Types of Nail Guns – All main 9 types

There are different types of nail guns in the market. As a newbie, you might not know which one is suitable for which job. So we are going to tell you about all kinds of nail guns, purposes of different types of nail guns, and some of the best nail guns of those different types of nail guns

Framing Nailer

Framing nailers are the most used nailers. These are heavy-duty nail guns. As the name implies, it is used for making the frame for large construction work. That is why these are high-powered nail guns. However, framing nailer is a multi-purpose nail gun. So you can use it for different purposes such as decks, rooms, homes, wood siding, wood sheathing, fences, as well.

There are two categories in framing nailer- round head and clipped head. The round head can hold more nails than the clipped head. So round would be better for your heavy-duty task.

Framing nailer has different variations. It has a coil magazine, angle magazine, different nail gauges, and others. You can check the coil framing nailer guide from here.


Flooring nailers are different from any other types of nail guns you often see. It is unusual in its look, design, and application. Unlike all other multi-purpose nail guns, this one is for only floor work. It is specially designed for flooring work.

There are two types of flooring nailers out there. Pneumatic and manual. Both work the same, though. But we will review automatic nailers since the main aim of a nail gun is to ease your hob.

Palm Nailer

Palm nailers are the smallest nailer. It is designed in such a way that it fits in your palm. Actually, these are like a mini nail gun. This lightweight nail gun works the same as the regular nail gun, but the difference is, it works on a small scale.

If you want to work in any tight spots, joist hangers, or any smaller projects where large or regular nail gun cannot work best, you should go for this palm nail gun. Because of the size of this nail gun, it is incredibly accurate.

Roofing Nailer

Roofing nailers are similar to framing nailers. Though roofing nailers are used more for roofing where framing nailers are used for framing and other applications. But both are used in heavy-duty construction work.

Roofing nailers are for professionals. It is famous for its super-fast speed and high-powered capacity. General people are less likely to use this nailer. However, these nailers are the best nail gun for crafts, so serious DIYers might use it.

There are three types of roofing nailers out there. Spring-loaded nailer, which is manual; pneumatic nailer that works by air compressor; and solenoid nailer that is powered by electromagnetic polarization.

You can use roofing nailers for various purposes such as roofing, flooring, siding, and others. We have a guide for the best nailer for cedar shingles with roofing nailer. Check it out right now.

Siding Nailer

The siding nail gun is used for installing the siding. Like the framing nailers, siding nailers are heavy duty and very powerful. The main job of siding nailers is driving short nails with heads into the wooden or synthetic surfaces and connect them.

These nailers are used when you need to join larger pieces of synthetic materials or wood. No other nailers do this job better than siding nailers. So if you need any nailer for siding, go for this type of nailer.

Pin Nailer

Pin nailers are the smallest and most delicate finish nailer in the nail gun world. The pin gun is used mainly in carpentry work for finishing work in carpentry. Along with that, these are used in crown molding, cabinetry, small furniture trim, delicate trim pieces, and thin veneers as well.

Pin nailer has no holding power at all. That means you cannot connect two materials strongly with this nail. Generally, pin nails are used along with any adhesive or glue. Even some people use it to hold the elements until the glue is dried out.

It is best for those delicate wood pieces where any sturdy nails or nail gun might split the wood.

Brad Nailer

Brad nailer is used for finishing work just like the pin nailer. However, experts are confused about which one is better for the finishing job. The main difference between pin nailer and brad nailer is the size of nails

Brad nailer can drive larger nails than pin nailer. It generally drives 18-23 gauge nails. These nails are so small that it is so tough to drive with a hammer or barehand. Brad nailer comes here and does the job best.

Some people even use brad nailer for shoe molding. You can use brad nailer for shoe molding as well.

But brad nailers are famous for cabinet making as well. We have a complete guide for the best nailer for making cabinet.

Finish Nailer

As its name implies, finish nailers are used for finishing carpentry work. It is a kind of all-purpose nail gun, especially for furniture work. Also, it is one of the best nail guns for molding DIY as well.

The difference between the finish nail and the other two finishing nails is holding power. Finish nailers have more holding power than the other two, and that is why it is used for different purposes.

You will find different finish nailers based on the angle and nail gauge. Among them, 15 gauge nailers are the most popular.

Staple Gun

No nail gun reviews are complete without a staple nail gun. This is the best nail gun for home use. And this is the last type of nail gun. Every person who is involved with some kinds of DIY should have this nail gun.

Also, every homeowner should have a staple gun, as well. Small tasks such as hanging a picture on the wall, handle some small carpentry projects can be done with this fantastic tool. That is why it is a must-have power tool.

There are different types of staple gun out there — upholstery, pneumatic, electric, and manual. If you want to find out the best staple gun of each category, you should check our best nail gun reviews. Upholstery is suitable for your necessary work. That is why we are reviewing an Upholstery staple gun.

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