then use those frames to stretch their prints. 

Using 10- To 12-Inch Long Stretch Bar Sticks For Canvas Stretching 

Full-blown studios use this process to stretch their canvas at a lesser cost. These studios buy 10- to 12-inch sticks and trim them to the required size to make a canvas. As a result, the cost of stretching canvas in this process becomes 0.50 to 0.90 per linear foot. 

With this process canvas can also be stretched to any size, giving users the most freedom in their jobs. This process takes time and requires the skills of a professional, but it could lower the cost of stretching a canvas as a whole. 

How To Reduce The Cost?

  • Try to create your own frames for your canvas. 
  • Though using a hammer requires more time, it will reduce costs compared to a nail gun, so try to use one. 
  • Using a stapler also reduces canvas stretching costs, as they cost less than a nail gun. 
  • If you can’t create frames for canvas, try to use pre-notched stretch bars because they decrease work time and don’t cost much. 
  • Try to completely ignore pre-built frames because they cost the most. 


To stretch a 24 x 36-inch canvas, you will need about 75 to 100 dollars. However, this range may change if you use different processes to stretch your painting. You can use a pre-notched or pre-built frame. To decrease the cost, try to build your own canvas frame. While building it, try to use a hammer or stapler. 

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