What Size Nails are for Deck Framing?

The success of deck building highly depends on the frame building. And the success of framing depends on the nails you are using.

The size and quality of the nails are important. You may ask, “What size nails are for deck framing?”

For deck framing, you should use 2×6, 2×8, or larger 2-sized lumber. Using nails with a diameter of at least 3 cm provides extra strength for your work area. Usually, for a large project, using 10D HD or DD nails is recommended. Don’t penetrate with a wrong-sized nail, or your deck area can get broken.

What size nails are for deck framing?

Using hot-dipped or double-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails is recommended for lumber. You have to regale these nails by providing extra force. However, check the length of the nails perfectly, or the lumber will get shoved through. Try to use the best nail gun for decking as well for the best result.

The diameter of the nails provides shear strength to the lumber, so you have to choose the size of the nails wisely. When connecting two logs, use 10D HD, DD nails, or galvanized nails.

The diameter of the nails should be 3 cm. Using 16D hot-dipped, double-dipped, or galvanized stainless steel nails when attaching two beams.

What size nails are for deck joist hangers?

Using 1-1/2 inch joist hanger nails is recommended for a single joist hanger. You have to penetrate the nails in the side of the joist.

For double joist hangers to the deck, you must use 8-d or 10-d nails. Though the fastening process of the double-shear single hanger is different, in that case, you have to use 8d or 10d nails to fasten the hanger to the joist.

You must not use any kind of galvanized deck nails or drywall nails to attach joist hangers to the deck. They are not tough enough to provide enough strength to support joist loads. However, you can use 16-d double-dipped galvanized nails for this purpose.

But make sure to check whether their diameter is exact enough or not. Also, using framing nails to attach joist hangers to the deck is not recommended as they are not strong enough to hold the hangers.

Screws or nails for deck framing.

Both nails and screws are used in deck framing for different purposes. The screws come with better tensile strength, which is handy when holding flush or having a better fastener. As a result, the boards on the deck won’t pop up any sooner.

On the other hand, when attaching something to the deck, like a structural element or a joist, you have to use nails for better shear strength. As a result, both nails and screws are recommended for deck framing.

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