How To Bend Flashing Without Brake

To bend the flashing without a siding brake, put the flashing underneath a wooden board with at least 6 inches of thickness. Then, measure the flash. Then, mark two corner areas of the flash with a 2 × 2 by 6 area. 

On that mark, attach two clamps. Attach a clamp to the middle section of the flash as well. Now use a pocket knife to score the top section of the paper. Use your hands to provide pressure on both corners of the flash. 

Use a hammer on the flash to bend it to whatever degree you want. Now open the clamp and inspect it to check if it is properly bent or not. 

How To Bend Flashing Without Brake?

Follow this process to bend flashing without brake. 

Step 1:Take measurements 

  • Take a measuring tape.
  • Mark the bottom of the flush with 2 × 2 by 6.
  • Mark one knee on the bottom and another knee on the top side of the flush.
  • Now use a jointer to get perfect square edges.

Step 2: Clamp the flashes to the board.

Make sure to clamp those beams to the benches to start the bending process. To do it,

  • Put two clamps on the area where you marked earlier and attach them to the table.
  • Make sure to give the top two by 6 extra pressure so that the bottom surfaces of the recess get a sixteenth of an inch of area.
  • Now put a clamp on the flash’s middle section to provide extra support while bending.

Step 3: Scratch the flash

  • Try to scratch the flash in the marks for better results.
  • Do not scratch too hard or too many times, or the flash can get broken while bending.
  • Score the top section of the flash with a pocket knife once or twice.

Step 4: Start bending 

  • Put your hands on a corner of the flash.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the flash from one corner to the other.
  • Now use a hammer to hammer the edges of the flash at whatever degrees you need.
  • After hammering, open the clamp.

You will see the flash has completely bent.

How To Bend Flashing 90 Degrees Without Brake

Follow the upper process to bend the flashing. When hammering, hammer the flash at 90 degrees to bend the flashing at 90 degrees without brake. 


Flashing is used in the siding panels to keep water from getting into your house. As it is attached in different sections, the material may need to be bent for certain reasons. To bend the flashing to a specific extent, first measure it.

Then put it under a wooden board with at least 6 inches of thickness. After that, attach three clamps on both corners, and it’s the middle section. Scratch it with a pocket knife. Use your hands to apply pressure. Then use a hammer to hammer it in the middle section.

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